How To Pose For Photos The Elegant Way

In the age of digital media, it’s a great asset to know how to pose for photos. Your social media accounts, whether you’re using them for personal or professional purposes, are a reflection of your brand. And that’s actually something you can use to your advantage. So, in this post, I’m going to give you some tips on how to pose for pictures.

Best Poses For Women

Men and women have different proportions and angles to their bodies and faces. Also, what makes a woman attractive is generally different than what makes a man attractive. That means that in order to learn how to pose for pictures women have to accentuate those differences on purpose.

#1 – Avoid The “Dead Straight” Pose

Don’t face the camera directly. You need to add some kind of angle by turning slightly to the side, sitting at an angle, or moving around. This also goes for photos with other people.

#2 – Enhance Your Curves

Create a more alluring silhouette by bending one of your knees inwards and creating an angle with your hips. Also, the way you place your hands can create curves with your arms. Even rounding your fingers will give off a more feminine vibe. Just make sure your posture stays proper.

#3 – Try Looking Away

There’s actually been some research that found that photos of women looking away from the camera and smiling are rated as more attractive. Not all your pictures need to be like that, but it’s a nice change.

#4 – Add Some Movement

Photos of you doing things give a sense of dynamism and aliveness. Actually, that’s one way to also get rid of any nerves or stiffness. Just have someone snap you while you’re walking, petting your dog, reading, or doing any of your favorite activities. It doesn’t matter if some pictures come out weird, just pick the best ones.

#5 – Hold Something In Your Hands

Most people don’t know what to do with their hands, so props can be quite helpful. Just make sure they look like something you’d realistically be holding. A beautiful YSL clutch, a book, your sunglasses, or a cup of tea are some examples.

#6 – Pay Attention To The Background

In my experience, nothing makes photos as attractive as having nature as your background. I personally love beach photos, but there are some rules to follow there. Other great backgrounds include a library, a boutique cafe, a historical villa, sitting near a big window with drapes, and having soft lights behind you. No bathroom selfies or fancy car poses, please!

How To Pose For A Photoshoot

In my opinion, having your photos professionally done is a great investment. But professional photoshoots can be a little intimidating. And a good photographer won’t constantly tell you how to pose, they will just make you feel at ease. The above tips apply here too, but there is something else I can add about how to pose for a photoshoot

…think of lovely things.

Yes, that’s it. If you think about things you love, care about, want, dream of, or that make you happy, you’ll give off that energy during your photoshoot. A good photographer captures people’s energies as well as their looks.

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