Change your mind, change your life – with Alexis from Glamifest

Podcast Episode 2

Anna Bey: Ladies, I am back with another episode. This is the second episode of the Anna Bey Podcast, and I want to welcome you back. And also say, I hope you listened to the first episode that went live last week. Thank you so much for all the kind feedback that I have received. I truly appreciate it. Those who follow me on Anna Bey Podcast on Instagram, I have read every single comment, every single message that you have sent. Thank you so, so much. I truly appreciate your support, and I’m just so, so happy that you enjoyed the first episode as much as I enjoyed sharing everything that I shared with you in that episode.

Today’s episode is going to be a little bit different. So I’m not going to do a solo conversation this time. I will be changing things up all the time as time goes on. Sometimes it will be just me and sometimes I will bring on a guest. I thought it would be fun to have a friend of mine to join the conversation today. Because one thing that me and her have in common is we have a big love and support of the law of attraction. And law of attraction is one of those subjects that has been highly requested in my community. So, I thought it was going to be a fantastic idea to bring on somebody who actually works with this professionally, and who have an incredible amounts of experience, and of course, also resource of the work of law of attraction.

Me and my friend Alexis, we talk about this all the time whenever we meet or whenever we stay in touch. And today, I just wanted to connect with her over a regular conversation as if I would give her a call, and we would just chit chat of all the things that we usually talk about. But this time around, I wanted you to join our conversation. So I am so excited to present Alexis to you. I hope you will enjoy this recording that we did.

I need to tell you one little detail because you’re going to hear now how our conversation starts in the most silly way. We were giggling like there’s no tomorrow because everything was just going wrong. You will also notice that I will be recording from a different room, unfortunately, not my walk-in wardrobe because my walk-in wardrobe was in a total mess because I was reorganizing things and I didn’t have enough time to put everything back into place. So, I had to relocate to another room where there was a unfortunately a little bit of echo. So please bear in mind that I will not use that room in the future. It’s just that a few things happen to go wrong. But we live and learn.

So having said that I am now going to put on mine and Alexis conversation. And I’m going to keep the realness of how it actually started instead of editing out. I promise you that I want to keep this podcast as real as possible. So here we go. All right. Sorry, I’m just-

Alexis Glam: Ready to be shy, Anna.

Anna Bey: How does the… Okay.

Alexis Glam: You’re such a cheese ball. Oh, my God.

Anna Bey: All right. Let’s just start. Sorry, but I forgot to switch off my [inaudible].

Alexis Glam: Oh, yeah, we don’t want that in there.

Anna Bey: No, no. Oops.

Alexis Glam: Okay. Today is the day, obviously.

Anna Bey: Oh, my God. I’m so happy I’m doing this the first time with you. Hi, Alexis, how are you? Thank you for joining me on the podcast.

Alexis Glam: Hi, Anna. I’m doing good. How are you?

Anna Bey: I’m good. We just had a giggle because everything just went completely wrong before we started. I think we’ve been doing technical issues fix for almost an hour.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah, we’re starting one hour later, but we’re starting regardless.

Anna Bey: But you know what, we might still have a bit of delay on the internet, but who cares at this point? Let’s just get started because I really want to make sure that we can cover as much as possible today in this conversation. I gave my audience a brief introduction to you. But I definitely want you to share a little bit about yourself. Maybe, let’s say we start with the basics like where are you from? If you want to share how old you are.

Alexis Glam: I don’t mind. I don’t mind. So, I’m Alexis Glam. I’m originally from the Dutch Caribbean. And yeah, so now I’m back. But before that I was traveling. I was in Switzerland where we met before. I was traveling through Asia. And now because of Corona I’m back. But to be honest, I’m very happy to be resettled in the Caribbean. It’s nice and sunny. I have a beautiful apartment. So, life is good.

Anna Bey: When was the last time you lived in the Caribbean?

Alexis Glam: Oh, I think it has to be at least five years ago or six. I’m not sure.

Anna Bey: Five, six years ago, okay. But is that where you’re born in the Caribbean?

Alexis Glam: Yes. So, originally I was born here in Curacao. I studied here. I went to Dutch school here. And after that, it’s normal for those that are born here to study in the Netherlands. So, I went to the Netherlands for a year, and then I came back. So when people ask me how long you’ve lived abroad, I’m all over the place. So I come back, I go there. And then I come back, and I went back to the Netherlands, went to Luxembourg, Switzerland. So I’m here and there. But the last time that I was living here permanently was I think, five to six years ago.

Anna Bey: Okay. Yeah, it’s a shame that you left Europe now because we didn’t get a chance to see each other many times. Just a few times, and then you jetted off. But I’m really happy for your move. I think it’s really exciting the fact that you’re starting this new chapter, and I mean, I wouldn’t mind personally being in the Caribbean especially now the winter is approaching.

Alexis Glam: You’re very welcome. I told you.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I will for sure come at some point. I love the Caribbean. I really wants to see all the islands before… Well, it’s on my bucket list. Let’s put it this way.

Alexis Glam: Because you went to Santo Domingo or Dominican Republic December, right? That was nice.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I went there for Christmas and New Year. Well, more like New Year actually. It was really, really nice. That’s definitely one of those places I would love to go back to but as I’m kind of in the areas that I am I really like to travel to new places all the time. I’m not the type that’s going to be like, “Okay, I found my destination. Now, I’m going to return year after year after year.” I don’t know.

Alexis Glam: Well, you’re the jet set, babe. So you need to explore all jet set locations.

Anna Bey: Well, exactly. I mean, and there’s so many countries to explore. I don’t know I had… I was thinking the other day considering how many countries there are in the world probably we’ll never be able to actually see all of them unless we really do the backpacker thing.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, and we’re not about that life.

Anna Bey: Yeah. No, no, I don’t think so. Now, it’s all about comfort, and it’s about Glamifest, and really be comfortable in life, right?

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I do admire those that can do that. But unfortunately, it is not for me. But yeah, [inaudible].

Anna Bey: No, I guess. I think it’s something that probably you do more when you’re younger, but I think the older you get the more comfort you want in life.

Alexis Glam: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Absolutely, I agree.

Anna Bey: So, what have you been up to this week? Because we haven’t caught up with each other in a long time.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah. So, I’m now completely settled into my apartment. As I said, I’m setting up my recording studio, it’s now getting together. I’m very happy to be settled down somewhere because as I said before I was in Kuala Lumpur, just settling down at a new beautiful apartment and then Corona happened. So I was rushing back and forth, didn’t really have a place to stay and call my home. But now I’m back. I’m very happy to be settled down here. My week has been busy because I do work on Glamifest, and I have another job that I attend to. So life is busy, but life is good.

Anna Bey: And the weather must be fantastic over there. Is it really beautiful where you live with palm trees and I don’t know turquoise water and all of those things that you would imagine?

Alexis Glam: Yes, yes. We have all of that and what I like most about this apartment is that I have a big beautiful garden with lots of greenery for my cat she loves it. So it is absolutely beautiful. So to the listeners at home that are trying to think of somewhere to go post Corona Curacao is a beautiful destination to consider.

Anna Bey: Do they welcome people like tourists right now or is it closed for foreigners?

