Key Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2022

You know I don’t usually follow trends. I prefer a more classic and timeless look. But I do like to observe what’s happening and see if anything can fit into my overall look. And I did find some fashion trends spring summer 2022 that I think you’ll like.

2022 Fashion Trends For Spring And Summer

These are my 4 favorite 2022 fashion trends for warmer weather. If you know your elegant style personality, you can adjust them to your unique style.

#1 – Leather Shorts

Please put the frayed jeans shorts to rest. They are juvenile and cheap-looking. Even if you get the $200+ ones from RE/DONE. Shorts can actually be very flattering if you pick the right material and style. Of course, there are cotton and linen shorts, those aren’t new. But from what I’m seeing in the summer 2022 fashion trends, the leather (or vegan leather) shorts look quite elegant. Especially in a neutral or caramel color. Just make sure they’re not too short.

#2 – Colorful Blazers

Blazers are not one of the latest fashion trends or anything. In fact, I’ve recommended them in many videos and posts. They’re particularly useful in spring since you may still need a light jacket. But what’s new are all the interesting colors they come in. You don’t have to stick to black, beige, white, or navy anymore, although those are timeless. But why not explore red, yellow, or pink? They will brighten up an otherwise toned-down outfit nicely.

#3 – Tennis Skirts And Polo Shirts

The preppy and old money esthetic has officially made a comeback to the mainstream, ladies! And I’m not complaining, as long as you don’t overdo them and look like you’re playing a role. Some cute items to try are tennis skirts, polo shirts, white shirts under your sweater, or wearing your sweater over your shoulders. A pro tip if you’re new to this: use Pinterest and search for “preppy fashion trends” or “old money esthetic.”

#4 – Matching Sets

Matching sets can be a hit or a miss. But when done right, they can look incredibly good. They’re also pretty versatile because you can wear the pieces together or mix and match them with your other clothes. In my opinion, matching sets are the only way to show off the stomach area without being tacky. For example, a long skirt or wide-leg pants with a matching top that’s slightly cropped. In expensive-looking material and color, of course.

Latest Fashion Trends To Avoid

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t warn you of the latest trends in fashion that you must avoid if you want to look classy and elegant. Here they are:

  • Neon colors (especially the highlighter-type neon)
  • Exposed thong (did you know there are trousers and skirts that have cut-outs to mimic an exposed thong on purpose? And did you know they are best-sellers on prominent online shops? It boggles my mind!)
  • Cut-out tops, dresses, rompers, and playsuits

For my explanations on these, as well as other items to avoid, check out my video here.

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