About The A-List Private Members’ Club

Having a strong network and being surrounded by like-minded, elegant ladies is a quality of every high-value woman. A community of people inspired by the same values as you is a great thing to have in life, especially when on a journey of self-improvement to better your life. The A-List is a platform that helps women create those communities in a safe, secured environment. However, it offers much more than a private social space. Resources, discussion lounges, guides, creating events and accessing exclusive content are just some of the perks the app has to offer. In addition, members can locate other members in their area as well as join and create virtual and in-person events.

Since the app’s launch, many ladies have expanded their social circles, networks and their knowledge on all things elegance. But what originally inspired Anna to launch this innovative concept?

Privacy & Security

Since the days of her blog, JetSetBabe, Anna has always encouraged readers and followers to discuss, engage and bond over common elegant interests on her Facebook groups. As the number of students signing up to School of Affluence increased, as well as her YouTube audience, these groups became larger, less private and exclusive. Private Facebook groups still didn’t provide the level of security and exclusivity that Anna and members wanted. The A-List is a subscription app that requires all members to provide identification in order to be verified and eligible to join. Meaning, the app is totally safe, private and secure!

Community & Socialising

Meeting like-minded women who enjoy elegance, personal development and fine-living can be difficult – especially in recent times. A recurring complaint among members of Anna’s community was the inability to meet and connect with ladies who share the same interests and values. Anna aimed to solve this problem by providing a platform that brings together the all the like-minded elegant women in her community. A-Listers are able to connect with ladies virtually all around the world as women in their own cities through meet-ups, events, private messaging and discussion forums.

Content & Resources

Besides building new friendships and relationships, Anna wanted to provide A-Listers with exclusive content. From discussion forums and articles to travel guides and quizzes, the app is full of information on every luxury lifestyle, elegance, etiquette, fine-dining, wellness, fashion and much more!

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