About Anna

I’d like to share my official biography with you. I have revealed many parts of my story with you over the years, but now you can read my whole story in one place.

I am Anna Bey,  a course creator and content creator in the feminine empowerment space, teaching subjects like transformation (“leveling up”), fashion styling, and reinventing yourself. Many people refer to me as an “elegance coach”, but I call myself as a reinvention expert, as that’s something that sits closely to my own story. 

My content creation journey started back in 2012 with the launch of my first blog “JetsetBabe” where I shared my interests and experiences with luxury lifestyles and high-society. This blog grew into an international community before I retired it to fully focus on my Youtube channel, which now have millions of subscribers. 

I currently live in Geneva, Switzerland with my husband. When I am not sharing and educating through my various platforms, I can be found living my best life riding my two horses, walking my dog Teddy, and spending quality time with those I value most. 

I have changed perspective over the years of what “luxury” and “leveling up” actually means to me, and today I hope to inspire my audience with a balanced view on the finer things in life, while always valuing first the things that fills you with genuine happiness. 

You can connect with me and my community via my social channels and products to educate yourself on femininity, elegance and personal improvement. You will also find below my complete backstory of how I got from the un-glamorous suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden to my international life as a globally-renowned elegance instructor, including the experience and qualifications that give me the credentials to teach these subjects.

This is the most complete story of my life so far where I share anecdotes from my journey, my biggest “a-ha moments”, my deepest values and beliefs. I am writing my own story in part to answer the biggest questions about my work, my values and who I am. The core reason I have put my whole story out there is to inspire the belief in you that transformation never stops and anything is possible!

Anna Bey - from the beginning...

I’m originally from Stockholm, Sweden, but my background isn’t so typical as my mother is Estonian-Russian and my father is Finnish. I grew up as the only child in a countryside feel suburb to Stockholm. My days were spent mostly at a neighboring farm that I had discovered at the age of 8. Horses and animals quickly became my passion (still are btw!) and I fell in love with everything that had to do with nature. 

In school I was “the nerd” and at times even bullied. I was a good student, but lost interest for higher studies in high-school after I attended the elite school “Norra Real” in Stockholm (studies got quite intense there). As I was approaching graduation at the age of 19, my desire for university had completely vanished. I didn’t know what kind of profession I wanted to choose in life, so I decided to wait and took a sabbatical year by studying Italian in Rome.

Rome turned out to become the beginning to my future career as a content creator. That was the place that introduced me to high-society and luxury lifestyles. Prior to that, I had never been around the upper echelons of society, but thanks to an Italian boyfriend I had, he showed me the world behind the velvet ropes and I was instantly smitten! 

As the cliche goes, the affluent Italian boyfriend turned out to be a cheater which led me to leave Rome altogether and apply for a job working as a go-do dancer in the famous nightclub called “Amnesia” in Ibiza.


Anna Bey's career & education

My 20’s kind of went on in the party and travel kind of spirit. What was supposed to be a one year sabbatical studying Italian in Rome, turned to become  6 years of escapism, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. 

As I had grown up in a strict household with no opportunity to be wild and crazy in my teenage years, I now had to rebel and take back the experiences I had missed during those years. But I also never really knew what I wanted to do in life, as I was lost and lacked self-esteem. I had always dreamt of becoming a writer, but my parents always dismissed this dream by saying “that’s not a career”. That always brought me back to continuing feeling confused and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, which ultimately led me to skip university and not getting a university degree. 

After I had been in Ibiza, I moved to Malta which is still a well-known place for gambling companies to place their headquarters. Due to my multiple language skills, I was able to get a job in customer service for poker players, and later qualify to be hired for marketing roles. These positions introduced me to my love for marketing, and for the first time ever in life I knew what I wanted to study: Digital Marketing. 

Back then it was all very new. So new, that when I finally got accepted to a 1-year higher vocational study program in Stockholm at Medieinstitutet – our class was the very first in Swedish history to study internet marketing (digital marketing). 

This degree led me to get better paid jobs in marketing before I left the corporate world to focus on starting my own business in marketing. 

How I created a successful business

In 2012 I got a job in marketing for gambling company in London. I didn’t know anyone in the city and felt quite lonely, so I set up a blog which I decided to call “JetsetBabe” where I could enjoy writing as a hobby while practicing my marketing skills. Due to my internet marketing studies, I had learned quite a lot about SEO, social media and how to position websites for traffic. 

For this reason, my JetsetBabe blog started taking off in 2013 and build a solid audience across the world. I retired it five years later after I realized that video content was the future and jumped on to creating a Youtube channel, where nobody was creating content around high-society and elegance, so I became the first. People tend to call me the trailblazer in the elegance community as I was and still am the biggest content creator in this space. 

Even though I enjoy elegance as a tool for my personal development and reinvention, I have never deliberately chosen the nickname “elegance coach”. It happened by people after many of my videos on elegance subjects went viral and gathered millions of views (my most popular Youtube video has been watched over 8 million times!)

Elegance and femininity practices have helped me tremendously over the years to gain confidence, feel empowered as a woman and level up in my own self. Although most people know me for these teachings, my content and courses goes way beyond. 