Alexis Glam: Oh, well, it depends. It depends on how many Corona cases your country has. I know for in your case for Switzerland you just need to do a COVID test and prove that you’re Corona free or COVID free and you’re allowed to fly. So, it depends where you’re from. You would have to check the government website or the tourism website to be sure but many countries especially from Europe are welcome. I know that from the US it is a bit tricky because the Coronavirus rates are a bit sky high so they’re unable to come to Curacao but Europe mainly is okay.

Anna Bey: Okay. And is Curacao a big country. How many millions of people live there?

Alexis Glam: Millions, no, we’re 160,000. It’s very tiny. It’s small, it’s small. For those that want to envision it’s not as small that I would know everyone on the island but if I know someone that knows someone then most probably they know your mother or your aunt. So it’s like that, but it’s not incest creepy I have to say. There’s still men here. There are lots of men here.

Anna Bey: Is there? Okay. But like a lot of expats. Do you have that as well?

Alexis Glam: Yeah, there are lots of expats. Yeah, by expats you mean there’s some Americans. There are lots of Dutch people that settled down here because the island is beautiful, and they can still speak Dutch, and it’s just like home for them minus the bad weather. And tourists coming in and out. So let’s just say there’s a good influx of people to keep me busy.

Anna Bey: And the climate is pretty much the same all year round, right? Besides, if you have like hurricanes or something?

Alexis Glam: Well, the good thing about Curacao is… I will say this is like a [inaudible] promotion of my island. Absolutely, not.

Anna Bey: But I think we should. I think we should promote Curacao here.

Alexis Glam: Yes, yes. Well, those who don’t know we’re outside of the hurricane belt. So we don’t experience… We’re also in a tsunami free zone, apparently, whatever that means. So we’re very safe. The hurricanes that pass by don’t really affect us only once every 30 years we might get a little bit of something. But we’re very good here in this corner. It’s very isolated. As you can imagine it’s the southern most part of the Caribbean. We’re very close to the coast of Venezuela. Not super, super close. But so you can envision where the island is located.

Anna Bey: Well, I liked that Curacao promo. So thank you very much. I would definitely love to come and visit you at some point. So we need to really plan that one.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, let’s wait for Corona to be over.

Anna Bey: Yeah, but you know what I am so fed up of Corona now. I just want life to go back to normal. I don’t care anymore. I want to start traveling and just-

Alexis Glam: Yeah, same here. Same here because I’m very close to all the islands. And as I said, if my friends are going to St. Barts, I can join them. I can go see people in Miami, but then it’s super tricky with all of the Corona stuff. You don’t know if you booked today if you can go tomorrow, but I know for me if you’re coming from Europe it should be fine to visit Curacao but always check to see if it’s still valid because things change real quick.

Anna Bey: Yeah, but you don’t have any travel plans anytime soon, I guess.

Alexis Glam: I was looking at St. Kitts. But to be honest, I’m scared to book and then things change. So I’m waiting until the end of the year. I was thinking Tulum end of the year, or maybe St. Barts, or maybe Miami, or maybe my friends are coming here if shit hits the fan and there’s nowhere to go. So, we’re all up in the air trying to figure out where to go. But we will see Corona allowing.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I think this year is going to be a lot of last minute travel because we also don’t have anything booked travel wise whatsoever. And even Christmas and New Year’s we will probably do something last minute, and me personally right now I feel like I need to go get away somewhere. I need another holiday. I just feel like this year has been so… I mean, I think it’s like this for everybody. This year has been so difficult that I just feel like I’ve not had gotten my dose of travel and a dose of other type of lifestyle that I usually live.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Things have changed. I mean, even for me, I’m so used to… I mean, I was in Kuala Lumpur and there they had complete lockdown. So you couldn’t even leave the… You could leave to go to the supermarket, and that’s it. So the whole going out to dinner, meeting friends for drinks, things like that, that was almost non existent. And it’s almost like I feel like I’m getting used to that, which is a shame because that’s not how it’s supposed to be.

Anna Bey: Yeah. Do you have a lot of… I just keep talking about Curacao. [crosstalk]. Last question on Curacao, do you have many places to go out to at night or nice lunch spots, etc?

Alexis Glam: Oh, my god. Yes, yes, yes. I mean, I know, those that follow me on Instagram I haven’t been consistent with my posts, but I will be soon. So if you’re looking for that just google Curacao on Instagram. You will find tons of beautiful locations. Lunch, dinner, drinks, and that’s why when people tell me, “Oh, you’re going back to Curacao. It’s such a small island. There are 160,000 people.” But there’s so much to do. There’s so many bars, so many restaurants and good food, French cuisine, Caribbean cuisine. We have everything here, Japanese. You won’t be bored here and there’s lots to do.

Anna Bey: Oh, that’s wonderful. What’s your Instagram handle, by the way, so we throw in a little [crosstalk]?

Alexis Glam: Okay. So, if you want to see me or see Curacao it’s alexisglamofficial, that is my personal Instagram. It is open so you can see how my life is and the Caribbean. As I said, I haven’t posted a lot yet about Curacao, but I will soon so that you can have a little bit of a taste of the Caribbean wherever you’re from.

Anna Bey: Oh, exciting. So tell me how come you decided to leave Europe and move to Curacao?

Alexis Glam: Mm-hmm (affirmative). That’s a good question. As I said before, I was supposed to stay in Kuala Lumpur. That was supposed to be my Eat Pray Love situation where I would just jet away to Asia and find myself in the beginning of this year. I was supposed to stay there until November. But then Corona happened, and I was really thinking about where I’m the happiest. So I tried to look back at my life. Where was I where I was the happiest? And it was always Curacao, I believe it or not. And I said, “You know what, I’m going to follow my intuition, and take that leap, and make that move.” And I’m so happy I did because to be very frank with you, Anna, the moment that I moved here, I have my family here. It is my country. I feel great. And there’s so much to do. I have my nice apartment. It’s filled with a big garden, super green. My cat is happy. So to be honest, that is how it happened. But I’m very happy that it happened this way.

Anna Bey: I mean, it’s interesting, because you have… I know your past. I know a lot of things about you. I know you’ve had a bit of your jet set fun. Let’s put it this way. You’ve traveled a lot.

Alexis Glam: Absolutely.

Anna Bey: You lived in different countries. So obviously, for some people, it might be quite shocking. Okay, how come she all of a sudden decides to move back to her family home on this tiny island?

Alexis Glam: Yes, yes. Well, to be honest, I’m working a lot from my PC. I’ve always worked from my PC because I do work in finance as well. And it doesn’t matter where I am. So that’s why I was working from Kuala Lumpur. It’s okay. But to be honest, I’m very happy here. And yes, I’m able to go back to Switzerland if I want to because I was working there. I was living in Luxembourg. I was jet setting Singapore, Asia, Kuala Lumpur. But there’s some feeling of home that I cannot explain that just feels good. And again, ladies, if you’re settled somewhere you can travel, right? You can travel. So right now I can travel to these islands. I can travel to the US. I can travel to South America. And I’ve seen a whole lot of Europe. I’ve seen a whole lot of Asia. And now it’s the time to explore South America and the Caribbean and the US.

Anna Bey: I think you are in a fantastic location. That I’m a little bit jelly off because I wish, I don’t know, Latin America was just a few hours away by plane or even other places in the Caribbean. I just really love that region so much.

Alexis Glam: You do because you spent some time in Colombia, right?

Anna Bey: Yeah, I spent more than three months there. I went there twice. So once when I was part of the reality show in Sweden, and then once when I came back after that, I came back traveling by myself. And I just stay there for three months and had the time of my life. I loved it.

