Anna Bey Patreon

Anna Bey Patreon is here! Don’t miss her online community behind closed doors, where you can get to know Anna much more up close. The general public doesn’t know her this well, as some conversations are not suited for her YouTube channel.

Inside Anna’s Patreon, you will get her personal podcast, “Anna Bey Unfiltered,” where she won’t be holding anything back! On the contrary, if you miss her “old content” or the more outspoken and spicy opinions, welcome behind the velvet rope – Welcome to Anna Bey’s Patreon!

The idea behind the creation of Anna’s Patreon account was inspired by her most loyal fans. The ones who’ve been around for years. Anna felt it was time for her fans to get to know her even better, the same way her inner circle knows her. Unfortunately, this kind of content doesn’t do well on YouTube these days, so it made more sense to create a Patreon and keep it only for her true fans! The idea is to be incredibly transparent and share personal content where you get to see Anna Bey from a perspective not many get to see.

Who is Anna Bey’s Patreon suited for?

Her Patreon is for Anna’s fans and supporters only!

Both ladies and gentlemen are welcome. We hope you’re cool, open-minded, and know how to keep communication classy.

If you disagree with some of Anna’s opinions, you’re mature enough to respect diversity instead of going on the defense. You should be able to handle more unfiltered conversations as that’s what her Patreon will be all about.

Here, there’s no censorship or holding back, enter at your own risk!

What are the different tiers on Anna Bey’s Patreon?

There are currently three tiers on the Anna Bey Patreon.

Anna Bey Patreon Mystery Box

Tier 1 - Lowest Tier - "Mystery Box"

You will never know what kind of content Anna might deliver under her mystery box. Isn’t that what makes it fun? One thing is for sure, there will be a lot of old, buried content, that barely saw the light of the internet, old livestreams that were immediately archived, or other content that served a temporary reason.

The mystery box might also contain new content with Anna’s reactions, commentary, intel, compilations and other tips. You just never know what the mystery box will bring you!

Anna Bey Patreon Spicy Level

Tier 2 - Mid Tier - Spicy Level

All tiers will receive the mystery box, but only tier 2 and tier 3 will get Anna’s podcast “Anna Bey Unfiltered”. 

This is where things are going to get spicy! *

And by spicy we mean – juicy & interesting!

 Anna has always been honest and generous with her stories, but here she is taking it one step further.

Anna Bey Patreon Extra Spicy Level

Tier 3 - Highest Tier - Extra Spicy Level

Once a month there will be a REALLY unfiltered episode of “Anna Bey Unfiltered” where Anna shares things that cannot be shared publicly. 

But behind closed doors and to a chosen few, she can spill some of the secrets that people always wanted to know. 

On this level you will hold special influence on the Patreon content by being able to answer questions that will make it to the “Anna’s Advice” podcast available to tier 2 and 3.

Where can you sign up?

Join here Anna Bey Patreon and don’t miss her next uploads! We will see you behind closed doors…