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A short introduction to Anna Bey...

Anna Bey is a course creator and content creator who specializes in helping women level up all aspects of their lives. Her teachings have helped women feel more confident and empowered, as they’ve been able to take charge of their lives and succeed with their personal or professional goals.

In the past Anna has offered classes on subjects such as personal style, modern elegance, international etiquette, networking skills, mindset coaching and many more. 

Which has lead to many people referring to her as an “elegance coach”, but Anna prefers to call herself as a reinvention expert, as that’s something that sits closely to her own story. 

Anna Bey Etiquette Coaching


Where is Anna Bey from?

Anna Bey grey up in Sweden, in a suburb outside of Stockholm called “Järfälla”. She has mixed heritage as her father is from Finland and mother is Estonian/Russian. 

When Anna was 19 year old, she graduated from the high-school “Norra Real” in Stockholm and left Sweden for good to live abroad. Her first stop was Rome, Italy where she was an Italian language student. Today she lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Anna has lived in total of 8 different countries, and speaks 6 languages. Her native language is Swedish.

How old is Anna Bey?

Anna was born on march 29th 1986. She is today 38 years old.

Many of her fans and followers have asked of the years what’s her Astrological chart. Anna is herself an avid student of Astrology and enjoys Vedic astrology in particular.

In Western astrology, Anna’s sun sign is Aries, moon sign Scorpio and ascendant Capricorn.

What are Anna Bey's hobbies?

Since a young age Anna has been incredibly fond of animals and in particular horses. She used to live next to a farm where she would help out and as a result get to ride their horses for free. 

Today she has two horses of her own “Irish Mist” (KWPN) and “My only Captain” (American Quarter Horse). She has also a cute little dog “Teddy” (Maltipoo). 

Besides equestrian sports, Anna loves nature, the outdoors, quiet life, fine dining, psychology, philosophy, writing and reading. 

Where did Anna Bey study?

While growing up, Anna studied at local public schools in Sweden where she was living. She was able to get admitted to “Norra Real” high-school in Stockholm (editors note: a more “prestigious school compared to the schools in the sub-burbs where she lived) simply due to the fact that she had good grades. 

After high-school, Anna went on a sabbatical that lasted many years. She took some language courses at the university while contemplating what formal education to get.

In 2011 she went back to school and studied “Digital Marketing” at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. (Fun fact: her class was the first ever class in Sweden to study internet marketing)

What are Anna Bey's qualifications?

Anna Bey has been offering classes on many different areas related to a person’s “level up journey”. Many of the teachings are self-taught, as Anna went through this exact transformation herself and now wants to share her lessons and learnings.

Additionally, Anna is a certified image and color consultant from “Colour me beautiful” in London. 

She also holds a diploma in international etiquette and protocol, received from Institute Villa Pierrefeu in Switzerland. 

In 2017 Anna got her certification in matchmaking and dating studies from the Matchmaking Institute in New York.

Anna Bey's Studies & Qualifications

How did Anna Bey become successful?

After Anna’s studies in digital marketing, she went on to create a blog in 2012 called “JetsetBabe”. This was an opportunity for her to practice everything she learned during her marketing studies.

In 2013 her blog started to gain a bit of readership, so she was able to slowly start building an online community.

She didn’t have any big breakthroughs happening then, but she stayed consistent and updated her blog almost everyday. She truly loved writing it and share her stories about the finer things in life, leveling up and high-society experiences. 

In 2017 she wrote her first ebook called “How to be classy”. 

In 2018 she launched her Youtube channel that ended up leading her to achieve her biggest breakthrough in her career, as she was now reaching out to millions of followers. 

She became a trailblazer for the elegance subject on social media, as she was the first to make these subjects go viral and gain popularity. 

What kind of coaching does Anna Bey offer?

In 2018 she launched her first course called “7 Step Formula To High-Society” where she teaches success principles of mixing with the upper-echelons of society and understanding their code of conduct – whether that is for business, personal or just pleasure. 

In 2020 she launched her second course called “Secrets of the elite woman” – a comprehensive course on all the essential tools a woman might need on her level up journey. You’ll get classes on mindset, confidence, goal-setting, networking skills, etiquette, personal style and more. 

Her 3rd course “The Elegant Stylist” is a deep dive course on everything a woman must know if she wants to become her own stylist (instead of hiring one). Areas such as understanding personal style, suitable colors, dressing for your body shape and more. Plus several trademarked style formulas that Anna has developed to help the student use as a memorable reference when styling themselves.

In 2024, Anna continues to create classes and online coaching for LevelUpclass.com whilst offering some free educational resources on her Youtube channel.

Who is Anna Bey's husband?

Anna bey met her husband in 2016 in London through a friend. In 2019 she moved to Geneva, Switzerland where her husband is based and works in finance. 

They got married during the pandemic in a small civil wedding. They currently don’t have any children, unless “Teddy” their Maltipoo dog could qualify as a child. 

Anna has chosen to keep her personal life private due to privacy reasons. She doesn’t share information publicly about her spouse or their life in Geneva. 

