About School of Affluence

Founded in 2018, Anna Bey’s online finishing school, School of Affluence, has taught thousands of women worldwide the tenets of modern elegance. They have learned to embrace their femininity, realize their self-worth, and position themselves intelligently, with purpose, to author their own destinies.

School of Affluence focuses on curriculums that cultivate successful mindsets and the necessary skills to accomplish remarkable personal development results.

Inspired by lessons learned during her successful 15-year transformation, Anna Bey channeled her experience and research findings on modern elegance into her life’s work: helping other women achieve their dreams and lifestyle goals.

As a renowned thought leader and educator in the feminine empowerment space, Anna believes that the capacity for learning and growth never ends. Therefore, she is continuously upgrading her credentials to create unparalleled, practical learning experiences for her students.

Over the years, School of Affluence has taught thousands of women how to:

  1. Look and behave like a woman of the elite
  2. Make high-profile connections with confidence
  3. Attract like-minded friends who share their interests
  4. Develop strengths, work on weaknesses
  5. Achieve their goals, no matter what they are!
  6. Live their best life

Her current flagship course is called Secrets of the Elite Woman, and is a six-week intensive level-up transformation.