In 2018 I launched my online course business after I began to embrace my natural love for teaching. My first course was called “7-Steps to high-society” and offered a detailed path to success when leveling up and mixing with the upper-echelons of society.

My second course “Secrets of the Elite Woman” was a course on leveling up all aspects of your life if you want to become a successful woman with the help of elegance and refinement in your transformation. 

My third course “The Elegant Stylist” dives deep into fashion styling as I’m teaching everything I learned when I took my certification as an Image Consultant in London. The Elegant Stylist is a simplified style program for the everyday woman, with the purpose of knowing how to style yourself without having to rely on stylists and consultants. 

Myths & Misconceptions

Over the years I’ve come across a lot of misinformation about who I am, what I do and what I teach. It has always been from people who are not really familiar with my content and never properly watched any of my videos. For this reason I will simplify the correct information in a list below.

The truth about Anna Bey

  • Anna Bey is not a matchmaker
    I am a certified matchmaker, but I decided to never pursuit a career in this field as I realized this career path wasn’t for me. 

  • Anna Bey is not a dating coach
    Although I have created content with dating tips in my early content creation days, I stopped focusing on making dating advice videos in 2020. 

  •  Anna Bey does not teach women how to bag a billionaire
    In 2018 a journalist wrote an article  about me with a clickbait type of title naming it “… teaches women how to bag a billionaire”.  This title caught attention and spread like wild fire across the internet, even if it was actually not true. I do not teach women how to date billionaires and never have. 

  • Anna Bey is not an etiquette coach
    I went to a traditional Swiss finishing school “Institute Villa Pierrefeu” where I got a diploma in International etiquette and protocol. Although I give some etiquette lessons inside my online courses, I am not focused on etiquette teachings and do not see myself as an etiquette coach. 

  • Anna Bey  is not a member of aristocracy or high-society
    I have over the years shared my lived experiences and teachings of how to successfully blend with this community, but do not carry any desire myself anymore to be a permanent member of this group. Today I enjoy socializing with people of all walks of life. 

Anna Bey is a reinvention expert

Over the years as a content creator I’ve had the opportunity to teach women on all kinds of subjects! Everything from lifestyle transformations, to elegance, to style, personal branding etc. 

What has always carried a red thread in my teachings is my love for reinvention. That has always been part of my own story as I have reinvented myself many times in the past and continue to do so today. 

I carry a strong interest in personal development, psychology and personal growth. When you study these topics, which I have done over the years, you end up naturally reinventing yourself as life unfolds. It’s hard to stay exactly the same year after year, especially when you continuously keep learning to become the best version of yourself. 

When you reinvent yourself, you fully let go of the person you were yesterday to embrace the new you to emerge. Many of us hold on to a poor self-image because of mistakes we’ve made in life, without realizing that your mistakes don’t define who you are today. That was part of my story and I stayed at a low place in my life for many years until I decided to do something about it and break free from the identity that was no longer serving me.

Today I want to inspire women around the world to no let their past define their futures, and instead go after their dreams and desires, regardless of how big or small they may be. “Anything is possible” is a motto I live by and wish to empower women with. 

Anna Bey's Hobbies

Many of my teachings have been focused on teaching about the finer things in life as that’s a lifestyle that I enjoy. Over the years however, my interests have shifted slightly as I’ve become older and grown out of some activities. 

I will always enjoy luxury, but I’m not overly attached to this lifestyle. In fact, I enjoy mixing luxury with “the simple life” like nature, farms and animals. Having “the best of both worlds” is what inspires me today. I want to be able to get my hands dirty at the farm during the day, and go out for a beautiful gala dinner at night if I feel like. 

My work is one of my hobbies. If back when I was growing up I said I wanted to become a writer, that’s technically what manifested decades later. As a full-time course creator and content creator, writing is very much part of my daily life!  I do also enjoy other parts of my job like teaching, filming and marketing very much, to the point that I can’t believe I get to work with my biggest interests in life!

On my free time I’m always either with my husband and dog, or at the stable riding my two horses. My husband and I go to the cinema a lot when we’re not hiking, traveling or out dining. Both of us also love dancing, which we don’t get to do often enough together. 

When I’m alone, I love reading books and debunk human psychology. I’m also interested in the metaphysical like astrology, new age practices and law of attraction. 

Anna Bey's Personal Life

In 2016 I met my husband via a friend in London. He was living in Geneva, I was based in London and at first we did long-distance relationship before I moved to Switzerland myself. We got married in 2021 and currently don’t have any children. (Teddy, our Maltipoo dog is very much like our child).

I tend not to share much about my family and married life in my social media channels as I value keeping that private. Occasionally one might get a glimpse here and there, but I prefer having a boundary between the private and the public parts of my life. 

If you want to get to know me outside of my public persona where I’m not in my formal self being a teacher online, you can tune into the “Anna Bey Unfiltered” podcast. It’s inside the Anna Bey Patreon community where I share more personal content to my fans, and have unfiltered conversations that don’t belong in the public discord. 

