Your level up will start when…

Being this classy woman means you have to upgrade your entire self. Level up your efforts and adopt habits of a high-value woman! Nothing is by chance. It’s all specific and directed effort, and it all begins with believing that you deserve better.

Comfort is the enemy of success

The truth about comfort is that it’s actually just a steady state of mediocrity. When you’re comfortable, you make excuses for the unhappy moments or situations, you can talk yourself into things being “fine.” But do you want to live a life that is fine or to be the best version of yourself? Then you need to get uncomfortable.

Change comes from a place of discomfort with where you are currently, so unless you cultivate a burning desire for some sort of change or more in your life, you’ll never get uncomfortable enough to truly drive change. I had to decide that I deserved more than comfortable. More than mediocre.

It’s easy to just do nothing and stay stagnant in “fine” but to truly level up and live your best life as you’re best self, you need to really make the conscious effort to change your mind and decide that this life is not” fine,” you’re not comfortable and you MUST have better. It won’t happen on it’s own, expecting it to — is accepting mediocrity. You must make it a daily conscious effort, through visuals of what you want and affirmations. Talk yourself out of mediocrity and into greatness. Be the best version of yourself. 

Decide that you deserve it

“Why bother, no one will see me!” This is what I used to tell myself when I was sitting at home looking bummy, or if I was making a quick errand run and was just too lazy to try.

But then I realized “I will see me!” And don’t I deserve to see myself looking amazing? Why do I make the effort to pull myself together when I know I’ll be seen but not otherwise? I’ll doll up so that my friends don’t have to look at a mess, but not if I’m going to be home alone. Am I not more important than that?

I also had someone say to me once: “I don’t care if people judge me by how I look. Their judgements don’t make me.” Fair enough. But the truth is when you carry yourself messy, dis-shelved or simply not at your best, whether conscious or not, YOU judge yourself. Like when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think “Ugh, I look a mess.” It’s not about who will see you, or who will judge you, it’s about you.

Decide that you deserve better. The first step is to believe that you deserve to look & feel amazing, at all times. You deserve to put the effort into yourself for yourself! You’ll never catch a high-value lady looking disheveled and a mess. Her efforts come from a place of personal desire and self respect and you deserve as much. Being a high-value woman means you place a high value on yourself. So again, decide that you deserve better and make the effort.

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Anna Bey is an educator in the elegant feminine empowerment space and the founder of an online finishing school for women. She can confidently call herself a pioneer in this genre because she was the first to be sharing content in this niche since 2012.

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Anna Bey is an expert on Modern Elegance™, upscale transformations, and leveling up, with over 150 million channel views. Since 2012, she has taught women how to develop a more refined personal presence and lifestyle inside the Anna Bey Academy, where she hosts her various classes and courses. Her publication features include The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and many more.


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