How To Look Classy In Winter

Elegant Winter Fashion

How to dress classy in winter? That is a good question. Do you know how it is to look good in -25 Celsius degrees? It’s not easy.

This topic is very close to my heart because I lived in a Nordic country. I wish I was a little bit more southbound somewhere, but to be quite honest with you, I do enjoy the seasons. I think the seasons are cozy. The only problem is: how are we gonna look chic? How are we gonna look elegant and classy? I’m going to give you a few pointers.

Invest in Taxi services

I say that in winter time, it is worth spending more on taxi. I know that not all of you ladies have a big budget to spare but if I was you, I would prioritise using a taxi so that you can look better than when you’re on a bus or have to walk. Imagine walking with your elegant little dress in the freezing cold?

Invest in a staple coat

It doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be expensive looking. A coat is a big piece. It stands out, and people are going to pay attention to it. A coat that is of high quality materials will also be much more warmer than some coat that you bought at Zara. I want you to buy two coloured coats. So, I want you to get one in black and one that is a light colour. It can be white, off-white, camel. It’s a very elegant investment that will make you look like a high-value woman.

Wear monochrome

One of the most clever ways to look elegant and classy in winter is to be layering in monochrome. Whenever you layer in monochrome, it’s not going to look messy. It’s going to look very united, sophisticated and refined.

Wear riding boots

Oh, I love riding boots. When you wear riding boots during winter, you can put some thick cashmere socks in those riding boots that will keep you warm and that will help you walk through snow. Now, I think the most popular riding boot is definitely the Hermes one (you can always find something similar). I love the black one but I also love the light color one.


Now, I am obsessed with turtlenecks, and turtlenecks are amazing in winter especially if you have a turtleneck in cashmere. If you don’t have money to spend on cashmere, actually you can just buy a simple one from Zara. I definitely recommend to get a black one, a beige one or camel one, definitely a white one as well. Trust me, you are going to look like a very sophisticated old money woman wherever you are by adding one of these to your winter outfit.

Invest in high-quality hosiery

So, hosiery is a very important topic because I do not want see any bare legs in winter. It kinda goes against etiquette and it doesn’t look very elegant, plus it’s very very cold! Sophisticated, highly classy women, they wear tights. Now, you have to wear tights that blend in with your skin perfectly. If you can, try to invest in higher quality brands. I love Wolford and Falke. And don’t do this horrible mistake of wearing your tights with open toe sandals!

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