Fun Facts About Anna Bey

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. To finish this article, let’s do some fun and random facts about Anna Bey:

  • Anna Bey’s zodiac / star sign is Aries. Moon sign scorpio. Ascendant Capricorn.
  • Anna Bey is 170 cm tall – 5 7″
  • Anna Bey changed her name in 2015 after a trip to Asia where she discovered that most people there had  a western name. Her birth name “Aija” was always mispronounced outside of Sweden so she added Anna as it worked well internationally.
  • Anna Bey’s favorite cuisine is French
  • Anna Bey’s favorite travel destination is France
  • Anna Bey has diplomas in internet marketing, image consulting, fashion styling, international etiquette & protocol, color theory, matchmaking
  • Anna Bey’s favorite movie is dirty dancing
  • Anna Bey loves dancing and has danced since she was young. She has experience with latin american ballroom dancing, ballet, salsa & bachata.
  • Anna Bey has lived in 8 different countries: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Malta, Switzerland
  • Anna Bey loves now living in Switzerland and see’s it as her forever home



If you’ve stayed with me through my entire story, you might be wondering what is next for Anna Bey? That story is yet unwritten, but my team and I are laying the foundations for future successes and new innovative projects. We are continuing to build more valuable and life-changing resources for you and all my dear elegant ladies. Follow me and watch this space for the next chapter in my story and our path together!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Anna Bey

Anna Bey is an internationally renowned thought leader and instructor on elegant personal transformation. Her passion for personal development and vision of promoting life-scaling skills for women led her to create an online elite finishing school. Her original upwardly mobile course, “The 7-Step Formula to High Society” is now discontinued, and her current flagship course is known as “Secrets of the Elite Woman.” They are both based on her lived experiences, interviews, qualifications and years of research. Anna’s career in online writing and marketing has allowed her to achieve an influential presence on YouTube with her popular channel “Anna Bey” and her robust Instagram and Facebook followings. Never one to shy away from learning from her own setbacks, Anna shares her experience and knowledge to help other ladies. She empowers other women who dream of a more vibrant life and believes in taking action to achieve it, while harnessing the power of grace and femininity.

Anna is considered an authority on lifestyle transformation as she has made the journey herself! She is open about the fact that she did not begin life as the refined high-society mover she is today, and the lessons she so often shares on social media, in both her free, paid content and inside her finishing school, are based on her own real-life experiences. Her background, years of direct research and discussions among her elegant network has allowed Anna to provide her students with the inspiration needed to achieve their own goals and transform themselves into elegant, high-value women. You don’t have to take our word for it though, you can see proof of Anna’s incredible lifestyle as she shares videos recorded in some of the most elegant locations around the world to her social media channels.
Moreover, Anna has enrolled in the elite Swiss finishing school Institut Villa Pierrefeu where she graduated with a diploma in international etiquette and protocol. This course equipped her with comprehensive knowledge on etiquette and how to navigate high society. Today, she is able to offer her expertise to her students across the world, making elegance accessible to all women. She also is a certified image consultant, having studied an image and colour consulting course in London. This course taught her principle styling techniques, which she also shares with her students. Having graduated as part of Sweden’s first digital marketing class, Anna is able to create premium digital courses that help maximise her students’ learning.
Anna’s advocacy of feminine women, lifestyle transformation and setting boundaries with men has been surprisingly controversial. She has received plenty of media coverage misrepresenting her message as “a school to bag a rich man.” There has also been outrageous and misogynistic allegations of anonymous internet users, and those trying to compete in Anna’s niche, attempting to undermine her. This treatment of a lady in the public space is unfortunately normal, as anyone can print or write anything they want, particularly on the internet. Despite the best efforts of these trolls, Anna rises above this negativity to continue to inspire and educate women on becoming the best version of themselves. The continued success of her students, and popularity of her programs, speaks louder than any critics! Unlike anonymous commentators, we address concerns in the open and face-to-face, and you can always contact us directly with concerns at team@annabey.com.
The number one thing that sets Anna’s teachings apart is her focus on empowering women to improve their quality of life. While other “experts” deep-dive on one topic – and let’s be honest, it’s often only on appearance – Anna takes a holistic approach. She shares valuable insights on mindset, education, networking, career, and behaviour as well as tips on style to help students achieve their goals. An elegant, sophisticated lady doesn’t just look the part, she needs to be the part. Anna’s real-world experience and qualifications means her lessons are not abstract, but rather comprehensive and authoritative insights into how you too can make the journey to a better, more elegant life, whatever your goals.
Anna’s goal had always been to upgrade her own lifestyle. Sharing her experiences and the lessons learned in her blog quickly led to her audience asking for help with achieving their goals. Online content was exploding in popularity when she started her blog, and this quickly led to forming a Facebook group as a discussion platform for the content. Recognizing just how much demand there was for education and accurate real-world information on these subjects, and putting her marketing experience to work, Anna began creating video content.
After months of practicing speaking on camera, Anna launched her YouTube channel in September 2018. She quickly grew an audience as her content was unique – and sometimes controversial! Her loyal fanbase loved the Youtube opener “my dear elegant ladies”, which has since become her trademark phrase. The next month she launched her online finishing school with her first course ‘’The 7-Step Formula to High Society” and the rest is history!