I went to a detox & weight-loss retreat for 2 weeks

Podcast Episode 11

My dear elegant podcast ladies, welcome back to a new podcast episode. I am Anna Bey and this is the Anna Bey podcast. And today, ladies, I did promise you in the previous episodes that I was going to reveal where I have been spending my time for the last two weeks, because if you have been following me on my Instagram stories and also my podcast, then you know that I have been talking about this medical and wellness center where I have been for two weeks. And I have so much to tell you about my experience, so I’m going to actually dedicate this whole episode to this.
So you are in for a treat because there’s so many interesting things that I experienced and things that I benefited off. And I really want to share this with you so that maybe this could be of service to you as well.
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Okay, ladies, let me tell you everything about these last two weeks, because one thing is for sure, wow, I am so, so, so happy I went. These last two weeks were absolutely mind-blowing for me on so many different levels, and I’m going to of course fill you in exactly what has been so mind-blowing.
But let me start from the beginning. Where did I go? Where was I for the last two weeks? For those of you who are following me on Instagram, and if you’re not, it’s @SchoolofAffluence, you have been probably seeing me in my stories. I have been documenting on a daily basis, and now I can finally tell you where I was.
So I went to Lanserhof Lans. That’s located in Austria in Innsbruck. And Lanserhof has actually multiple facilities. So they’re not only in Austria. They also have in Germany, as an example. They have multiple places as well. They even have a small little gym in Arts Club in London, which is a private members club. So this is definitely a well-established, how can I say? Brand, so that’s why I decided to go with them.
And by the way, this is not sponsored or anything. This is just my own experience that I want to share you. I always, always disclose if anything is ever sponsored, just so that you know. Anyway, going back to the content.
So Lanserhof is a fairly established brand in the health and medical space. There are more facilities than just Lanserhof, There are more chains, et cetera, but I just felt that for me, it was the right choice. I don’t know why. Sometimes you just feel intuitively that, “Ah, that’s where I want to go.” But I’m actually keen on trying other brands in the future as well because definitely after this experience, I realized that, wow, I want to do this at least once a year because it has given me so much.
Now, what was the reason to why I wanted to go to Lanserhof from the beginning? So excluding the fact that I wanted to visit this facility specifically, I have been wanting to go to a health and medical detox for a few years now, but obviously health is one of those things that we always postpone. And even though I think I got this idea maybe three years ago or two years ago, something like that, of course I put it on for a rainy day.
Now this year was one of those years that I definitely had some medical issues, and one of those were COVID, as I have spoken about as well. It wasn’t only COVID that I had issues with. I started 2020 with another medical issue that luckily is now resolved, but this year has not been great for me medically speaking. So I really wanted to go somewhere just to make sure that everything is fine, which is why I finally decided to, okay, you know what? I’m going to invest in my health. This has not been the year of good health for me. Maybe now is the time to stop postponing about these type of retreats and medical checkups and all of those things and just get on with it and get it done.
So I went back to the list that I did ages ago of my research of these type of medical detox places. I thought about, “Okay, what is it exactly that I want?” And definitely medical checkups was very important for me to get done. So I really wanted to go somewhere where it looked like they had a big facility and just loads of options, and Lanserhof kind of ticked that box.
I also wanted to do some form of detox. I wanted to also have some nature, and just to kind of have a little bit of everything since it was going to be my first time doing this.
So for those of you who do not know what is the Lanserhof concept, so I would best describe it as a medical/health and wellness center. So you can go there specifically to kind of detox, to have medical checkups, to meet medical professionals, to distress, to lose weight if you want as well, or you naturally kind of end up losing weight there because of their prescriptive diet, and generally speaking, just also improve your gut health because they are specialized in the digestive system, meaning that when you are staying at the clinic, you are eating a specific type of diet and doing all kinds of different treatments, which are adaptable specifically to improve your digestive system.
And me personally, I have suffered for IBS for many, many, many years, so for me, that was just an added bonus that I would be able to look over my IBS as well as I was there. But luckily, ladies, I actually live a symptom-free IBS life today. I mentioned it in the previous podcast, and that’s all because I incorporate healthy eating and avoid the foods that I know trigger my IBS, but also I incorporate fasting as well, just as a little FYI.
