Your Best Everyday Luxury Bags

The merits of luxury handbags can be considered perhaps a little bit controversial. Some may consider them a complete waste of money, while others love the polish and panache that they can add to even the most simple of outfits. There is one thing that isn’t debatable, though: carrying an elegant handbag just seems to elevate your entire outfit. True luxury bags from established, quality designers tend to be very well made, which is one of the reasons why luxury bags originally earned their reputation as being considered something of an investment in a lady’s wardrobe.

Have different handbags

Another important piece of information that many forget to take into account is that a long time ago when the fine leather ateliers started manufacturing high-quality handbags for the women of society, there was not the same bag-collecting mindset that there is today. A woman may have had perhaps one or two small evening bags but often carried the same handbag for her everyday bag. She probably had one for the spring/summer season and another one for the fall/winter season. But in these times of Instagram and dream closets, many women want lots of handbags and may change them daily.

This is where my take on the luxury bag comes into consideration: is bag quantity important to you, or would you rather have a bag or bags of high quality that will last you for years and always look classy?

Only you can answer this question, and even though in this video I take you through exactly why I consider these my favorite luxury bags, there are many other brands that will also be a good purchase for you. One of the things I want you to pay attention to in my video is not just what the bags that I recommend are according to their brand, but why exactly I like them. You’ll then be able to think about what your own preferences are and what will be useful and attractive to you when you search for your own perfect luxury everyday bag, regardless of your budget or what luxury means to you, and whether you buy something on my list or not.

There are a few things to consider when planning to invest in the best luxury bag or bags for yourself:

Budget: I would never encourage any woman to overextend herself by buying a luxury bag. Always just buy the best that you can afford.
Use: The best luxury bag for you for your everyday use is the one that you will reach for. A bag can be very pretty, but if it’s difficult to get into or it gets dirty very easily, it may not be your best choice.
This is especially important if you are on a budget and need to make sure that your everyday bag will also be able to take you to other events and still look appropriate.
Motivation: Is your desire to have a luxury bag because it’s the right time in your wardrobe to make this investment, or is it to fit in with pop culture? Your best luxury bag will be a personal choice, not dictated by social media.

Importance of bags

Bags are certainly an important component of your overall outfit, as they are quite visible, hence the need to make sure that they are aligned with your personal style needs. If you’d like to become an expert at styling yourself like a professional stylist and never waste money down the drain on a bag or any other piece of clothing that will not be quite right for you, then come over to The Elegant Stylist and make sure that you don’t miss my next opening!

And remember, the journey is part of the shopping adventure: take all the time you need to do your research, try them on, and be sure that when it’s time to pull out your wallet, you’ve found the perfect bag!

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