What Color Suits Me?

Color Analysis For Hair And Lipstick

If you’ve ever wondered: what color suits me? What hair color suits me? Or what lip color suits me? It’s time to do a color analysis…

…Color analysis is a method that helps you find your skin undertone so that you can choose clothing, hair, and makeup that make you look good. Suitable colors will make you appear bright and healthy, while unsuitable ones will make you look dull or even sick. It really does make all the difference.

Let’s begin:

  1. Look at the veins in your wrists. Are they more blue or green? Blue denotes a cool undertone and green denotes a warm undertone.
  2. Hold something gold then something silver (like jewelry) to your face. Which one makes you look vibrant and alive? If gold, you’re warm toned, if silver, you’re cool toned.
  3. Your natural hair color. If you dye your hair, you can use a photo of yourself with natural hair or look at your eyebrows. If your hair has a golden tone, especially when the sun hits it, then you’re warm. If it’s ashy, then you’re cool.
  4. Hold a white then a light cream cloth to your face. If the white is what makes you look healthy, then you’re cool, if it’s the cream cloth, then you’re warm.

If you look good in both warm and cool colors, then you’re neutral. Lucky you!

I don’t always advise beginner try analyzing eye color as it can be a little confusing. But there’s a way to tell the difference between warm or cool toned blue, green, or even brown eyes.

What Hair Colour Suits Me?

How to know which hair colour suits me? There’s actually a little more to this than whether you’re warm or cool toned. For most women, sticking close to natural is best, and only go lighter or darker by a maximum of two shades. However, there are some glam goddesses that deviated from this rule and it worked out really well for them.

For example, you have Marilyn Monroe who went from ginger to platinum blonde. Or there’s Dita Von Teese, who’s originally blonde and is now crowned with a blue-black mane. But unless you’re already quite advanced and confidant in your hair and makeup skills, I wouldn’t recommend taking that big of a risk.

When it comes to skin undertone, if you’re warm then you’ll want to go for hair colors that have some gold to them. This includes very dark hair, it will still give off a gold reflection, especially in the sun. If you’re cool, then you want to stick with ashy hair colors.

What Lipstick Color Suits Me?

Lipstick is another important piece of the puzzle. Did you know that true red will suit both warm and cool undertones? Anyway, here, the same rules apply when asking which lipstick color suits me. You have to look a little deeper than the shade and see what the tone is, because very few lipsticks are truly neutral.

In general, if you’re warm toned, then lean towards more peachy and warm colors. If you’re cool, icy pinks and cool neutrals will make you look better.

This is just a taste of how color analysis can help you. Another game-changer is dressing for your body shape, and you can watch my YouTube video about that here. Here’s to your level-up journey!

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