Alexis Glam: Yeah. And Colombia I’ve been but I don’t know it that well, but it’s beautiful. Which area were you in?

Anna Bey: So, I started in Cartagena, which is probably one of the most well known places and then I went… I did Bogota, Medellin. But then it was Cali, where I spent most of my time. I spent almost two months there because I love Latin dance and Cali is very well known for their salsa. So I was dancing salsa every day and I just made so many friends there that, I don’t know, Colombians are just so easy to become friends with. They’re super friendly.

Alexis Glam: You know what, I mean, for those that have never been to Latin America, or the Caribbean, people are just really nice. And it’s not like they’re being nice, so that they’re scamming you or that… It’s just really genuinely being nice towards people saying good morning, asking your name things like that. It’s just a cultural difference, I think.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I agree. There is some… I don’t know if this is the right word, but there is some innocence about them. You feel like they have an agenda with you. I feel sometimes in the West you can feel like that and you can feel like sometimes it’s hard to trust people. And I’m not saying that you can trust everybody in Colombia, but I can’t really explain. It’s just like this little aura that is a little bit different.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, and the people are just very warm because there are many Colombians that also come to Curacao for work. They’re just very warm in their approach and how they speak and if you speak Spanish, it’s just the way that they speak. They just make you feel like, “Oh, hey.” There’s something about them. And I do like Colombian people and Venezuelans as well. Just very nice, very warm. The region is great. The region is great. If you don’t know anyone, really, of course you need to be safe as you said, Anna. You cannot trust everyone. You cannot jump into situations blindly, but they will show you around and you will feel at home.

Anna Bey: Yeah, that’s true. And is there anywhere in particular you want to travel since you are now in that area? What’s in your list?

Alexis Glam: I was trying to because I keep hearing. I don’t know if you heard of Tulum being a nice place for New Year’s Eve. But then I heard St. Barts as well. I guess St. Barts is more jet set and to Tulum is more burning man, crazy. I don’t know. So, I need to figure that out. I’m not sure.

Anna Bey: Definitely. I mean, I’ve been to both St. Barts and Tulum, and I love them both. I think, yeah, it’s a totally different vibe. I mean, Tulum is more about partying. But yeah, it’s more burning man, although I love Tulum. I definitely want to go back. The only thing is that I don’t… I want to have a different type of hotel when I go abroad. And I just found that all the hotels are very small there. I just want to have something a little bit more comfortable. I don’t know, maybe a Four Seasons or something like that.

Alexis Glam: Is there more boutique hotels there?

Anna Bey: Yes, a lot of boutique hotels, which are not bad, by the way at all. But just for me, it’s very, very important what type of hotel I stay at. So that’s just one little detail data that I found was… Yeah. And then St. Barts, I must say, though, that yes, the clientele is a little bit more sophisticated in a way. I guess you get all kinds of people there. A lot of the older crowd as well, so yeah.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, so I’ll have to see what is open by that time. But I’m discussing with my friends, and they might be flying from afar. So it’s important for them to know that they can. That they are allowed into the country. So we’re also even thinking of them coming here and just doing New Year’s Eve here because New Year’s Eve here is also fun. It’s less busy than most places on the planet. And you can truly experience and see lots of things and walk around without feeling like you’re being part of a stampede or something.

Anna Bey: Yeah, of course. So, I know that you are on the journey of a laptop lifestyle. Let’s put it this way, you are doing… You have your own business now, even though I know you also have another job as well. But how did you get into this whole idea of working? Because I know you work with law of attraction, and you have your online business. What was it that kind of led you there?

Alexis Glam: To be honest, following my intuition, because we all know at some point when we’re not happy that we want better for ourselves or the job that we’re working at least don’t feel like it’s the job for us. You know that. That’s your intuition. So for me, it was taking that leap. And a leap that most people didn’t understand. As I said, I was working in Switzerland, right? Most people would die to work there because you earn a really good salary. And at one point, I just realized that my path was different. So I took that leap, and I started to travel a little bit. Of course, I stayed in Switzerland for quite a while. But after that, I realized that I wanted to travel a little bit more.

So how it happened. Again, the bridge of events when you are doing the law of attraction it presents itself. You want something, you feel your intuition, you trust it, you take the leap, and it just happens. So the easiest way for me to explain this is the bridge of events happened to the point that I was able to work for a previous employer from my laptop, so it didn’t matter if I was in Switzerland or in Asia, but then I was looking at Switzerland. Switzerland is very expensive. And it’s not like I wasn’t earning enough, but I was thinking, “Okay, if I can work from Switzerland, why don’t I just pack up and go to a tropical location that is somewhere new?” And Asia I have been in Asia, my best friend is in Singapore.

So I thought, okay, let me work from Singapore a little bit and see how it is there. And after that, maybe I can check out Bali or I can check out Kuala Lumpur. And there  was Kuala Lumpur because I somehow fell in love with the city. I really enjoyed it. The food is great. So, through my connections I was able to get a nice apartment there. Because again, you need to trust people and arranging these things from abroad is a little bit tricky. So again, bridge of events happened, got a nice apartment. And that’s how I started to work, also in Kuala Lumpur. So, I would say those that are asking themselves how did I do it? Sometimes you just have to take that leap and follow your intuition.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I always say it. I mean, I also speak from this experience that know what you want, and then just at some point, of course, strategize as best you can, and so on. But you can’t have all the answers before. You just sometimes have to take the leap because things are going to come up that you would never expect. Maybe, I mean, oftentimes positive things that will really help you on your journey forward. But usually people want all the answers before and that’s what makes them paralyzed. So they don’t take any action because of that [crosstalk].

Alexis Glam: Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. But to be honest, I mean, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had those moments where we weren’t sure if we were ready to take that leap. But guess what, you’ll never be 100% ready, just like you said. You’ll never have all the answers. Of course, you need to be prudent. You can not jump into things being like a crazy person. But even so, if you believe in yourself, and if you believe, and you know how to apply the law a little bit, and you have that faith things will happen. And people around you will be like, “Oh my god, Anna. Oh, my God, Alexis, how did that… how?” But it just happens, right? When the universe is on your side, nobody or nothing can stop you.

Anna Bey: One of the things I find such a shame that many people have this strange stereotypical view on law of attraction of what it is, and they almost put it together with new age or something that is demonic. [crosstalk] religious people who think that law of attraction is some demonic force that you shouldn’t work with, or that if you do, you’re doing something wrong. And it’s such a shame because I personally find a law of attraction has no connection to any of those things.

Alexis Glam: No. No, no.

Anna Bey: I don’t think it’s some hoohoo haha, even though, unfortunately, in the society that we live in today, anything that has to do with energy and anything that’s abstract that we cannot touch or see or feel it’s always pushed away as some nonsense, right?

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah. And that’s why even when, let’s just say, I’m going out and about and people ask me what I do I don’t tell them I teach women law of attraction. I tell them that I teach women to believe in themselves and to create a life of their dreams. And that is a little bit different. Because when you mention law of attraction people start making faces. They’re like, “What? Do you mean magic?” Or as you said, is it demonic? But absolutely not. For me now that I’ve quite advanced in my law of attraction journey I’ve never been more spiritual. And when I say spiritual, I mean, feeling good with the connection of the universe, or whatever you believe in, whichever force you believe in. That connection has never been stronger. My faith has never been stronger. And I don’t wish any bad things on anyone else. Because if you have so much abundance in your life, why would you have any bad ideas or want to do bad to others if you already have all that you want? So it’s a very positive mental space to be in.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I think so too because law of attraction is ultimately only about positivity. And how can people who are criticizing law of attraction consider that, that could be something wrong? For me, that’s just logically doesn’t make sense.

