Top 5 Benefits Of Being Classy

When I talk about benefits of being classy, I don’t mean the benefits of being from an upper socio-economic class. I mean it as a character trait that anyone, from any background, can develop. And I want you to be one of those people that reaps these classy benefits.

How To Be Classy

Being classy is sometimes a little difficult to define. It’s both an internal state and an external expression. But for the sake of simplicity, the following are three practices that can help you learn how to be more elegant and classy.

#1 –Self-Respect And Dignity

Make self-respect and dignity your biggest priority. At first, you’ll have to make a conscious effort to ask yourself “is this something a self-respecting person would do?” any time you make a decision. Whether big or small, your choices are what determine if you carry yourself with dignity or not. This includes how you handle yourself on social media!

#2 – Be Polite But Have Strong Boundaries

Being kind, polite, and compassionate are truly classy traits. But I see women make the mistake of taking it too far and letting go their boundaries. Some suddenly find themselves being walked all over. That’s why whenever someone asks me about how to be an elegant and classy woman, I say, without hesitation, that the first step is to have strong boundaries!

#3 – Proper Posture And Deportment

Bad posture is a dead giveaway that someone has not learned how to be classy and elegant. The way you sit, stand, and walk are big signs of how you treat yourself and how you feel about yourself. One tip that can really help you here is to practice at home every day while you imagine yourself as some kind of royalty.

Things That Are Classy

Here are a few examples of things that are classy:

  • Good grooming and personal hygiene
  • Using proper language
  • Being discrete, especially about wealth
  • Understanding etiquette
  • Being culturally sensitive
  • Dressing appropriately for the occasion
  • Apologizing when you’re at fault
  • Sending thank you cards after an event
  • Removing yourself from any drama
  • Holding your wine glass from the stem
  • Not gossiping

There are many more. But if you really think about each one, it reflects the points I mentioned above, especially #1 and #2. I recommend you expand on this list and then read it often until you naturally carry yourself that way.

Main Benefits Of Being Classy

To keep you motivated, here are the 5 main benefits of being classy:

  1. You treat yourself and other people differently, which will change your relationships for the better.
  2. Other people will also treat you differently, likely with more respect and thoughtfulness.
  3. More opportunities will be presented to you, whether personal, financial, or professional.
  4. You’ll have better dating options. You’ll start to repel low-effort and toxic guys while attracting more high-value men.
  5. You’ll step out of the trend-following hamster wheel and have your own unique elegant style that is classy and timeless.

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