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Frequently Asked Questions about Anna Bey's services
Are Anna's teachings only for women of one specific background?
Absolutely not. Anna’s courses are totally inclusive, meaning anyone from any social background, ethnicity, nationality and faith is welcome to enrol in Anna’s online finishing school. Anna has traveled the world and has been taught international etiquette and protocol, and this background is reflected in her inclusive course content. Ladies in Anna’s community are taught to interact in various settings, cultures and environments. After all, tolerance, respect and acceptance are all essential parts of modern elegance!
What is The A-List?
The A-List is an online private members’ club uniting likeminded elegant ladies interested in all things elegance and fine-living. Anna created this app to provide the ladies in her community with a safe, private and secured space to make long-lasting connections, learn and discuss all things elegance. Members can identify other members near them, schedule in-person and virtual meet-ups, and access exclusive content and guides.
What is SOTEW?
Secrets of the Elite Woman (SOTEW) is Anna’s signature course in her online finishing school. It contains over 150 lessons in 6 modules and plenty of bonus content. The course aims to help women become the best version of themselves, and to elevate every aspect of their lives. Everything from style, etiquette, mindset, personal branding and more is taught in this highly comprehensive course.
What's Anna Bey's "10 Brutal Elegance Mistakes - And How To Fix Them" masterclass?
Anna’s new masterclass is aimed at helping you overcome the common, yet brutal, elegance mistakes most women make on a daily basis. These mistakes hold you back from fulfilling your full, feminine potential. In this masterclass, Anna confronts each one of these mistakes and teaches you exactly how to overcome them. In the masterclass, you’ll learn:
  • 10 ways that you’re sabotaging yourself unconsciously. (This is crucial to know!)
  • Discover your elegance “tells” so that you can instantly appear more refined.
  • How I transformed my whole life just by doing this ONE thing…
  • The most important steps to improve your life without wasting time and effort.
  • How your age, budget, or location don’t matter. (Any woman can succeed!)
How many students have studied under Anna’s guidance?
Anna’s teachings, across all her platforms, reaches over one million ladies worldwide. Her YouTube channel boasts just over one million subscribers, while her Instagram page has almost half a million followers. Many of her loyal followers have gone on to become students in her online finishing school, and have even joined her online private members’ club The A-List.
What are Anna's next steps?
Anna’s life mission is to help women self-actualise the life they’ve always dreamed of living. Educating women on everything elegance and fine-living will forever be part of Anna’s work, so you can expect many more projects that support her goal of furthering her students’ success. Stay tuned!