Alexis Glam: I think it’s the fear of the unknown, right? The fear of the unknown. And as I said, through the law of attraction, my connection with my higher self, God, universe has been extremely strong, and I feel the positive life force in my life that is just too good to be considered anything bad. But again, it’s a personal experience, and people need to find that out for themselves. But we are here to tell you that there’s nothing demonic about it. It’s all good. It’s all positive love energy.

Anna Bey: Yeah. And unfortunately, you see, though a lot of people attract negativity into their life without… I mean, without really being aware of it. But even some, they know about law of attraction, they know how it works, yet they focus on the negative, yet they are maybe being pessimistic, or they do bad things. And then they wonder why is their life the way it is? And then they just complain and turn into a victim? Have you noticed any of that?

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah, the victim mindset. And oftentimes, when you’re in a victim mindset, or why me, poor me, and why does she have that, and why does he have that? Why is my life a mess? You’re focusing on the wrong things. You’re focusing on all the wrong things in your life. And perhaps again, coming from a place where I also battled with that negative voice in my head. It is a tough thing to overcome. And you have to actually have tools in place to get out of that situation because it’s not easy. I recognize that. But one small thing that you can do right now is to really ask yourself, honestly, are you a positive person? As in, do you wish well on to others? Do you wish well onto yourself? Or are you someone that only focuses on all the bad things that other people are doing, and also the bad things about yourself?

Anna Bey: But you know what, I don’t understand why so many people though find it comforting to stay in that negativity.

Alexis Glam: Most people don’t even know that they are being negative, and that is something that I realize with those that I am helping is that it’s so normalized to be negative in this today’s society that people don’t even know that what they’re doing is actually harming themselves. If you’re focusing on other people, criticizing them, being absolutely nasty and discussing, gossiping, and things like these. Most people think this is something safe to do. But what you’re actually doing is you’re calling in lots of negativity into your own life. So people think that by talking bad about others are actually harming them. But no, you’re actually harming yourself.

Anna Bey: Yeah. I mean, it’s really unfortunate that people don’t understand this. I wish everybody could learn about how energy work, which is my word of law of attraction really works. If you step into this higher vibration, which I know this sounds like really hoohoo haha at this stage. But if you do raise your vibration, and you try and seek out as much positivity in your day as possible, I mean, your life is going to change. And I’ve seen that happen with myself, and I’ve seen that happen in your life, too.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Anna Bey: But I wanted to actually ask you what made you get into law of attraction specifically?

Alexis Glam: That’s a good question. Afterwards, I realized that I was doing the law of attraction way before I even knew what it was. But at a low point in my life, lo and behold intuition, someone gave me the DVD. And I was not in a good place in that moment. When I saw that DVD, I’m not sure if you saw that. It’s just like something clicked me. I was like, “Oh, my God, this is what I needed. And I tested it out.” And from there onwards, of course, there were moments where I forgot about the law, and we tend to get negative again. But it was something that has developed throughout. I don’t know ever since I was 17 up to now that now I feel like I actually understand what it is. But it was a long journey. But if it wasn’t for that person giving me that DVD and me being open minded. Again, we need to be open minded sometimes to receive information and receive intuition and follow our intuition I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Anna Bey: What did DVD was it?

Alexis Glam: Oh, so this is The Secret. Because there’s a book The Secret. But there’s a documentary, The Secret too, which is based on the book. It’s the exact same wording. I think they made the book from the DVD actually, sorry, the documentary.

Anna Bey: How funny because that’s also how I got into it. I mean, not through the DVD. I think for me was through the books, but I have seen the DVD multiple times. It’s also available now on Netflix, for those who haven’t watched this one. It’s truly a good watch.

Alexis Glam: It’s good because it gives you a good understanding, a basic understanding of the law. So if you’re talking about not knowing anything about the law, just jump on that documentary, because that’s really going to help you understand what we’re talking about.

Anna Bey: Yeah, and I must say that I’ve spoken in my platform so much about The Secret series, but I cannot stress enough about what good resource this is for anybody who wants to get started, etc. Because they have really made law of attraction, made it like the mainstream version, which is very easy to absorb and get you started. And you actually don’t even need… I mean, you do need to have further support, perhaps to keep the momentum going. But at least it clarifies the basics quite easy, I personally think just to get started.

Alexis Glam: Just with the book, just with the documentary you can get started. That’s how I got started. But I realized for me to really understand what the law is about, and I don’t even say the law of attraction, the law in itself. It took a lot of digging, it took a lot of books. There are so many teachers that talk about the law. And once you understand the nitty gritty of it, which starts with the basics, your life will truly transform 100%.

Anna Bey: Yeah, Alexis, I know all of the research you also have done on this, how much you’ve educated yourself on this subject.

Alexis Glam:  You know how I’m always… Anna’s always asking, “Lexi, did you read this book?” “Yeah.” Lexi did you read this book?” Got that too.

Anna Bey: And you know what, some of these books, they’re a little bit too… How can I say? Not difficult to read, but they’re just you have to be in a certain mind frame to be able to absorb all that information. So, I personally think what you’re doing right now with the tuition that you offer it is such a great idea because people first of all I think don’t have the patience or even have the mindset to get through some of these, all of these materials that are out there, and they can become confusing and overwhelming.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, it can get overwhelming. And as I said, it took me a long time to even get to that understanding. And sometimes, if you find someone that has been through the journey and most importantly for me why I did start Glamifest is that I noticed that all of these law of attraction gurus were kind of dusty, and no offense to them. But I wanted to have features that were a little bit more akin to the things that I wanted. And when I was discussing things on the forums, let’s just say more leveled up related things, people would get angry, I would get attacked. So, I didn’t feel safe to share my goals at all, so that’s how I started Glamifest.

Anna Bey: It is a shame that everything that has to do with new age, spirituality, law of attraction, energy work, you name it, it’s always like a specific type of persona that is involved in that. And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with that persona. But I do feel that sometimes it becomes too limited to a certain community when actually everybody in this world should have access to this information without being afraid of going into that because of some particular stereotype.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah. There is definitely a stereotype and this stereotype needs to be broken because if you look at ultra successful people, they are applying the law to the tee. Because if you look at someone that regardless of what everyone else around them is saying keeps persevering, keeps trying, keeps doing his or her utmost and truly believes in his or her self. This is the law in action. So there are lots of people that apply it. But because there’s a stereotype surrounding it, they will never say I did the law of attraction because that’s just too creepy, and people will give you the side eye.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I think it’s so good that you mentioned about these successful people because one of the motivators for me, in the early days when I had just discovered law of attraction was because I was coming up… Whenever I did my research on successful people, how they started their businesses, I always wanted to become somebody who had a successful business. That has always been one of my goals. But then when I saw that all these people, they keep mentioning law of attraction. And we are talking about people that you wouldn’t perhaps expect, talk about these things. So I’m really happy you mentioning that, because that’s the reality. A lot of successful people have tapped into this information that so far only kind of is part of a certain community. But actually, if we would just like spread it worldwide.

