Why Did Anna Bey Start Her Finishing School

Why did Anna Bey start her finishing school?

From blogging on JetsetBabe to founding a finishing school, Anna Bey has come a long way in her career. Today, she teaches women from all backgrounds how to fulfil their elegant, feminine potential and become the most refined versions of themselves. Founded in 2018, Anna Bey’s online finishing school has featured two innovative and highly-comprehensive courses: “The 7-Step Formula To Success” (no longer available) and “Secrets Of The Elite Woman”. But why did Anna Bey launch her finishing school in the first place?

The Beginnings of Anna Bey’s Online Finishing School

Anna Bey founded the school in 2018. Prior to launching the school, she was contributing to her blog JetsetBabe, which she started in 2012. The blog was full of aspirational content around fine-living, luxury lifestyle, elegance and etiquette rules as well as how to access high-society. It quickly grew in popularity and Anna had established a robust online audience of aspiring elegant women seeking to become the best versions of themselves.

She launched her online finishing school alongside her YouTube channel in 2018. Her latest course is called “Secrets Of The Elite Woman”. It is a six module course that consists of over 150 lessons as well as plenty of bonus content. She also has a Private Student Study Group for students as well as an online private members’ club, known as The A-List, for the elegant, classy and sophisticated ladies in her community.

So why did Anna decide to establish an online finishing school?

There are several reasons as to why Anna launched her wonderfully comprehensive programmes…

Passion & Vision 

Anna has always been passionate about everything fine-living and elegance. Her journey to where she is today was a long one, and she had to go through many trials and errors. Her learned experiences of levelling up, achieving a luxury lifestyle, networking in high society and curating an elegant personal brand was something she wished to share and pass on to other aspiring elegant ladies.

Women Empowerment

From her blogging days, it was evident that her audience needed more comprehensive content. Her readers were aspiring to level up every aspect of their lives. So, Anna used this as a fuel to grow her vision and achieve her goals of helping women around the world.

Today, Anna’s online finishing school is one of its kind and provides women from all background with the tools to become the best, most refined and elegant versions of themselves.

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