When I decided to go to Lanserhof, it was of course the option about, okay, how long should I go for? The minimum stay is seven nights, but they do not recommend necessarily to do seven nights because it might not be enough for you and your needs. And I also felt that, okay, if I’m going to do this, I don’t want to do the light version. I want to kind of go all in and I really want to make sure that once I leave there, I feel like enough time has passed.
So I signed up for two weeks, which is what they recommend, but having had this experience now, I must tell you that I think two weeks is actually almost a little bit long. I think 10 days would have been enough. However, once I will tell you about my results, you might actually think that, you know what? Two weeks might be good because like this, you will get proper results, which I felt I got
So how was my life there for two weeks? I’m going to tell you everything. So first things first, I had loads of treatments and I will actually share with you every single treatment that I did, and it’s a long list, so let me go back to that in just a few minutes, but treatments were definitely keeping me busy on a daily basis. To one degree, I must say I feel like I almost signed up for too many treatments because it kept me so busy, I sometimes found it hard to kind of just allow myself to be and do nothing and just properly distress because at the clinic, for instance, you have all kinds of facilities there. You have a beautiful swimming pool. You have nature all around. You have sauna, you have gym, you have a cozy library, you have an area for socializing. You have even a cozy fireplace where you can just sit and read in the evening.
But I felt sometimes that because I was so busy with all the treatments, that I didn’t even have time to actually enjoy all the facilities. I think I used the swimming pool only once, and the sauna I never used. So there were a few bits and pieces that for my next stay I would definitely improve, and that would be to have a little bit less treatments, just to kind of give myself more time to do nothing because that’s actually very important.
Now, other things that I did was I was doing daily walks in nature and in the forest. And for me, there was an incredible process. That was a big part of my detoxification, both the health detoxification, but also from your mind and stress. I’ve spoken about in my stories how much nature energizes me, and truly, on this trip, it just reinforced what I already knew, but it just worked as this amazing reminder for me that I am addicted to nature. I need to have nature around me. Nature is what keeps me grounded. It’s what keeps me sane. And if I don’t use nature as my kind of happy pill, then I know that that could potentially be a spiral when you start going down and other bad habits, instead of making use of this really positive habit, which is to just allow yourself to energize in nature.
So that was one bigger aha moment that I had, that I really need to make use more of nature than I am doing. And that this facility, it was literally on your doorstep. So you were spoiled for it and it was so easy to make use of it. So obviously it’s really did help me on so many levels, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to just connect with myself and really distress and feel grounded.
What also benefited me a lot was of course the digestive diet detox that we were put on. And in my previous podcast episode, in the episode before this episode, I’ve actually made a proper diet episode where I do talk in detail about how we ate at Lanserhof during these two weeks. So if you’re interested in that information, I would recommend that you go and listen to the previous podcast episode. So I’m not going to go too much in detail in this episode exactly how we ate, but I can tell you, one thing, is that for the first three days, I was put to do a fasting, which I did. And then the remaining five, I don’t know how many, five, six, seven days I was on a very low calorie diet, but it wasn’t because of weight loss. It was because of detoxing the digestive system. So we ate things like two potatoes and some linseed oil and some herbs mostly and a little soup. So it wasn’t a lot of food.
And then for the remaining last days, I would basically be eating a little bit more normal, but it would still be incredibly clean food.
Then at the clinic, I was also doing a little bit of work, but I tried to keep my work only for the most urgent things, because the whole purpose of being in such facility is that you really try to even do a digital detox. Obviously with my job, it’s just so much I can do. I can never fully disconnect, but it’s okay. It’s just how it is with me and my work, however, I still made the best out of it and kept is at a minimum level. So I still felt like I actually got some digital detoxing out of it, but I still felt like I did do some form of digital detox.
Then most of the times, it was just quiet times at the clinic. I would be sitting many times just looking at the mountains, kind of philosophating sitting in my chair, drinking herbal tea because they do not serve coffee or anything, or any caffeine at all at this clinic, only herbal teas. And that was quite nice actually, not that I drink coffee in general, but just to kind of have that as your routine,
I was also sleeping very early. I think every night I was going to bed around 9:00 PM. Didn’t always fall asleep at that time, but there isn’t really much else to do in the evenings. Sometimes I would maybe sit in the social area, in the library or at the fireplace, just maybe reading or talking to some of the other people. Because one thing is for sure though, that socializing has been quite easy at this facility and quite nice as well because you get to meet people from all kinds of different backgrounds, although the clientele was very European, I would say. Yes, majority were Europeans. It had actually quite a lot of Russians as well, and a few Americans.