Alexis Glam: It would change and I think most people are when you’re operating from luck, that means that you’re afraid that if you share this information that, for example, your friend is going to do better than you. That is not correct. Because in the world, in the universe of abundance, there’s enough for everyone whether you can believe that or not. So by sharing this the world just becomes a better place not only for you, but for others too.

Anna Bey: I mean, of course.

Alexis Glam: There’s more than enough to go around the world.

Anna Bey: Law of attraction is based so much on positivity and love. The strongest force on this earth is love.

Alexis Glam: Absolutely.

Anna Bey: And if we connect with this energy and with the positivity. I mean, the world, in my personal opinion, would truly become a better place to live on.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, it’s a big shift. But then again, there are many ways to grow. Many, lots of people believe that they have to do the complete opposite, that they need to do not so nice things to become successful in life. But that is their beliefs so they’re operating from that belief too, which is also the law of attraction. And if you want things to go just smoothly, more effortless. I think tapping into that force of love with the law of attraction, that just dramatically increases your levels of success, how you feel about yourself, your life, your happiness, everything.

Anna Bey: I agree with you. But what would you say because I know you have many, many clients that you work with. What would you say are the most common obstacles on their law of attraction journey?

Alexis Glam: The most common obstacle that I see is that people are struggling with their mindset. And when I say mindset, I’m talking about keeping a positive mental attitude. That is the hardest obstacle because, as I said before, most people don’t even know that they’re being negative. Because it’s so normalized in today’s society. Go out there, check the newspapers, go to the gossip columns, go online into the forums. There’s just so much negativity around you that it’s been normalized. So for you to actually change your mindset and to start thinking negative, not only about other people, but also mostly about herself. That seems to be a big obstacle that most people face. But the moment that you master that negative voice in your head, that’s where you make space for your intuition. And that’s when the law of attraction truly accelerates, at least in my experience.

Anna Bey: Yeah, do you have a particular daily law of attraction ritual that you do for yourself?

Alexis Glam: For me, what has helped me the most was to keep that positive mental mindset, to monitor my thoughts, and to truly ask myself, where are these thoughts coming from? Because we all have this negative voice in our head, we know it. And you have to ask yourself, why would I be saying these nasty things about myself? Is this truly me? And when you start to realize that these thoughts are actually not what you want, and you turn that around, that’s when you have the power in your hands to create the life that you desire because you already are in a mental space of what you want to become. It automatically comes down to you like a magnet, so to say.

Anna Bey: Some people get confused and almost beat themselves up when they start doing law of attraction. They think that you’re not allowed to have any negative thoughts whatsoever. They get almost paranoid around that.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah. There’s no need for that. There’s no need because, again, from how I teach, I teach that we are human beings. We’re having this human experience. Emotions are a part of our lives, thoughts are a part of our lives. And when you’re just starting out, it’s perfectly fine to step up once in a while. But the key word here is forgiveness. This is what most people don’t do. They beat themselves up throughout the day internally with their mental conversations, really beat themselves up, truly nasty thoughts about yourself. I can’t do this. I’m such a loser. I’m always making mistakes. Nobody loves me. And you have to ask yourself, if you’re telling yourself these things over and over and over again, no wonder it’s externalizing in your life because that is the law.

So you need to really try to manage this but you also need to forgive yourself. So, if you’re negative about yourself once in a while forgive yourself, but what are you going to do after that? And as you said before, we have to take action. We cannot stay in that victim mindset and say, “Oh, poor me, I can’t do this.” Yes, you can. You can do it. If you truly want to do what you can. And if I can, you can, too. If other people can, you can, too. That’s how you should think.

Anna Bey: 100% agree with you the whole thing about mindset because even me I teach my students and talk about the power of their mindset that is the motor for everything that happens in their life, regardless if we’re talking law of attraction or not. But what I found is very sad is that a lot of people are stuck in narratives. And it becomes like a… What do you call it, a self prophecy? When you-

Alexis Glam: Self fulfilling.

Anna Bey: Yes, exactly. A self fulfilling prophecy when basically you have this narrative or this idea about who you are. And then you keep basically doing that every day and attracting that into your life. And then you don’t understand why your life is the way it is.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah. We need to be very careful with this because self fulfilling prophecies, I see it all the time when you have a group of women together, and they discuss men. Let’s talk about that because that needs to be discussed.

Anna Bey: Oh, for sure.

Alexis Glam: And yeah because I used to be one of these women too. Okay, ladies, so don’t come at me telling me that I’m judgy or anything. But I used to be part of that clique of women that would get together with a glass of wine and start ranting about men. They’re losers. They don’t do this. They don’t do that. And then we split up, we come back together for lunch, and say the exact same thing. And you have to ask yourself, why things are not changing. Why in my case, in that time because I was so negative, why I just wasn’t able to find someone that was high value. But now I understand that it’s because I was perpetuating that story of men ain’t shit. That the men that I came across ain’t shit, weren’t shit.

Anna Bey: No, I hear you and it’s true. It’s just exactly what you said. It’s really about attracting the right man. But you need to be in the right mindset for that.

Alexis Glam:  The right mindset. And they’re not demons that are out to get us. They’re actually quite helpful. And when you get rid of that idea that men are out to get you, to profit from you, you actually might attract men that don’t see you as a sexual object, but just want to help you as a sister as a cousin. Yes, they do exist. I’ve come across them. Men come in all shapes and sizes and that sounds kind of creepy, but [crosstalk].

Anna Bey: I understand what you mean.

Alexis Glam: So, they’re there to help us, and they can be extremely helpful and kind. And one of my best friends is a man in Switzerland. And when I tell this to people they’re like, “Huh, a man? The devil.” No, they’re human beings too, and this demonizing has to stop.

Anna Bey: I agree with you. And especially also if we want to step into our feminine power, it’s very hard for a woman to become feminine if she’s all the time has this aggressive border or attitude towards men. Then she is in her masculine power defending herself, which I don’t think is right. And I teach so much of femininity, and I definitely think that that channel needs to open if you want to receive a man. You need to step into your femininity.

Alexis Glam: Yeah. But another thing that I did realize is that this whole feminine energy movement also turned into another self fulfilling prophecy. Because, yes, to be feminine, you can be feminine and be yourself. And I think that’s something that you talk about, too. It’s not about pretending. It’s about channeling the truth of who you are, but in a refined fashion.

Anna Bey: I mean, this is a complicated subject because I do understand why a lot of women do a lot of man bashing. I mean, yes, let’s put it this way. I can also say sometimes that I think somebody is an average Joe cheapskate. But I talk about that more [crosstalk]-

Alexis Glam: I know.

Anna Bey: The good thing is that’s for me to just make it clear that as a woman we need to set boundaries when it comes to men who try and seek advantage of us.

Alexis Glam: Absolutely. Let me tell you something. Being all light and love like I am does not mean that I’m a pushover [crosstalk]-

Anna Bey: Exactly.

Alexis Glam: Yes, you need to have your boundaries, and you need to know what you want because it all starts with that. And those videos that you make about the 50/50, and things like that. Those are things that are important. And, again, if a woman doesn’t want that, she has a right to go for the 50/50. But for those that feel that they are ashamed of it, it’s good that you’re talking about it because it’s something that I am definitely a proponent of too.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I think what I’m also trying to say is that we need to find a balance. We cannot be pushovers. We need to set boundaries as women. But we can’t go to the extreme where we set up such a strong boundary around us that no man can ever come in, right?

