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Podcast Episode 9

Ladies, welcome back to the Anna Bey Podcast. Today’s going to be a short episode because I have one very important thing that I want to tell you. And I’m going to start by asking you one question, and I want you to ask yourself this question every day from now on.

How are you looking after yourself? And I mean, really. How are you looking after yourself? How are you investing in your health? How are you investing in your mental health? How are you investing in your performance?

The reason why I’m asking you these questions is because I think if you’re familiar with all my channels you know that one of my biggest missions with my work is to help women accomplish their goals, no matter what they are. Usually we talk about things such as personal transformation, and of course, a lifestyle transformation in whatever way that entails. But this transformation requires stamina. It requires good health, it requires good mental health as well, and it also requires endurance so that you can have performance.

The reason why I’m bringing this subject up is because it is so vital for our personal development journey to achieve our goals or to become the woman that we want to become.

But one thing that I’ve also find, and I’m also probably saying this because I’ve also had these thoughts, is that this subject is so boring sometimes and get so neglected and postponed and kind of, “Oh, okay. I’ll deal with this another day.” But one really important lesson that I have personally learned from the top level people, from successful people, from the affluent community, et cetera, is that once you reach that level, you actually start understanding what really, really matters in life. It oftentimes is that before we reach that level, we put our focus on things that actually don’t always matter that much.

That’s why I have had the experience where I’ve met very successful people, and of course, affluent people who have really gone back to basics in many ways. Guess what the big secret is that is not really a secret because this information is accessible to everybody out there, and we all heard it over and over again, and I think we’ve heard it so much that we are so numb of hearing it that we don’t even hear it anymore. But these people that I have learned this from are taking it serious because they have understood that without this, you’re nothing, and this is what really matters. Not anything else.

And of course, I am talking about health. I am right now at a health and wellness center because I decided to actually take that step and start seriously investing in my health and wellbeing. And what really inspired me to make this episode is because, once upon a time … Well, since I found out that there are, let’s say, facilities like this where I am right now, that they exist, I, of course, got fired up and really excited, and, “Oh, I want to try that. How fun.” Then I started postponing it because actually, it’s not that fun. Actually, it’s not that important. Actually, what for? Why should I even prioritize this right now? It’s not really exciting. It’s maybe even a little bit boring perhaps to go to one of these. I’m so busy right now. I need to focus on other things in my life, things that are far more important. And that’s why I haven’t come here until now. And I started asking myself, “Well, you are being a foolish, foolish person, and it’s time to wake up.”

I want to share with you my little wake-up call and something that I am really going to pay attention to from now on. And this is kind of the stage where I’m at. But why do we have to reach a certain level before we can realize certain things? Maybe it’s part of life, or maybe you can get inspiration to actually start working on things that you will be needing at any point or at any level of your life. That’s why, let’s say you are starting out with your personal transformation and with your goal setting. Why neglect things like this? Because this is what I mean. You need this for your endurance, and you need this for your stamina in order to be capable of climbing any mountains that will come. And believe me, there will be mountains because this journey is not always easy. So you need to be in a good shape. You need to have stamina for this, and this is where you get it from, from the basics.

Now, one thing that I feel people are definitely getting wrong with this subject is that they think that in order to invest in their health, wellness, mental health, et cetera, they have to be either ill or seriously ill, burned out, or have mental health issues or have any other issues for them to be investing in these areas of their life. And it’s almost a bit like taking it for granted and thinking that, “Okay, well, I feel okay today. Why should I care? It’s not that important.”

But this is the thing that all of these areas, yes, they might be operating for you right now. I don’t know how old you are who are listening to me right now. You might be in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s. Who knows? However, if you are more on the older side, you will know that actually what happened in your 20s and 30s is something that’s oftentimes come and hunt you back the older you get. That’s one thing to think about that you actually need to be investing when you are in your 20s and your 30s and your 40s so that you have a better life quality in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, et cetera, right?

But then the second thing that so many people take this for granted is that they think that, okay, them running on autopilot is something to just settle for and accept. But this is the thing. I don’t know if your autopilot is going to really take you where you want to be taken. You need to actually take some form of responsibility and step in and look over things. Look over how you manage yourself. Look over where you invest your time, your energy, and of course, your money. And you really cannot neglect the basics, ladies.

And the reason why I wanted to really come in here today and talk about this is because I see this from all these people that we learn from, of these successful people, of the top level people, of people in the affluent community. Why are we not doing this at an earlier stage? Why are we only doing this later? And it’s not about the money. Remember, you can do this at any budget. Sleeping properly does not have to cost you anything. Eating properly doesn’t have to cost you, either, having your diet in order. Exercise is also free of charge, if you just go out and go for a run or go for a walk and do some exercises in nature. Mental health, with meditation and mindfulness and being grounded and really look after yourself with self-care, doesn’t have to cost anything either.

All of these areas sets the tone for your health. Surely, healthcare can cost. That I’m not going to lie. But if you at least do all of the other things that doesn’t cost anything, you can definitely improve your health dramatically. But then when you have to spend money, I just don’t want you to cut corners and be stingy in areas such as your health because I would definitely say that that’s an area that we should never, never compensate on, that we should never cut corners around on.

This is where you have to ask yourself, what level do you want to be on in life? Do you want to be on the top level? Well then, you have to treat yourself and your lifestyle as the top people treat themselves and their lifestyles. And ladies, please be aware that this is not about just going and spending a bunch of money on some health and wellness retreat, or I don’t know, just spending a bunch of money. Okay? This is not about the money. It’s about the fact that you are being attentive to these areas. I want you ladies to have the best possible start or continuation on this journey of transformation.

And I really want you to last. I really want you ladies to reach your goals, and I want you to really have endurance in this. And I don’t think you are going to have that unless you actually take the basics seriously. And this is, again, the irony of this whole thing, that usually people who have accomplished their goals, who reach a certain level, start thinking about the basics kind of then. That’s why I don’t want you to do that mistake. I want you to start thinking about the basics already.

Why else am I preaching so much about self care? This fuels your endurance. If you don’t do self care, ladies, your fire is going to burn very fast, and then you’re going to lose motivation, and then you’re going to just like give up and forget about the whole thing. And I don’t want you to do that because that’s not why we’re here. Now, having settled that, ladies, I am going to be here at this health and wellness retreat. I will be reporting back about my experience here. Those who are following me on Instagram are actually asking me about the center itself, and of course, I will provide all the details and also try and give you as much information as possible that can benefit your journey, especially when it comes to balancing yourself to self care, to wellness, to health, but of course, with the purpose that this is what will fuel us on this transformation and this is why we need to look over this, ladies. I don’t want you to forget this.

Please do not just let it go out the other ear because I feel like you’re going to do yourself a disservice. Again, you need to last on this journey.

And to last, you need to do some form of investment in your own self that has to do with your stamina and that has to do with your wellbeing. Okay?

Now I’m going to leave you there, and I want to wish everybody a good week ahead. But the last question, if you enjoy shorter podcasts, please do let me know. I need to know what format works better here in the podcast area, so if you like the longer ones, great. Let me know. I’m happy to do those. But if you prefer the shorter ones, the kind of get-to-the-point type of podcasts, then let me know. Or maybe you want a mix. Who knows? Anyway, ladies, I am here for you, and I will be back next week. Bye for now.

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