How to Look Expensive at a Party

With the holiday season just around the corner, party invites are probably making their way to you right now. I personally love parties because it’s a fun and exciting way to reconnect with old friends and to meet new ones. Parties are also a good place to showcase your social skills and make a great impression. Let’s not forget that a holiday party is often the perfect opportunity to make an unforgettable entrance and turn heads! However, it’s hard to sit back, relax and fully enjoy a party when you’re worried about the image you’re projecting, or you’re secretly wondering what people are saying about your dress. I personally like to follow simple guidelines that help me present myself in a classy and expensive way without looking like I’m trying too hard. These guidelines can work for you, too (I’m sharing my top 10 favorites or “hidden gems” in the video below)

Start with a Key Question

Most ladies think that planning what to wear to a party begins with trying on outfits from their closet or going shopping for a special dress but you know what, ladies? That’s not true! Creating a perfect holiday party look begins with a very important key question and it’s something I ask myself every time: What kind of party am I attending? Here’s what I mean… Knowing the type of party you are invited to will help you to create an outfit that is right for the event and also something that makes you look and feel fabulous at the same time. The good news is that when it comes to parties there are just two main categories or two types of parties you need to consider — casual parties and conservative parties.

What to Wear to an Casual Party

Casual parties are usually relaxed and informal. This is true for the dress code as well which means your outfit can be relaxed and informal too. Opt for something that helps you to stand out from the crowd while still keeping your look modest and comfortable. Look for midi-length wrap dresses or playful jumpsuits in celebratory jewel colors and patterns. To keep things extra cozy during the holiday season, I like to add a little bit of texture with a faux fur coat or statement knitwear.

What to Wear to a Conservative Party

For a conservative or formal party, aim for a classy and sophisticated look. For instance you can choose a floor-length gown in a luxe fabric like velvet or lace. For something a bit bolder, try a metallic number which will help you stand out from the crowd and show off your fashion-forward style. If you want to make sure that all eyes are on you, then an embellished dress with subtle yet eye-catching details such as beads or sequins will do the trick. You can also add glitzy accessories like sparkly earrings or a stylish bejeweled clutch. Finish off with some statement heels and you’ll be ready for the evening’s festivities! Whatever you choose, make sure your outfit reflects your personal style so you are confident and radiant when you arrive at the party. When you feel this way nothing can stop you from owning the room and you’ll find that you can easily wow any crowd this holiday season!
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