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yeah.

Anna Bey: We hate men and every man is a cheater, everybody’s going to hurt you, etc. Now, you’re not going to get anyone with that mindset.

Alexis Glam: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I guarantee you that so. If you’re someone that’s listening, and you feel like, “Oh, shit, they’re talking about me.” Don’t feel bad about it. We’ve all been there. It’s normal. Try something new for once. If you’re used to man bashing, try something different and see how it works out for you.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I mean, I mention those two years of my life that I mention that was the darkest years of my life. I can tell you that that was such a good example when I hated men. I literally hated men.

Alexis Glam: We’ve all been there. It’s okay.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I even remember I used to… Gosh, I mean, anyway, I was… I could be even really unkind to men because I felt that nobody was going to hurt me. I was done with being around men who were either… I came out of a relationship that didn’t end in a positive way. I won’t give you the details exactly what happened. But obviously, when you collect this type of experience you start having, I guess, some form of aggression in you or some energy that you need to let out.

Alexis Glam: We need to let out, but you need to be careful because oftentimes as women what we do is we are in this frame of mind, right? But we join people that are also in this frame of mind. And together, you start bashing and bashing, and then it’s very hard to get out of that because your whole environment is with people that are extremely negative.

Anna Bey: Exactly. And do you know how I met the man that I’m with today?

Alexis Glam: Oh, yeah, I know the story.

Anna Bey: You know the story.

Alexis Glam: For sure, yeah.

Anna Bey: Exactly. I mean, it happened. Let me tell you two things. It happened because of therapy, and it happened because of law of attraction. But I definitely think that I attracted him into my life because I went all in crazily intense with law of attraction. I think I’ve shared the story before. I mean, I’m not really not going to go into details about that. But what I did is that for 30 days, I was like a maniac about vibrating on the energy of love, just sending love to everybody all around the clock and it did work.

Alexis Glam: It worked.

Anna Bey: I attracted genuine love into my life. So, this is not just a coincidence, I’m sorry to say.

Alexis Glam: No, it’s not. It’s not. And it’s good as you talk about it because I would say try it out, right? Because you tried it out, you made it basically like a job. You’re like, “Okay, I’m going to go for this.” And that, again, taking action. Most people say, “I’m going to try it,” but they don’t really take action. They kind of take action, then they give up. But if you truly do it, you dedicate 30 days like you did to something, to attracting love, to attracting a better house, husband, boyfriend, whatever, it will come on your path, and it works.

Anna Bey: I agree. And what’s really interesting that what I found that throughout this kind of journey of law of attraction, you actually are going to attract all kinds of things. Sometimes even very small things that will act as evidence for you. And that usually that I found that keeps you going.

Alexis Glam: Oh, yeah.

Anna Bey: Have you had any evidence like something small or anything that was maybe significant for you that has happened?

Alexis Glam: Absolutely. I mean, I don’t… And those that are in the main group that I discuss these things. I don’t really go in there with lots of details, but I do share it with my students. And recently, I mean, I’m living on an island, right? 160,000 people, very small. I wanted a specific, how do you call this makeup table that I used to have, and it has to have this specific type of glass and everything. That’s what I put out there. And now it’s here, it’s in my house, the exact same one. From this statue behind me here, this bus also in my imagination, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a very small island in the middle of nowhere, you can attract things into your life. Don’t believe into the lie that because I’m in a remote area it’s not possible for me. Because I’m not in the city where things are happening it doesn’t happen for me. The law of attraction works every single way, every single day. There are no exceptions to the rule.

Anna Bey: And that’s, by the way, scarcity mindset, I would say.

Alexis Glam: Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely, absolutely. And to be honest, I’ve been there too, okay? I used to think because I am on this island I cannot get X, Y and Z. And if you think that, then that’s what’s going to show up in your reality. So now I know. I know some people are saying, “Oh, my god, Lexi, you’re on this island. What’s going to come about?” No, it’s fine. It’s fine. It doesn’t matter where you are home girl’s good. It’s all about what you have inside of you. If you have that happiness inside of you, you carry it wherever you are. I can be in a fricking Sahara. I can be in the middle of nowhere. I will still have that happiness within me, and that emotional stability. And that takes you a long, long way.

Anna Bey:  Exactly. I also feel like people should trust the universe, have faith that even if they are, let’s say, in a remote location, and they are trying to attract certain things into their life there will be a way. The universe or whatever it is if you have a God that you believe in, they will find a way to make that happen. It’s just how attraction works.

Alexis Glam: Absolutely.

Anna Bey: And this is what I meant in the beginning. You’re not going to have all the answers before how everything is going to unfold. It’s going to happen. Just trust the journey.

Alexis Glam: Trust the journey and when I talk about bridge of events, and that’s why to start about my blog how I started was gathering information from glamorous manifestations. From people that beat the odds. Basically, one example would be a lady that was 55 years old, didn’t have a husband, lost her job was at basically in a moment that she was like, “Oh my god, what am I going to do now? I have no kids, no husband, no job.” She did the law of attraction, and through a miraculous bridge of events she became a trust fund baby from someone that just heard of her story and set her up with her own trust fund for the rest of her life.

And when you hear stories like this, there are lots of limiting beliefs that say, “Oh, a woman is 55 years old and she’s not married and nothing is going to come about you, and this and that.” Or you need to get married to step into… Well, this woman was not even married to this man. He heard of her story, and he added her to, or he created her own trust funds for all of her bills to be paid for the rest of her life. So, there are no exceptions to the rule. You are not the exception. If you believe you’re the exception that is not going to work for you, you need to start stepping into the mindset that I am deserving of this. No matter who you are, your skin tone, your age, how you look like, there are ways that you can excel in life if you start believing in yourself.

Anna Bey: Exactly. And you know how everybody says when they get a child or they say that life on earth is like a miracle, right? You get a child and you say, “Oh, this is a miracle.” Exactly. Miracles happen all the time. Miracles exist. So why can’t we believe in the fact that anything is possible? Miracles is possible. Even the greasiest thoughts you might have are possible.

Alexis Glam: Yeah. I mean, I have so many things, and I don’t want to put all my business out there. So again, I do discuss these things with my students. But you need to start… The ones listening at home, start creating your own miracles because you can. You can be your own success story. But as Anna said, before, you need to take action.

Anna Bey: Exactly. Action is the magic word. It truly is. Because you can read all the law of attraction books in the world. And then you can sit and do your vision board and daydream about it. But if you never take action.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, but when I mean action, it’s not often misunderstood. Yeah, taking action is important. But when I say taking action I mean doing the actual work of the law of attraction. And that is mainly mindset too because someone can go out there, and I see this a lot of times with these dating gurus. They say, “Oh, you need to wear a pink dress and go sit by the bar.” But then they can do that night after night, night after night with a negative mindset and not attract anyone. And then I walk up to there in my jeans. I’m not saying that I look ratchet because we don’t look ratchet. We’re glamorous.

Let’s just say I’m just picking up something. And that one night I go there and I meet someone amazing. And that person that went there night after night might scoff and say, “What the hell?” Okay? But the law of attraction works like that. If you go out there, and you do all the action with a negative mindset expecting the worst then it’s counterintuitive.

