Should You Attend An Online Elegance School?

An online elegance school is a course or platform that teaches you how to be elegant from the comfort of your own home. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule in order to attend an elite finishing school in person where you also have to pay a lot of money in lodging and fees. If you pick the right online elegance school, you’ll get the same high quality learning experience for a fraction of the cost.

What’s An Elegant Beauty School?

An elegance beauty school is a type of program created for women who want to level up their looks. It’s a little different to finishing school as it revolves around getting your grooming, fashion, and make-up right but doesn’t go beyond that. It’s definitely a great place to start, as those are important elements of any elegance transformation. But if you want the complete experience, you’ll want to go for an actual finishing school.

What Is Taught In Finishing School?

What is taught in finishing school is quite comprehensive. Aside from fashion, grooming, and beauty, you’ll learn about appropriate behavior, etiquette, hosting, and deportment.

Etiquette is not just about how to use the right cutlery at the dining table, although that’s important. Etiquette involves many other customs and polite behaviors that you need to follow in order to naturally fit in with certain groups. In my opinion, etiquette and elegance are a form of self-respect and respect for others that should be practiced in all areas of society, not just in elite circles.

Hosting is a set of skills that will allow you to host dinners and events in the most elegant way without getting stressed. It’s one of the foundations of networking and building relationships with high caliber guests. You’ll also learn how to be a good guest yourself!

Deportment is a specific area of etiquette and elegance that has to do with how you walk, stand, and enter a room. It’s not just about posture, it’s also about confidence, grace, and ease.

Should You Attend An Elite Finishing School In Person?

I personally attended the “Institut Villa Pierrefeu” elite finishing school in person in Switzerland. It’s one of the last remaining ones in the world of its kind, and I outline my experience there in this video.

But, would I recommend something this intensive to everyone? Not necessarily. It really depends on your specific situation and goals. For me, it made sense because I am an elegance teacher, and so I wanted to master every aspect of what is taught in a more traditional finishing school. For some, it also makes sense to attend such a school to learn about different cultural protocols that you have to follow when visiting or hosting people from other countries.

But if you’re looking to upgrade your lifestyle and learn how to network with the elite, then you don’t actually need it. What you want is to get your elegant fashion, behavior, etiquette, deportment, dating, and networking skills up to standard – all of which can be done easily in an online finishing school.

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