A lot of Germans as well, but Lanserhof is a German brand, or Austrian I think actually they are originally, because the clinic that I went to is the original clinic, the Austrian clinic. Then you have kind of the newer clinics are the other ones under the Lanserhof chain.
So yeah, socializing was easy as well because the majority of people went there by themselves. You did have some couples of course, and there was a lot of older people as well, but also people my age. So I would say it was actually quite mixed. I was quite surprised. I definitely met some quite interesting people and people that I definitely am staying in touch with. So I liked the clientele, very nice, very educated, very kind people.
So the big question, what treatments did I do? And I want to actually split this up into four parts, starting with the medical treatments, the detox treatments, and then the appearance facial treatments, and then the appearance body treatments. Now actually there’s a fifth as well. Let’s call it the miscellaneous category.
So let’s start with the medical because obviously that was one of the biggest reasons to why I even went there from the beginning. I wanted to do a full checkup. Everything that I can check, I wanted to have it checked. I wanted to do allergy testing. I wanted to meet certain specialists on certain areas that potentially I need to look into. And of course I wanted to improve my digestion and gut health. And of course I’m not really going to go into my medical results, but everything was good. And if I needed to see a specialist, that was so easy to do and that would be arranged for me already for the next day.
So from a convenience perspective, I must say, I’m very happy I went to this retreat because I really feel confident with the medical staff that we met. Everybody was on a very high level and I felt like I had trust to them. They were very professional and everything was just very efficient. If I wanted to check something, it was immediately available for you. So in two weeks, or even in seven days, you can actually get loads done at the center from a medical perspective. But again, it depends of course, on your needs.
One treatment that I really enjoy doing from a medical perspective that I actually didn’t think that I was going to like, and I’ve never done it before, but it’s when you get a drip, or even called an infusion, in your vein. Now, as an example, because 2020 wasn’t the year of good health for me, the doctor therefore put me on an infusion that was called the kind of immune boosting infusion with all kinds of antioxidants and vitamins, et cetera, that would basically boost the immune system. And I did it three times, getting it inside my vein. And also in my vein, I did what they call oxygen and laser therapy.
Now, to be honest with you, ladies, I don’t know exactly the nitty-gritty of it. So all I know is that it basically helps for the blood cells to reproduce and create healthy blood cells, something in those lines.
Now, if we move in to the next category, which is the detox category, there I did so many different things, and that’s because I kind of just signed up for their basic package, where they had already kind of pre-chosen a bunch of different things. But towards the end of my stay, I actually found out that you don’t have to do all of those things in the package. You just have to make sure that you spend that amount for the basic package in the center without having to do exactly those things. You can just change your schedule and mix and match how you want to schedule your treatments instead, but I didn’t know that going in there. So I know this for next time.
Next time I will probably not do all of these things that I did, but I’m going to quickly run through exactly what I did. So we had loads of massages. I did about four deep tissue massages. I did a shiatsu massage, and I did a Thai massage. The Thai massage was amazing. The person that they had, wow, he really stretched me out because I am very, very stiff in my neck and shoulder area obviously because I have a laptop lifestyle. So I sit in the poor position for so many hours in a day without moving enough, which is why the body gets so tense and stiff.
Now that really did get sorted out when I went for a blood cupping session. And ladies, it was by far one of my favorite treatments at this clinic because immediately after I did this blood cupping, my tension in my neck and shoulders just was removed. And I felt like 20 kilos lighter. It feels like I had been carrying such a heavy, heavy load in my shoulders because of all the tension. And now, with the blood cupping, it was just gone.
And actually, the blood cupping was quite interesting to see how it was made. I mean, again, it was the first time I ever done it, and I was a little bit nervous because I thought it was going to hurt a lot, but actually, it’s not really painful. Because what happens is that he puts suction with these type of cups. I don’t know what to call it, with the suction cups, but before he places them on your skin, he pierces you a little bit with, I don’t know, a needle or something like that to kind of open up the skin so that the blood can flow. And then he puts on the suction cup and it just stays there with the suction for I don’t know how many minutes, maybe 10 minutes or 15 minutes or 20, something like that.
And that does not hurt at all. The only time it hurts is when he pierces your skin to get the bloods out. But that just goes so quickly that it’s really not a painful procedure, even though it looks so scary. But for the results that I experienced that immediately after, having such a big, dramatic release of tension, that was definitely worth it.