Anna Bey: Exactly, then you’re going to just attract the worst.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, or not attract anything at all.

Anna Bey: But what do you do on a daily basis to stay in the positive mindset because I know we’re all humans. We can’t be 24/7 positive, and 100% positivity just does not exist. So, we need to understand that there’s going to be a percentage of our day or what we think that will be a little bit negative, that’s fine. But what do you personally do to step into this positive mode on a daily basis? Do you have a morning routine that you do? Do you have… I don’t know.

Alexis Glam: Oh, well, I no longer have a morning routine because I consider that what I have access, and it sounds kind of creepy, or whatever. But I’m now in the state that it is very easy for me to remain positive and to be in that state of mind. But to give an idea to those viewers at home that want a way to get started. I would say start off your day reading stories of women that are like you that have made it and have done things that you want to do. This is something that I did all the way at the beginning of my journey. I used to wake up extra early get to work. And I would go on to The Secret website and look at the stories and filter the stories and try to find stories of women that were kind of like me, that manifested love, manifested a great life, whatever it was, but it was extremely hard.

So that’s why I started to write to find these glamorous stories because as I said most of the stories were kind of dusty. But now we have YouTube. Back then YouTube wasn’t as big. So I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of stuff on YouTube that you can look up, there are lots of podcasts. I mean, just listening to women talk like us, women that are positive, that are maybe a little bit in a place that you want to be or where you want to go, that will definitely help you out. And a second thing would be to script the life that you want. And this is something that I did at the beginning of my journey, I used to take my little notebook, and I would write down my future, whatever it was in a future date.

So, I would write down for example, December 2020. And I would write down I’m so happy and thankful for my wonderful fiance who is the light of my life. They exception to the rule, amazingly generous and handsome. And I would read this over and over again. And this is super creepy. I mean, I’ve manifested very specific things. And I even wrote down at one point he will say a specific phrase just as a joke, and this person showed up saying this specific phrase and that was creepy.

Anna Bey: I mean, creepy in a positive way, I must say.

Alexis Glam: In a positive, but again, as you said, getting those little… Those are bigger things. Getting that evidence definitely keeps you going.

Anna Bey: It’s funny you mentioned this kind of creepiness because one of the pictures that I had on my vision board, one of my really early with vision boards when I put up… I don’t know, I pulled out some picture from a magazine with some cute guy, and I wanted to attract as life partner. So he had to represent that because he was kind of the type that I was keen on having as a partner. And you know what’s so strange is that my partner is so similar to him. The only difference is maybe the hair.

Alexis Glam: Oh, girl, it’s not strange to me.

Anna Bey: But it’s so bizarre because I still have that picture. And the only difference is really the hair. But the facial structure and some details in the face is so similar, which is crazy.

Alexis Glam: Yeah. Well, it’s not crazy when you do the law, and anything is possible. I love these stories, Anna, and especially to those listening, I think what we’ve done is also a little bit of, oh my God, wow. Anna did it, I can do it, too. Maybe I can try. So it’s very important to share these stories because there are lots of women at home that are feeling hopeless and feel like, “Oh, there’s no way in hell I can attract someone remotely decent because the news and everyone around me is telling me that I should settle for less.”

Anna Bey: Yes. But that’s not what you do with me, with you, because I really want women to think big. I want them to chase their dreams and to be just going after what it is that they want and not be afraid of it or stuck in a narrative. That’s what’s important for me with my work, and I know even for you.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, the same, the absolute same. I think we’re on the same wavelength that we want women to dream big. And the most important thing is that we are not telling them to settle for less. Absolutely not. And they’re not many coaches out there I know because I’ve tried to also do coaching myself, and they would always put their limiting beliefs on me. Like you should not aim too high or it’s okay, just settle for the average Joe, at least you have a husband. And I was like, “No, I don’t want that. I want this. I want that.” And it takes a specific type of person to really tell you whatever you want, you can get it. But again, you need to do the work, you need to take the action, but you can definitely have it.

Anna Bey: Yeah. But last question now on law of attraction because we’re going to wrap up this little law of attraction episodes shortly. But what to do when you feel lazy of doing the rituals of law of attraction. You feel too lazy to do some gratitude, or affirmations, or something like that? Do you ever feel the laziness coming and taking over?

Alexis Glam: Laziness not so much, but one thing that I do notice with myself is that that negative voice can creep in your mind once in a while, and that’s normal because things can be going absolutely fine. Your life is stellar. There’s nothing to complain about. But still, that voice can creep into your mind and try to sabotage things or tell you, “Oh, maybe this is too good to be true. Or maybe you should settle for less and things like that.”

So that is something that we have to watch out for. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to not script for a day. It’s perfectly fine to take a day off and rest if that’s the thing, but this law of attraction work should not feel like a task. It should feel fun. Like you said, you created a vision board, you can script. These are fun things and you have to ask yourself, if you’re feeling negative about good things coming into your life, you need to check yourself. You need to ask yourself, “Why is this negative voice playing such a big role in my mind? Why am I allowing this voice to dictate my life in a wrong way?” Not the things that you want.

So that’s a bit of a long answer for your short question. That mindset thing, and watching out for that voice because I think that voice is the only true enemy that you have in your life because that voice is not you. Why would you be saying all these negative things about yourself? This doesn’t make any sense. So try to disassociate to this voice and try to overpower this voice with the voice of the true you with the things that you want.

Anna Bey: Yeah, I think if you feel maybe you lack the motivation to do some maybe exercises that has to do with law of attraction or you feel a bit lazy. I really think then go back to the basics. Just connect with that voice, the positivity, the voice of love. That will keep you afloat and that will also help you continue the manifestation track in a way without you feeling like you’re losing actual momentum. And then you can just do another day the things that perhaps you would usually do that maybe are related to some exercises or some props, etc.

Alexis Glam: And these are all external things. The scripting, the vision boards, when you truly understand the essence of the law, you go beyond the vision boards. That’s where the point where you can just think of something and it just pops up. But again, we all have to start somewhere. We all need to start asking ourselves as you said, this voice, we need to overpower the voice of love, the voice of what you truly want. And when you start doing that, the world is going to be at your fingertips as they say. Anything is possible.

Anna Bey: Anything is possible as long as you step out of your own narrative.

Alexis Glam: Yes, yes, we need to stop that. I’m glad that now with YouTube, and podcasting, and instagramming it’s becoming so much easier, ladies. When I started to do the law of attraction I was going on a dusty website trying to look up forums of success stories. Times have changed. I mean, we have zero excuses now, right, Anna?

Anna Bey: Definitely, there’s so much available for free. But of course, if you want to have better momentum or you want to just have a support system in place then there’s also, I mean, people like you who are working with people to help them achieve or have better momentum on their journey.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, absolutely. That saves you a lot of time and frustration, I guess. And I always say work with a coach, that is where you want to be in a sense that you like how they think, you like how they are as a person, you can trust them, then definitely do that. I believe that many people resonate with you. And if I resonate with you feel free to reach out, that’s fine. But as I said, you can also start by just looking at that documentary. That’s already going to give you a little bit of the basics.

Anna Bey: Exactly. Now, we’re going to end the law of attraction conversation, actually. Yeah, we have to end the podcast, too, unfortunately.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, it’s a bit long. I didn’t even know how long we were going for.

Anna Bey: I was thinking already an hour maybe.

Alexis Glam: Okay.

