How To Wear A Blazer In A Feminine Way

There’s almost no other clothing item that can elevate or downgrade an outfit as much as a blazer. So, in this post, I am going to teach you not only how to wear a blazer in a feminine way, but also what to wear with a blazer, whether that blazer is tailored or boxy.

What To Wear Under A Blazer

Female Tailored Blazers

Tailored blazers that have a more feminine cut to them. They’re usually cinched at the waist then flare out slightly. They are a little more forgiving with dresses and skirts than the boxy types. They can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned and would still give you a more feminine look. You can add a belt around on the outside of the blazer for more curves.

But with tailored blazers, you need to keep their length in mind. For example, if you’re wearing a longer skirt or dress, then opt for a cropped blazer. That will elongate your legs. Cropped blazers also go well with wide leg trousers. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a shorter dress or slim trousers, then a longer tailored blazer would work well.

Boxy Or Squared Blazers

When I get asked about how to wear a blazer women are usually referring to the more masculine and oversized types. These are a little more difficult to style and require some creativity. But actually, they can look really classy and sexy if worn correctly.

You’ll want to keep balanced proportions. You can’t wear a boxy blazer on top and then have skinny jeans and delicate heels. The contrast would be too harsh. At the same time, you can’t wear everything big and oversized, because then you’d be too bulky. The magic is in the balance.

A boxy blazer should be worn with a fitted top underneath. If you want to wear a shirt, tuck it in and wear a belt with the trousers. The trousers should be a bit loose and the belt will then create the hourglass illusion under the blazer. This means the blazer needs to remain unbuttoned. Skirts and dresses are a little more difficult to style with a boxy blazer, but it can be done if you keep your proportions in mind.

How To Wear A Blazer Casually

Learning how to wear a blazer casually does not mean you just throw anything on. You can be casual yet still chic and feminine. Some tips to make your outfit more casual include:

  • Rolling up the sleeves
  • Wearing a pair of luxury leather sneakers under your looser fit jeans or wide leg pants (no sports brands, please!)
  • Try a lighter neutral color, like beige or cream, as black and navy blazers can be a bit formal or workwear-like
  • Avoid blazers with fancy metallic buttons

My final tip here is that, to learn how to wear a blazer properly women need to understand their body shape then try out different lengths, cuts, and styles to see what looks good. One of the best skills to learn if you want to look expensive is to get clothes that look like they were custom-made for you.

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