How to Wear a Belt to Look More Feminine

One of the most important accessories every woman should have in their closet is a belt. The magic of using a belt to create feminine curves is a skill that will transform your personal style. There are ways for each body type to use a belt to emphasize or create an hourglass shape. To determine where your curves are, stand in front of a full-length mirror with form-fitting clothes ideally in one color. First, locate the smallest part of your waist and put your hands there. See how the lines of your figure curve in or out from your waistline to identify which shape from below best describes you.


You have no defined waist and straight lines from shoulder to hip, your torso is a rectangle.


You have defined hips that start at your waistline with a smaller curve from your bosom.

Inverted Triangle

You have a defined bosom with a smaller curve at your hips, your torso is an inverted triangle.


You have both a curve on your lower body and upper body that are equal sizes, your torso is an hourglass.

Where to place your belt to achieve an hourglass silhouette

For ladies who have a rectangle torso, place your belt over flowing fabric in a contrasting color to create an illusion that the belt is cinching your outfit.

ladies witb rectangle torso

Those who are triangle-shaped, bring attention to the lower half of your body by wearing the belt slightly below your waist. Peplum ruffles bring a flattering balance to your hips when paired with a belt.

triangle-shaped body

The opposite advice pertains to inverted triangles. Position a belt above your waistline to draw attention to your upper half. Dresses and tops with an empire waist will look elegant on you.

inverted triangle body

While hourglasses already have the ideal shape, it can be easy for the shape to disappear in loose clothes. Reinforce the hourglass with placing the belt at the smallest part of your waist.


A belt will have you embracing your curves and increasing your confidence! When investing in designer belts, I recommend buying belts in neutral colors that can be incorporated in many outfits. If you need more fashion guidance, take my free cheatsheet and start dressing more elegantly.

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