How to Take Beautiful Photos

My elegant ladies, lately I have been getting requests to disclose my secrets to taking beautiful photos. You do not need a professional photographer to make your Instagram grid look classy and refined. Now, put on your favorite outfit, do your hair and makeup, and get ready to take high-caliber pictures. Make sure to check that you have not made these elegance mistakes before taking any pictures. For the best results, I recommend having a friend or partner take the photo for you. If you are taking photos by yourself invest in a stand and use the timer features to avoid the awkward selfie angle.

Finding a background

No matter how beautiful you are, a messy background will ruin the entire photo. If you want to highlight your outfit, chose a simple background that is a simple pattern or color. Your background needs to contrast what you are wearing. A black dress and a black background will make your dress disappear.

The perfect time to take photos is during your outings to luxurious places. Opera halls and museums have beautiful ornate architecture that will compliment your elegance. Highlight your femininity when you are in nature by taking photos on the beach or in a field of flowers. Even if the location is beautiful, you must have good lightning.

Finding a background

Using lighting to your advantage

Professional photographers are masters of manipulating light to show off your best features using specialized photography lights. Utilize some of their techniques so that you sparkle in your photos. The best time to use natural light is during golden hour. Taking photos during the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset will give your skin a beautiful glow and soften any harsh lines. If you are taking photos inside, use a window to let natural light on your face. Play with how you angle your face to the light to find your best angles.

Using lighting to your advantage

Creating a flattering pose

With the light beaming on your face, what will you do with the rest of your body? Like a ballerina, you need to pose to elongate your body with dynamic angles. Imagine there is a small square on the floor and your feet are in the middle. Face your toes towards one corner of the square so your whole body is on a slight angle from the camera. Keep your toes and hips facing that direction and softly angle your shoulder to the opposite corner. This creates a dynamic curve that lengthens your torso. For pictures that are head to toe, reach one foot slightly in front of the other to get the illusion of long legs.

Creating a flattering pose

Bonus Tip!

When you have a beautiful background, a flattering pose, and the perfect lighting, you still need to compose how all the elements will harmonize in the photo. To create a balance, divide the photo into thirds and place yourself in one of the thirds while your background will be the focus of the other two-thirds. This rule of thirds is the basis for photography composition and is perfect for beginners.

create a balance

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