Anna Bey’s Networking Types Quiz

“Your network is your net worth” is a common yet accurate phrase that has been repeated in Anna Bey’s teachings. After all, having a strong network is a quality of every high-value, sophisticated, elegant woman.

Networking is one of the best ways to elevate and improve your lifestyle. From new opportunities and experiences to forming life-long relationships and irreplaceable memories, networking is truly the key to bettering your life. It really only takes one connection to create a huge change. On your journey of elegant self-development, networking will truly be a focal point. Knowing the right people will help you access more elite, affluent circles and pave the way for new successes. Besides that, having a fabulous support group of elegant, sophisticated and like-minded women will help give you the solidarity you need on this transformational journey. At the beginning of her elegance journey, Anna focused primarily on networking and expanding her contact list. Her fabulous network has definitely contributed to the success of her transformation, which is why you’ve seen such emphasis on networking in her teachings!

Many of us are aware of the power of networking and practice it daily, but not everyone has the same networking approach. Figuring out your networking style can be a little complicated, especially in recent times as more people have become isolated from their social circles. Identifying your networking nature truly goes beyond knowing whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or ambivert. For that reason, Anna has created her own Networking Types quiz!

What is Anna Bey’s Networking Types quiz?

Anna Bey’s Networking Types quiz is designed to help you understand your networking style. It’s a short, free quiz that will give you a better understanding of yourself and how you navigate social spaces. Gaining insight into your networking nature will allow you to identify what changes you need to make in order to thrive socially, make stronger connections and finally build the network of your dreams. After all, you might be practicing a few negative socialising habits that could be holding you back from creating life-changing connections. Remember, introspection is key on your journey of elegant enhancement and bettering your life!

Where can I take the quiz?

The Anna Bey Networking Types quiz can be accessed by visiting After taking the short quiz, you’ll have a clear understanding of your networking nature. You’ll also be provided with Anna’s personal socialising tips for your specific networking style!

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Anna Bey is an educator in the elegant feminine empowerment space and the founder of an online finishing school for women. She can confidently call herself a pioneer in this genre because she was the first to be sharing content in this niche since 2012.

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Anna Bey is an expert on Modern Elegance™, upscale transformations, and leveling up, with over 150 million channel views. Since 2012, she has taught women how to develop a more refined personal presence and lifestyle inside the Anna Bey Academy, where she hosts her various classes and courses. Her publication features include The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and many more.


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