Rules Of Elegant Jewelry For Women

How do you choose elegant jewelry for your own unique needs and style? That’s what I’ll cover in this post. Once you master these rules of elegant jewelry for women, you’ll know exactly what to wear to look classy, expensive, and stylish every time.

3 Rules Of Wearing Jewelry For Women

#1 – Match The Metal To Your Skin Undertone

Just like with clothing, your skin undertone will determine whether gold or silver colored metals will look better on you. If you have a warm undertone, gold will make you look good. If you have a cool undertone, silver-colored metals will be more suitable. And if you’re one of those lucky neutrals, wear whichever you prefer.

#2 – Choose According To The Occasion

Some occasions are more casual while others are more formal. If you’ll be in a more conservative environment, you might want to keep things subtle. If it’s an artistic or extravagant event, you can use your more flamboyant and exciting pieces.

#3 – Pay Attention To Proportions

If you have a petite frame or delicate features, wearing chunky jewelry might drown you out. At the same time, if you have bigger bones, are heavy-set, or your features are quite prominent, wearing delicate jewelry might exaggerate your size. Try to match the size of the pieces to your body type, size, and features.

Outdated Rules

You may have heard that you should wear pearls in the daytime and diamonds at night. But these are outdated rules. You can diregard them. Of course, it makes sense that sparkly items look better at night and going full bling during the day might be too tacky, but beyond those generalities, the specifics are not so strict anymore.

How To Layer Elegant Luxury Jewelry

Although these layering suggestions apply to all types of jewelry, they’re especially important for elegant luxury jewelry.

First, choose a focus area. Depending on your outfit and hairstyle, you may want to focus on your ears, neck, decolletage, arms, or fingers. For example, if you have an updo, earrings might be a good choice. If your hands are beautiful and perfectly manicured, then rings would work well. If you want to draw attention to some subtle cleavage, putting your best pieces there will work. But overdoing it in two areas, especially if they’re near each other, might be too much.

Secondly, once you’ve chosen that focus area, either wear one statement piece or layer simpler pieces together. For example, a large cuff bracelet wouldn’t look good next to a chunky watch. On the other hand, stacking a few delicate gold or diamond bracelets together can work well.

Elegant Jewelry With A Black Dress

The great thing about little black dresses is that they’re so simple and elegant that all types of jewelry look good with them. If you follow the rules and suggestions above, you can come up with a really unique look.

One type of elegant jewelry with a black dress that I don’t think many people consider is a necklace that sits on top of the fabric. Meaning, if your dress covers your decolletage and goes up to your neck, you can wear a longer necklace on the outside of it and give it that extra oomph.

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