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The Elegant Stylist

The newest Anna Bey course, The Elegant Stylist, offers students a thorough understanding and actionable appreciation of their unique personal style and strategic dressing of their individual bodies. During your personal style journey, you'll be uncovering your current wardrobe's hidden potential while discovering the skills and techniques of professional stylists to elegantly shop for and create perfectly polished and sustainable outfits every day, no matter what style feels most authentic to you! Through its 30+ lessons (plus a bounty of valuable downloadable bonuses!), The Elegant Stylist is a complete personal styling course and is inclusive of all ages and physical appearances. It's never too late to develop your perfect style! A certificate will be upon curriculum completion.

Anna's Signature Course

Secrets of the Elite Woman

Anna’s flagship program, Secrets of the Elite Woman is a life-changing, all-encompassing course that focuses on elevating every area of women’s lives! It is comprised of six sequential modules and a generous suite of bonus content, all of which supports and further enhances the course material. Each module’s lessons and learnings have been crafted so that they underpin the next. Inspiring, challenging, enjoyable, exhilarating, and ultimately empowering, this course contains over 150 lessons. Includes also a Private Student Study Group to allow students to assist and champion each other during their studies on-platform, in a supportive, safe environment.

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In Anna's exclusive Patreon community, subscribers gain access to her unfiltered personal podcast, "Anna Bey Unfiltered," where she expresses her thoughts and opinions without reservation. For those yearning for her earlier, more outspoken content or craving her candid and spicy takes, Anna Bey's Patreon is the place to be. The origin of Anna's Patreon stemmed from the encouragement of her dedicated fan base, who have supported her for years. Recognizing their loyalty, Anna believes it is time to offer them a deeper insight into her persona, akin to that of her inner circle. However, such content no longer aligns with YouTube trends, prompting the decision to create a Patreon platform exclusively for her devoted followers. The overarching aim is to foster transparency by sharing personal content that provides a unique glimpse into Anna Bey's life that few have the opportunity to experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Anna Bey

Secrets of the Elite Woman (SOTEW) is Anna’s signature course in her online finishing school. It contains over 150 lessons in 6 modules and plenty of bonus content. The course aims to help women become the best version of themselves and to elevate every aspect of their lives. Everything from style, etiquette, mindset, personal branding, and more is taught in this highly comprehensive course.

The Elegant Stylist is a 30+ lesson, 5-module intensive course in personal styling expertise and professional stylists’ shopping strategies. Suitable for all woman of any age or style preference, this is course is for those who want to master the art of looking flawlessly and effortlessly chic every day while eliminating wasteful spending. The Elegant Stylist is the solution to closets overflowing with “nothing to wear” or current wardrobes that no longer support your goals.
  • SOTEW is a whole-life 6-week program of 150+ video lessons for over 30 hours of instruction. There are homework assignments between lessons. The areas of transformative personal development include mindset, personal presentation, deportment, networking, and career/financial savvy. There is one style module in the course. SOTEW is intended for the woman that wants to make significant improvements to her current life by transforming and upleveling herself and her surroundings for an overall more satisfying future.
  • TES is a 5-week program of 40+ video lessons for over 11 hours of instruction. There are also separate downloadable study materials to learn to accompany the lesson teachings. A significant commitment to homework assignments is strongly recommended, as this course is very “hands-on”! TES discovers and develops the students’ unique personal style and trains them to adopt the expert-level eye and skill of a professional stylist when purchasing items to support and communicate that style. This course is a focused intensive that covers personal styling alone and in-depth.
  • There is very little overlap between the Style module of SOTEW and the TES course. Many SOTEW students with an interest in further development of their personal style and professional shopping strategies choose to take them both.
The A-List is an online private members’ club uniting likeminded elegant ladies interested in all things elegance and fine-living. Anna created this app to provide the ladies in her community with a safe, private and secured space to make long-lasting connections, learn and discuss all things elegance. Members can identify other members near them, schedule in-person and virtual meet-ups, and access exclusive content and guides.
Anna is a Certified Image Consultant from a respected London school, holds a Certificate in International Etiquette and Protocol from the esteemed Swiss finishing school Villa Institut Pierrefeu, and is a Certified International Matchmaker (although she is no longer practicing) from New York’s only accredited facility. Her personal expertise was gained from her extensive research and development in elevating her own lifestyle from unimpressive and unknown to internationally-renowned Modern Elegance and Lifestyle teacher.
Anna’s teachings, across all her platforms, reaches over one million ladies worldwide. Her YouTube channel boasts just over one million subscribers, while her Instagram page has almost half a million followers. Many of her loyal followers have gone on to become students in her online finishing school, and have even joined her online private members’ club The A-List.
Anna currently teaches directly through her self-study online courses and masterclasses. Currently, she does not offer direct group or personal private consultations.
Anna lives in Geneva, Switzerland, where her company and office are also based.
Please contact and one of the Team Anna Bey members will be pleased to assist you!