Why did Anna Bey create her YouTube channel?

Why did Anna Bey create her YouTube channel in the first place?

We all know Anna Bey as the founder of an online finishing school, teaching women the roadmap to modern elegance, etiquette, style and lifestyle upgrade. Today, Anna has a following of over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube alone.

But why did Anna Bey Create Her YouTube channel in the first place?

Years before Anna started her YouTube channel, in 2012, Anna had a blog called JetsetBabe. She would post aspirational images of elegant, classy women living a life of their dreams. On this blog, Anna would actively give advice on how to level up, achieve elegance and enter high society.

The blog became wildly popular, and Anna grew a large readership. Over the years, Anna started receiving many requests for more comprehensive content. This became the beginning of the online finishing school, where Anna used her experience, learning and digital marketing skills to create comprehensive course on the A-Z of modern elegance.

The turning point…

Anna Bey created her YouTube channel and practiced speaking on camera for 6 months before posting her first video in September 2018. From then Anna went on to regularly produce content on everything elegance, etiquette, personal development, fine living, and elegant feminine empowerment.

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