These Shoes Are NOT Classy!

Today I’m gonna share with you some shoes that are not very elegant. I hope none of you are wearing these, at least if you want to be an elegant lady.

There are some really awful looking shoes out there. It can ruin your entire outfit and make you look not very refined. Let’s have a look which ones I’m talking about.

The platform shoe

Always avoid the platform shoe. These shoes are very common and I’m sure you see them all the time. This is a shoe that a lot of women are still wearing. The truth is that the platform shoe was actually in fashion several years ago, but it’s currently very outdated. This shoe is simply too provocative and sexy to be considered elegant, sophisticated and classy.

The very high heel

The very high heeled shoe is an instant no-no. I would say it’s the heel that is about 12 to 14 and more cm. Stay below 10 cm in heels size if you want to be elegant and refined. Otherwise, you can truly give off the wrong message or simply look like you can’t walk properly.

The over-the-knee cage boot

Well, this one is definitely sexy and I would say that men do appreciate this type of boot. There is an over-the-knee version and a knee high version. Both versions and no-go’s for me. However, it is possible to style these well if you have a good eye. But, generally speaking, these shoes are not classy.

The sock shoe

We’re talking about the fishnet and glitter version of the sock hoot. It has been incredibly trendy with the fashionistas and on the runway. The problem is that when there’s too much bling bling, your outfit doesn’t look elegant anymore. When we look at pictures you know some of them don’t look that bad but it’s just not that sophistication that we’re after.

The slides

This shoe is a NO GO. They might be comfortable but they’re not chic, refined or classy. Perhaps with a certain style it might suit the person. But if we’re talking elegant fashion, if we’re talking about being classy, then these shoes are not classy. Stay away from these shoe!

The dirty shoe

It’s not classy to buy shoes that look dirty. And that’s what I don’t understand with Golden Goose shoes.

But ladies, even though Golden Goose shoes are expensive, I would still never never ever wear shoes that looks like you just pick them up from the trash. I know there’s been a big trend of looking more grunge and 90’s but it’s becoming a little bit too much. I would never see a lady in Gstaad or in St Tropez wearing these type of sneakers. It just does not go well with elegance and sophistication.

The ugly shoe

I’m talking specifically about the ugly Balenciaga shoe. Unfortunately, I have seen some elegant ladies wearing these shoes and I am in shock. I know there are people with money and affluence who have a particular style and wear shoes like this. But for me, this shoe doesn’t belong in high society, or in elegant circles.

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