How To Stay Motivated While Working From Home

A lot of us struggle to have structure and motivation when working from home. We don’t have colleagues or supervisors to get feedback from. There are more flexible deadlines, if any at all. And we can easily stay in our PJs all day without anyone noticing. But this is not how we elegant ladies live! So, in this post, I’m giving you my best tips on how to stay motivated to work at home.

#1 Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day

One of the perks but also drawbacks of working from home is that you may not have a set schedule. No early morning meetings means you can easily allow yourself to stay up later and later each night and so have a harder time getting out of bed in the morning. This is a slippery slope and can really make it difficult to stay motivated at work. You must set an alarm and have the same bedtime and wake time every day.

#2 Have A Solid Morning Routine

Just as importantly as when you wake up is what you do right after. If you manage to get your morning off to a good start, I can guarantee you’ll have a much more productive and satisfying day. So instead of picking up your phone and checking your social media first thing, do something healthy. Here are some of my morning habits that you can draw inspiration from.

#3 Set Daily Goals

There are many methods to setting goals, the important thing is that you do. Some experts recommend one big theme for each day, some experts recommend tackling the most difficult tasks first, and some say you should make your list of daily goals the night before. You can do some research and see what suits you best, but in the end, setting goals is one of the best ways I know of how to stay motivated at work.

#4 Keep The End In Mind

Your dream life is the end you have to keep in mind. That might includes building a business, climbing a career ladder, becoming a social media influencer, or something else altogether. The daily goals you set in point #3 are like the stepping stones of how to stay motivated along the way. If you need some extra inspiration, check out my rich people habits video.

#5 Dress Well

Even if you’re planning on staying at home all day and not a single soul is going to see you, you will see you. And how you treat yourself has a huge effect on whether you stay motivated or not. You don’t have to wear a suit or do your full makeup, but you must at least do your basic hygiene and grooming routine and wear proper clothes. Clothes that, if you had to quickly run out to get the mail, you’d be fine with if the neighbors saw you. Here’s my video on being elegant at home.

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