Why Is Self-Motivation So Important?

Self-motivation is the secret to getting everything you want. It’s what differentiates the successful from those that just dabble. The pros from the amateurs. The winners from the haters. That’s why in this post, I’m going to distill the three most important self-motivation tips and self-motivation techniques that you must learn if you want to achieve your dreams.

What Is Self-Motivation?

Self-motivation is the ability to propel yourself forward using your own internal drive. That’s why it’s referred to as intrinsic. It’s different to extrinsic motivation, which has to do with external forces that direct your behavior. Examples of extrinsic motivation is when an HR department gives rewards, like promotions or bonuses, for high productivity, and punishments, like warnings or pay-cuts, for low productivity.

Sometimes it can be a little confusing to say what is self-motivation and what is extrinsic motivation, but I think a simple way to tell the difference is to ask:

Would I still want to do what I’m doing if I didn’t need the (money, fame, validation, etc.)?

Intrinsic drivers are more about desire and the joy of the process, while extrinsic ones are about responsibilities and rewards. Both have a place, and you should aim for a mix. But extrinsic motivation can only take you so far. Having self-motivation skills is where the magic’s at.

Three Easy Self-Motivation Techniques

#1 – Create Measurable Goals

One way to stay motivated is to make sure your goals are clear. They need to be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Goals like this allow you to track your progress, which is very inspiring.

#2 – Read Your Goals Daily

Put your written goals where you’ll see them every day, like on your bathroom mirror. This will kindle your passion and keep your dreams at the front of your mind. That will then make you more prepared when an opportunity presents itself.

#3 – Build Systems

Sometimes, you might have a dip in your self-motivation. And that’s okay. If you build a system around your goals, that will help keep you focused even on such days. A system is a structure you set up that has daily, weekly, and monthly milestones and accountability.

Three Useful Self-Motivation Tips

#1 – Have A Bigger Vision

The most important thing, above all, is to find your sense of purpose and building a vision for your life around it. With a sense of purpose, you can do pretty much anything. It’s what will give your life meaning and also help you get over bumps on the road. One of my visions was to live an elegant and affluent lifestyle, and then to teach it to others. You can learn how I achieved that in my free masterclass.

#2 – Focus On Your Progress, Not Others

Nothing kills dreams like comparison thinking. It’s also not very logical. You have no idea what others have gone through to reach where they are. They may not actually be presenting their real selves to you. Or they may have had resources to start with that you don’t have. So, keep your eyes on your own progress.

#3 – Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Even something intrinsic, like self-motivation, is not always available. Sometimes you’ll have unforeseen challenges. Everyone who dreams big will meet with some failure. You just have to appreciate and respect yourself for your commitment and effort. Do some self-care and then get back on track.

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