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I have helped thousands of ladies to see and achieve beyond their personal limits, so they can be, do and have whatever they want most in life. Don’t just take this from me, let my wonderful ladies tell you with their reviews of School of Affluence!


"Anna Bey has not only helped me with my inner and outer transformation. My whole life is transformed along with it. It works!"

Patrizia UK

"Before I bought the course, I just didn't have the know-how. I didn't have the guidance from being young about how to navigate certain situations, etc. I bought it for my birthday. And I changed. It helps, it helps a lot. And even on my own, even when I'm alone, I'm more self-aware of the things I do. I felt every section in the course quite interesting."

Kimberly Jamaica

"My biggest takeaway is that it's okay to dream big and it's totally good to set a bar high and just want an amazing life. And Anna always told us our mantra is "Take action!" Honestly, I totally feel like a changed person after doing the full course. So yeah, I totally love it."

Carolien The Netherlands

"I finally realized it. This was the problem with me because I'm lazy at times. Now I've got a concept that actually I can do a lot of things. I really can do it. It helped boost up my confidence and realize that if I could imagine, everyone can do it."


"Before I wasn't able to access my femininity. The results I've achieved so far is I've been able to use Anna's template to more accurately assess my look and my lifestyle to determine what areas have been holding me back in achieving the type of life that I would like to have. The cost is minimal compared to the amount of time you'll waste without the proper guidance and the proper content."

Sally Canada

"I personally feel like it's one life-transforming course that I've ever taken. People started seeing change in me, the way I behave, and the way I tackle certain things. And my manager himself told me at my workplace, every meeting I'm more prepared. Anna talks so much about mindset, taking action, make a list, and strategy. It's a course, which explains how you could transform yourself both externally and internally."

Pooja USA
Secrets-Of-The-Elite-Woman-Reviews-Carla Sophia

"My biggest epiphany through taking this course was that it's all possible. I have no limiting beliefs. I strongly feel that I deserve to live how I want to. I am definitely seeing results and different experiences from being within the program."

Carla Sophia USA

"I did not know about buying quality clothes. But as I listened to Anna, what resonated with me was that she had a bigger message. I think the unintended consequence of Anna's program was it really has to do with embracing change. Anna really understands that if you want to get treated with respect, that you should dress and act respectfully. I loved that message."

Suzanne USA

"Because of the Anna's course, I never ever would have felt comfortable to walk into a country club, much less to ask for a membership without everything that she had taught me. I felt so confident about the way that I looked, the way that I acted, the questions that I was asking, really enjoyed doing that. And I'm so excited about being able to build friendships."


"The whole, entire course itself was good. It is a good program. I even went through it twice. And keep going through it because you know, it's, to me, once you go through it, it's like a reference I already know what's in there. When you pay into a course, you're investing in yourself, don't look at it as I'm spending this money on this course."

Constance USA

"It was very interesting to see how things started turning around. I started having doors opened up for me at work and in my personal life as well. And of course my husband liked it. One day when I was dressed up, I actually bumped into someone I wasn't expecting that led into a lot of different new opportunities for me."

Amanda USA
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