If “Elegant Ladies Rule Book” was a thing…

How To Be Elegant

Elegance doesn’t require for you to be rich. Elegance does not depend on your body shape or your past or background. Elegance is about being humble and respectful and kind towards others. So if there was such a thing as Elegant Ladies Rule Book, these would be a couple of the rules from this book…

Learn Etiquette

An elegant lady should know by heart all the rules of etiquette and not only know, but apply them accordingly. She will not be taken by surprise in any type of a restaurant by doing a “Robocop” with her utensils. She knows how to properly greet people and will know if she needs to shake hands in a business setting.
Elegant ladies have good manners and always demonstrate them. And even when at home alone with herself, a true lady will not put her hands on the dining table while eating, stir tea loudly with a spoon, slurp and chew with her mouth open. Elegant ladies practice etiquette and good manners as often as it takes for them to make it become a part of their DNA.

Be Polite

Those who think that well-dressed women getting out of expensive cars should carry themselves proudly and pompously are mistaken. Elegance is the ability to be polite and friendly with everyone no matter the status or wealth.
Saying “hello” to cleaners and janitors while holding the position of a director of a large company is a sign of true elegance. On the contrary, arrogance and rudeness is not a sign of elegance.

Be Tactful

Why do you think many people want to communicate with elegant women? No, not because being friends with them is a privilege and a sign of good connections. In fact, real elegant women always practice active listening, they participate in a conversation, try to understand and remember what they heard and try to be helpful when they can.
If you learn to notice the subtleties in a conversation, for example, remember the date of birth of the daughter of a business partner who mentioned it to you in an informal conversation, and then congratulate them on the birthday of their daughter over time, you will see how their opinion of you will change. People who do not just listen and forget what they are told, but remember and analyze are very appreciated by others.
That is why an elegant woman will never invite her colleague to a cat show if they once admitted to her that they were allergic to cat hair.
Always be tactful with everyone and you will see how highly people will appreciate you, and how well they will speak of you.

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