7 Jokes Elegant Ladies NEVER Say

Humor is often seen as a desirable trait and it’s because laughter can make life infinitely more enjoyable. It’s why a good sense of humor is one of the most sought-after character traits people look for in a friend, partner, or anyone in their social circle.

Knowing how to make tasteful jokes at the right time, understanding how to laugh at yourself with humility, and breaking the ice or softening a tense situation with a tasteful joke make you lovable and charming. It can help you advance in your love life, and social situations… and that’s just the beginning!

Deal effectively with stressful situations

For one thing, having a good sense of humor can help you deal effectively with stressful situations. That’s because laughter releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting and pain-relieving properties.

A good sense of humor is also irresistible in love and romance and it’s definitely something you should cultivate if you want to level up your dating game!

Laughter is contagious

Have you noticed that people tend to be attracted to those who make them laugh? There’s a reason for that – laughter is contagious.

When you make someone laugh, it not only puts them in a good mood but also makes them see you in a more positive light. In fact, research has shown that men and women rate potential partners who make them laugh as more attractive than those who don’t.

Bond with others

Humor can also be used as a way to bond with others. When we laugh together, it creates a sense of closeness and understanding. It’s a way to connect with someone on a deeper level. And when we share laughter with others, it feels like we’re all in it together.

Humor can turn on you

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to cultivating your ability to tell a great joke. Humor can turn on you in an instant because it’s a “double-edged” sword that can cut both ways.

Different cultures, societies, and groups in different parts of the world can have vastly varied views on what’s funny and what’s considered to be rude, mean, or sarcastic.

When you’re not sure how to use humor you could end up the most disliked person in the room rather than the most liked and this is obviously not what you want! I have created this video to help you determine what is appropriate and what can be a little bit off-putting.

Then there are individual tastes to consider. What some people think of as absolutely hilarious can be deeply offensive to others. Humor at the wrong time can leave people feeling angry, frustrated, resentful, and upset with you.

For instance, there are those who try and joke at a funeral to “relieve the sadness” but this can come off as insensitive and even cruel.

In other words, humor can be your greatest asset or your worst failing but with a little bit of practice, anyone can become skilled and confident in saying exactly the right (funny) thing at exactly the right time.

The truth is a good sense of humor is an essential part of life. It makes difficult times easier to get through, makes everyday tasks more bearable, and just generally makes life more fun.

So if you’re looking to improve your life in some way, why not start by working on your sense of humor?

There are many other things that you need to take into consideration!

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