They recommend to maybe do it once or twice per year. So I’m not planning on doing it anytime soon, but I do think it’s important to go to somebody who is experienced with this and not just to go to some random place when you do blood cupping, always make sure that it’s a sterilized and clean place because, yeah, you just never know.
So going back to the massages, I did foot reflexology and I also did the head massage, and that was amazing. And I did it on multiple occasions. I also did lymph drainage, and basically what lymph drainage does is that it helps drain the fluids from the body so that it gets kind of transported back into the bloodstream. So it basically removes some bodily waste and helps carry white blood cells so that they kind of prevent infection. I don’t know. I’m not really up to date with all the technical stuff of it, but it’s supposed to be good, and it feels good because it almost feels like very light touches on your body, sometimes like a little tickle. So it can be quite nice and relaxing.
I also did a few kind of detoxing algae wraps of the body, where you just basically get wrapped into mud and then you sit there under a blanket and you have steam coming under that blanket and you really sweat. That’s the best way I can describe it. Again, that’s meant for detoxing your system to get rid of the toxins in your body, and algae really helps extracting that out from your skin.
What else did I do? I did some spiritual cleansing. We had a shaman there. I also did craniosacral therapy, which was quite nice. It’s more like energetical work. And then also I did something called electrolysis foot bath, but that, I’m not sure if it really has any effects. Again, I’m not really even sure what it’s supposed to be doing. You basically sit in a foot bath for 20 minutes and some small electro shocks are being sent out in the water that you’re not feeling, and going up in your legs basically, but you don’t feel anything, but it’s supposed to be doing something. I think in my next stay. I will probably skip that one because I really don’t see the purpose of it. I don’t think it really did much.
So those were the detoxing things that I did. Now let’s talk about the fun stuff that has to do with the appearance. So for the face, I started my stay by doing a HydraFacial to really cleanse my face and really cleanse the pores and make sure my face is really clean. It’s nice to do a cleansing facial at the beginning of something like this. And then I followed by doing two times mesotherapy on my skin, which really made a great impact and I’m actually very happy I did it straight after my HydraFacial. The HydraFacial I did like 48 hours before my first mesotherapy session, and they say that that was a really good call. Because what happens during mesotherapy is that you get like really small, tiny needle injections all over your face with vitamins. And then if your skin has previously been treated by cleansing it, it basically just goes extra in into the skin, or that’s what they say. So who knows.
But let me tell you one thing is that from my first mesotherapy session, I didn’t really feel like I saw too much of results, but when I did the second session seven days later, wow. That’s when I really saw that my face looked more plump, looked more radiant. I just looked somehow a little bit younger. So I can really recommend mesotherapy. And usually I kind of complained that whenever I do beauty treatments or particularly skin treatments, it’s harder for me to see results on my skin because I have medium thick skin. And I just feel like it’s not always working on my type of skin. Like I need to have maybe stronger treatments or something in order to actually see some dramatic results. But here, I really did find that the mesotherapy really did work for me. So that’s definitely a procedure that I will keep on doing.
Now, another procedure that I actually kind of fell in love with, or it was more like a love/hate type of relationship, because if you saw my Instagram stories, you did see how I was suffering when I was doing it. And ladies, I’m talking about EMSculpt. EMSculpt is a treatment that basically, again, this is just my kind of explanation of it, EMSculpt is basically a body contouring treatment. So what happens is that it causes like 20,000 muscle contractions in about 30 minutes, meaning that you’re working your muscles with this machine.
So it’s like a little plate, metal plates that they can put, let’s say, on your stomach or on your bottom or on your thighs. So you would work either on your inner thigh or outer thigh. So what happens is that it feels almost like, how can I best explain it? Like, yes, your muscles are getting contracted. It almost feels like there’s either some form of magnet or electroshock system that just goes into your body.
It is uncomfortable. So I’m not going to lie. It’s not like horribly, horribly painful that you are not able to do it. You can definitely do it, but it’s going to be uncomfortable. That’s the best way I can describe it.
I decided to do four sessions on my bum and four sessions on my inner thigh and four sessions on my outer thigh. So quite a lot of sessions, but in order to see results with EMSculpt, four sessions is recommended. And usually you see results after about one or two months. And what happens is that your muscles is supposed to be growing and the fat is supposed to get reduced in that area.