Anna Bey: I know that we are recording now, and it’s actually Saturday. For me it’s Saturday night, and for you it’s probably Saturday lunchtime almost.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, it’s almost noon. Yeah.

Anna Bey: So what’s your plans now for the rest of your day? Saturday and all.

Alexis Glam: I’m going furniture shopping, and to car shopping. I love it. I’m officially an old lady, if you can say so.

Anna Bey: No. That’s fun. I love it. It’s a feminine activity. That’s perfect when you want to step into your femininity.

Alexis Glam: Oh, yeah, I guess. And yeah, so I’m enjoying that. I need to get some stuff still to furnish my new apartment. But other than that spending time with family and this is also important to connect with those that truly care about you and you love that. That is also something that brings you into the state of love.

Anna Bey: 100% and that then goes on autopilot, actually, because you’re not even thinking about it then.

Alexis Glam: Yeah, yes. It’s automatic glamifestations I say.

Anna Bey: Well, you know what I’m going to do. I’m going to start my weekend. We’re actually going for dinner in a few hours. So, I’m going to let my hair down and just relax.

Alexis Glam: Also, that’s one thing that I do miss. I don’t miss Zurich. But I do miss Geneva and the good food that the French have brought to that region to be quite honest.

Anna Bey: We had so much fun when you were here in Geneva.

Alexis Glam: Oh, God, yes. Good times, good times. [crosstalk]. As I said… Sorry?

Anna Bey: No, I was going to mention London.

Alexis Glam: Oh, yeah. London, yes. So, ladies, I need to say this. London my birthday dinner because Anna was like, “Hey, you’re going to be in London. Let me take you out to dinner for your birthday.” It was was in February 2018, I think. When was this?

Anna Bey: I don’t remember. It was a long time ago.

Alexis Glam: I’m really bad with dates. Anyway, it was February, and that was a very eventful evening. We had a lot of fun. But at the end of the evening we had a heart to heart discussion, and you were the only person and this is why friendships are important, ladies. So if you have friends who believe in you, you’re the only person that looked me dead in the eyes and said, Lexi, I see that you have potential. You need to do something. And you’re the only person that persisted to tell me, “Lexi, do something because you know that you can achieve so much if you just start, take action.” And if it wasn’t for that evening, and that conversation, most probably I wouldn’t have launched Glamifest, and I wouldn’t be where I am today. So, it’s very important to have these friends in your life that also believe in you. You can’t be surrounded by people that are only taking, taking or putting you in a negative mental state. You need people that also believe in you.

Anna Bey: I agree with you. I mean, we should lift each other and support each other. And you have so much talent in what it is that you do. And I know how you are connected spiritually as well, that really helps you working with law of attraction. I mean, I know a lot of things about you that we haven’t spoken about or mentioned in the podcast, but I just know that what you do, you’re very good at what you do, and it would just be such a waste if you didn’t do what you do, basically.

Alexis Glam: You were right. You were right. And in that moment I was like, “Okay, so maybe I should listen to Anna. Yeah, maybe I should start doing something.” And you were persistent, and thank you for that because I’m that person or I used to be that person that would be rooting for everyone else. But when it came to myself, I took a backseat or I was like, “I’m not sure, or maybe I should just relax a little bit.” But no, ladies, take action, take action and surround yourself with women that believe in you. But you also need to be the type of woman that believes in them. So you cannot only expect people to be nice towards you or to root for you or to believe in you if you’re a nasty person yourself. So I’m here to check you if that’s the case. It’s okay if you are that person, but you can change, and by changing your life will change dramatically.

Anna Bey: I think we should leave on that word because it’s a powerful one. No, seriously, I think you really summarized it well. So, anyway, Alexis, I want you to tell my audience if they want to find out more of what it is that you do, and I also believe that you might have something something for them. Can you share what it is?

Alexis Glam: Oh, yeah. So, if you feel like you’re battling with that voice in your head. You’re constantly negative, and you need a little bit of help to get into, I don’t know, into the law of attraction or get into that positive mental state where you believe in yourself I have set up something. It’s called The Seven Day Mental Diet. I’m also going to be able to send you seven days of little techniques and practices that are from The Magic, the book from Rhonda Byrne. I think you’ve mentioned that before, that will help you jumpstart your process and it’s all completely free. So, no scam here. You go to And you sign up there, and you get all the information sent to your inbox. And yeah, I’m looking forward to if you feel like I can help you ready for that. Just sign up.

Anna Bey: And don’t forget it. You also have a YouTube channel as well.

Alexis Glam: Oh, yes, I have a YouTube channel which is currently being revived. I mean, I know you’re very good with your content, you’re consistent, I need to get on that level.

Anna Bey: You’ll get there, don’t worry.

Alexis Glam: I’ll get there eventually. The camera is there, the studio is there. So, if you subscribe now, you’ll be able to get a notification when my new stuff is coming out. I’m also very active in a Facebook group. It’s called Glamifest Your Dream Life Facebook group. So there are many ways that you can connect. But listen, ladies, don’t be the passive person sitting at home, scrolling, and not taking action. You need to start doing it. If you want this, how bad do you want it? Go for it.

Anna Bey: Word. Thank you so much, Alexis for being with me here and being my first ever podcast guest.

Alexis Glam: Oh, I’m the first.

Anna Bey: This is truly special.

Alexis Glam: Exciting. So, I’m very happy to be the first one then. And I really enjoyed this.

Anna Bey: I hope that we can do this again in the future.

Alexis Glam: Absolutely. Let’s do this again.

Anna Bey: All right. Thank you so much, Alexis, take care.

Alexis Glam: Bye, Anna. Bye, everyone.

Anna Bey: Ladies, I hope you enjoyed our conversation. And again, apologies for my poor sound quality. I promise I will do better next time. Now ladies, those who are listening on Apple Podcasts, you know that I currently have a competition. Those who leave a review on Apple Podcasts about my podcast, and they screenshot this review or the fact that they left a review and you email it to, you are going to be part of a competition where the lucky winner will get access or win access to all my courses. So, the competition will end in September so there’s still time left. So make sure you leave this review. Now, ladies next week I’m going to be doing a solo episode. I look forward to that. If you have any suggestions of topics that you want me to cover in each episode, you know that you can go and DM me on Instagram. You go to Anna Bey Podcast, and that’s basically where we discuss each week’s episode, by the way, and that’s also where you should be DMing me about the podcast.

Now, this week, ladies, I do want to hear from you. All of you ladies who are interested in law of attraction, or maybe even have experience with this. Under the latest picture, the official picture where we discuss episode number two of this podcast, go and share with us, and share with the whole community what has been your experience with law of attraction? Do you have any success stories? Do you have any evidence that law of attraction has worked in your life? Share that with us because you know what happens? It motivates us. It fuels us. It keeps us inspired and to keep the momentum going. And you know how life changing that could be on the journey so you can actually change or impact other people’s lives just by sharing your story. So I really encourage you to go to Anna Bey Podcast Instagram account and be part of the conversation about this episode. I’m going to be reading every single comment there. So I really look forward to hearing from you, ladies.

Now next week, I will be back. It’s going to be again next Wednesday. So now we are in this Wednesday routine and I can’t wait. So ladies, I want to wish you a fantastic week ahead. Enjoy yourself. Have a good time. Live in the moment, but also take action towards your goals. Until then, take care and bye for now.

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