Some "fun facts" about Anna Bey

  • Anna Bey is not a matchmaker
    Although she is a certified matchmaker, she decided to never pursuit a career in this field as she realized that this career path wasn’t something she wanted to pursue  further.
  • Anna Bey is not a dating coach
    Although she has created content with dating tips in her early days as a Youtuber in 2018-2019, she no longer gives dating advice and is therefor not a dating coach. 
  •  Anna Bey does not teach women how to bag a billionaire
    In 2018 a journalist wrote an article  about Anna with a clickbait type of title, naming it “… teaches women how to bag a billionaire”.  This title caught attention and spread like wild fire across the internet, even if it was actually not true or part of Anna’s story. Anna does not teach women how to date billionaires and never has.
  • Anna Bey is not an etiquette coach
    Although Anna went went to a traditional Swiss finishing school “Institute Villa Pierrefeu” where she got a diploma in International etiquette and protocol. She is not focused on etiquette teachings and does not see herself as an etiquette coach.
  • Anna Bey  is not a member of aristocracy or high-society
    Anna has over the years shared her lived experiences and teachings of how to successfully blend with this community, but does not carry any desire herself anymore to be a permanent member of this group. Today Anna enjoys socializing with people of all walks of life.  


If you’ve stayed with me through my entire story, you might be wondering what is next for Anna Bey? That story is yet unwritten, but my team and I are laying the foundations for future successes and new innovative projects. We are continuing to build more valuable and life-changing resources for you and all my dear elegant ladies. Follow me and watch this space for the next chapter in my story and our path together!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Anna Bey

Anna Bey is an internationally renowned thought leader and instructor on elegant personal transformation. Her passion for personal development and vision of promoting life-scaling skills for women led her to create an online elite finishing school. Her original upwardly mobile course, “The 7-Step Formula to High Society” is now discontinued, and her current flagship course is known as “Secrets of the Elite Woman.” They are both based on her lived experiences, interviews, qualifications and years of research. Anna’s career in online writing and marketing has allowed her to achieve an influential presence on YouTube with her popular channel “Anna Bey” and her robust Instagram and Facebook followings. Never one to shy away from learning from her own setbacks, Anna shares her experience and knowledge to help other ladies. She empowers other women who dream of a more vibrant life and believes in taking action to achieve it, while harnessing the power of grace and femininity.

Anna is considered an authority on lifestyle transformation as she has made the journey herself! She is open about the fact that she did not begin life as the refined high-society mover she is today, and the lessons she so often shares on social media, in both her free, paid content and inside her finishing school, are based on her own real-life experiences. Her background, years of direct research and discussions among her elegant network has allowed Anna to provide her students with the inspiration needed to achieve their own goals and transform themselves into elegant, high-value women. You don’t have to take our word for it though, you can see proof of Anna’s incredible lifestyle as she shares videos recorded in some of the most elegant locations around the world to her social media channels.
Moreover, Anna has enrolled in the elite Swiss finishing school Institut Villa Pierrefeu where she graduated with a diploma in international etiquette and protocol. This course equipped her with comprehensive knowledge on etiquette and how to navigate high society. Today, she is able to offer her expertise to her students across the world, making elegance accessible to all women. She also is a certified image consultant, having studied an image and colour consulting course in London. This course taught her principle styling techniques, which she also shares with her students. Having graduated as part of Sweden’s first digital marketing class, Anna is able to create premium digital courses that help maximise her students’ learning.
Anna’s advocacy of feminine women, lifestyle transformation and setting boundaries with men has been surprisingly controversial. She has received plenty of media coverage misrepresenting her message as “a school to bag a rich man.” There has also been outrageous and misogynistic allegations of anonymous internet users, and those trying to compete in Anna’s niche, attempting to undermine her. This treatment of a lady in the public space is unfortunately normal, as anyone can print or write anything they want, particularly on the internet. Despite the best efforts of these trolls, Anna rises above this negativity to continue to inspire and educate women on becoming the best version of themselves. The continued success of her students, and popularity of her programs, speaks louder than any critics! Unlike anonymous commentators, we address concerns in the open and face-to-face, and you can always contact us directly with concerns at team@annabey.com.
The number one thing that sets Anna’s teachings apart is her focus on empowering women to improve their quality of life. While other “experts” deep-dive on one topic – and let’s be honest, it’s often only on appearance – Anna takes a holistic approach. She shares valuable insights on mindset, education, networking, career, and behaviour as well as tips on style to help students achieve their goals. An elegant, sophisticated lady doesn’t just look the part, she needs to be the part. Anna’s real-world experience and qualifications means her lessons are not abstract, but rather comprehensive and authoritative insights into how you too can make the journey to a better, more elegant life, whatever your goals.
Anna’s goal had always been to upgrade her own lifestyle. Sharing her experiences and the lessons learned in her blog quickly led to her audience asking for help with achieving their goals. Online content was exploding in popularity when she started her blog, and this quickly led to forming a Facebook group as a discussion platform for the content. Recognizing just how much demand there was for education and accurate real-world information on these subjects, and putting her marketing experience to work, Anna began creating video content.
After months of practicing speaking on camera, Anna launched her YouTube channel in September 2018. She quickly grew an audience as her content was unique – and sometimes controversial! Her loyal fanbase loved the Youtube opener “my dear elegant ladies”, which has since become her trademark phrase. The next month she launched her online finishing school with her first course ‘’The 7-Step Formula to High Society” and the rest is history!