So I did on my thighs and bum because this year, 2020, was not the best year for my physical exercise. As you probably know, COVID happened, gyms were oftentimes closed. I didn’t have the same access to my personal trainer anymore, plus I was also sick myself with COVID and that just truly did ruin many months for me when it comes to training. So I kind of lost a bit of my shape and got a little bit dangly to tell you the truth. So I really wanted to tone up, which is why I decided to do an intense session of EMSculpt. It’s still too early to tell you whether I did have results or not from EMSculpt. So you will have to stay tuned for my Instagram stories. I will be revealing this in about one or two months exactly my results, but I can tell you one thing though, is that I definitely feel that there has been some form of change in my physique in these areas that I did target.
Now this can of course also be bound to the diet that I had and the weight loss that I did, and we’ll talk about this in a second, but I do feel already that my body definitely did change. So anyway, I’ll comment a little bit more about this in a second.
So besides EMSculpt, I also did some cellulite treatments. It was called endosphere treatment, the one that I did, and I also did a leg wrap. But when it comes to like cellulite treatments, I’m not sure they actually work. The treatment that I did was when they are like doing with a machine on your legs, it’s kind of a little bit painful as well because it feels like a very intense cellulite massage, but done with a machine. So it might hurt a little bit from time to time, but not to the point that you cannot do it.
So those were the treatments that I did for my appearance, but trust me, all the EMSculpt treatments that I did, they took a lot of my time. So maybe that’s why I felt I did too many treatments on this detox trip. Who knows?
Now, the last few treatments that I did, I actually tried hypnosis for the first time ever in my life, because you could also get like counseling at this facility and do things like hypnosis, et cetera. As I already have my therapist, I felt I didn’t need to do any counseling there, but I definitely wanted to try hypnosis for the first time. And let me tell you one thing, that I did really enjoy it. And hypnosis is one of those things that I think that I definitely want to continue with.
I got into it quite easily. The first time we did hypnosis in my first session, she was able to put me into hypnosis after about two minutes I think. It took me maximum two minutes to get into it. What I really liked about the hypnosis part was the fact that it reminded me of very deep states of meditation and then being able to kind of access certain thoughts in the subconscious that I found helpful from my overall progress. So this is definitely something that I want to do again.
Now, another interesting thing that I did for the first time, and it’s called, okay, let me see if I can pronounce it correctly, spiroergometry, something in those lines. So what it is, is that I was on a bicycle, indoor bicycle, and I had a form of breathing mask on my mouth and nose. And I was breathing into that as I was cycling on this bicycle. And we were making the intensity higher and higher and higher to see, or to kind of test the endurance of my body.
So the whole purpose of this testing is to kind of see on what level should you be exercising in order to progress? And also, on what level does it become too much for your body? Because I actually didn’t know that there is a form of too much exercise when you’re just putting too much stress on the body, which is not healthy at all.
Other things that we also measured was kind of doing a proper muscle test to see the age of the muscles and the health of the muscles. And then of course testing things such as BMI, et cetera. So that was kind of interesting to see what level are you on, how is your physical health, your muscle health, et cetera.
So that was the full list. I know it’s quite a lot of things. And I think next time, I will definitely do a bit less to fully kind of embrace each treatment instead, to do less treatment, but to fully see, okay, which treatments are actually showing and giving me results and which are not. This way, everything has been a little bit of a mish-mash. So I don’t really know what has worked and what hasn’t.
But anyway, something has definitely worked because if you asked me, “So how were your results two weeks later?” and, like I mentioned, I must say that I’m very, very pleased with my results. And I’m actually pleasantly surprised that I ended up having so much results because I definitely have a big improvement in my physique, but also on my kind of health and mental wellbeing as well.
I feel so incredibly grounded. I feel like I had some interesting aha moments on this trip, but of course I was very surprised of seeing such big dramatic results in my body.
So I know many of you have been wondering how much weight did you lose? And I mean, I didn’t go to this trip to lose weight, but the weight loss was just a positive side effect. So in the last few months, I had gained weight after Greece and after Turkey. So of course I’m happy that I went back to my regular weight, which is basically what I lost doing these two weeks. I lost them total four kilos and I definitely feel that my body toned up in some form. I don’t know if it’s because of EMSculpt or it’s because I lost the four kilos, who knows, but the people that I’ve met since I’ve come back, everybody has told me that they see a big, big difference in my appearance, definitely in my body, but also in my face. They say that I look younger, that my skin has improved a lot, and I definitely agree about the skin.
