Educator & Thought Leader in
Feminine Empowerment

Anna Bey is an internationally renowned
thought leader and instructor

Her passion for elegant personal development and vision of promoting life-scaling skills for women led her to create her online platform, "School of Affluence" an elite finishing school. Her original upwardly mobile course, "The 7-Step Formula to High Society" (now discontinued) and current flagship course, "Secrets of the Elite Woman" are based on her lived experiences, interviews, and years of research. Anna's career in online writing and marketing has seen her become an influential presence on YouTube with her popular channel, "School of Affluence," and her robust Instagram and Facebook followings. Never one to shy away from learning from her own setbacks, Anna empowers other women who dream of a better, more vibrant life, and have a bias for action to achieve it...without sacrificing their femininity or dignity.

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