I think the mesotherapy did work wonders for me, but I also think just being out in nature, in the fresh air, having a clean diet, and of course de-stressing does wonders on the skin. I know that we are so used to listen to all these cliches that you need to drink a lot of water, have clean diets, exercise, all those things, but as soon as you really follow that strictly, you do see a big difference in your skin. Plus, I also did go two weeks without makeup, so that probably also contributed somehow.
Now, for my overall wellbeing. I mean, I came back feeling reborn from this. I don’t know what it was, if it was the fresh mountain air or what it was that made me just feel so incredibly grounded, well, yeah, it must be probably also the nature, but I felt like I came back reborn with fresh ideas, loads of aha moments and just a lot of clear thinking in my head.
It was a great investment for me in that sense. And this is why I always say that it’s really important to nurture yourself and to invest in your health because you end up balancing yourself and grounding yourself in the way that makes you gain strength and move forward as a better person and as a stronger person.
Now, I know many of you are curious how much this retreat costs, and the truth is, it was expensive. This is definitely more of a premium experience, and you could also see it with the clientele that was there. It was only an affluent clientele. Because what happens is that when you seek out medical services, it’s always going to cost money. I believe retreats of this kinds are not possible to do on a budget. However, I did mention in my Instagram stories that a detox retreat can be done on a budget, but that’s different. That’s not medical retreat. I think medical retreats can never be done on a budget. They will always unfortunately cost money because medical things cost a lot of money, and especially if you go private, which is what I did now.
However, from previous experience, because I’ve done retreats before, but they have been more like meditation retreats or something more kind of casual, non-medical related, and those things you can actually do on a budget. As an example, when I went to my 10 day [inaudible] silence retreat, it was a meditation retreat, yet I ended up losing weight and I ended up getting so grounded and get so much aha moments and feel like I had invested so much in my spiritual and personal growth that I experienced during those 10 days. And as an example, that retreat didn’t cost me any money because they are free of charge, including food and lodging is also free. The only thing if you want is to give them a donation, and how the center survives is purely by donation.
So if you do not have much money, then you could always do something like that, or as an example, once I had this idea that I wanted to rent a cabin and do a little retreat by myself for seven days, simply with the expenses of renting this little cabin and spending money on food.
Now, again, that’s not going to cost too much money, but you are detoxing in the nature and doing a cleanse, maybe emotional, mental cleanse, digital detox, or even if you want to do some form of, I don’t know, healthy form of food eating during that time. So it’s all up to you and how you can think outside of the box. Anything is really possible. So even though finances may be sparse at this point for some of you, you can still seek out some solutions of this kind, but I must tell you that it’s definitely worth it. And even though it’s not necessarily always very easy, because like I said, the beginning of my retreat this time around, it was difficult. The fasting was very difficult for me. The first seven days I wasn’t feeling great. But once I managed to endure that stage, everything just fell back into place and I started feeling amazing.
So ladies, next time, I’m definitely doing a next time. I loved it so much. I want to do this at least once a year as a form of investing in my health and wellbeing and just have a yearly checkup. So if you are somebody who has these type of finances, I definitely do recommend either Lanserhof or other facilities. There are plenty out there, so just do a little Google search. You will be able to find, just the way I found Lanserhof.
So ladies, that was it for me for this week. If you haven’t watched my latest YouTube video, where I give you a lesson in deportment of how to walk elegantly and like a confident lady in heels, then make sure you visit my YouTube channel, School of Affluence, where I will give you this little deportment lesson that you simply cannot miss. I will also link the YouTube episode in the show notes below.

Now, ladies, if you still haven’t subscribed to this podcast, make sure you do so. And if you enjoyed it, please do support my podcast by leaving a review. That would truly mean the world to me. So I would really, really appreciate that.
Now, ladies, I will talk to you next Wednesday as usual. So until then, I wish you all a pleasant week and stay healthy, my dear elegant ladies.

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Anna Bey is an expert on Modern Elegance™, upscale transformations, and leveling up, with over 150 million channel views. Since 2012, she has taught women how to develop a more refined personal presence and lifestyle inside the Anna Bey Academy, where she hosts her various classes and courses. Her publication features include The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and many more.


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