How to level up your new year’s resolutions when they have stalled

Tips to Help with You Elegantly Revive Your New Years Resolutions

Having a goal-oriented mindset is great, but sometimes it can be challenging to stay motivated and on your track to leveling up your life. New Year’s resolutions are always popular, but surprisingly few of us ever seem to achieve the things we set out to do.

If you’re already hopelessly stalled on your 2022 goals, don’t worry, it happens to everyone at some point. I have put together some top tips to help you stay motivated and on track!

Keep Your Resolutions Simple

People often set too many goals and try to make too many changes at once. This makes it very difficult to track your level-up progress, and the chances of success drop exponentially as your goals increase. It’s better to set one or two major goals and a couple of minor ones that are easy to complete, that will really help you move towards that elegant life.

Use Monthly Goals

It can be discouraging to break down your level-up goals into daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks without feeling a little bit of overwhelm. However, giving yourself a more manageable period will help you stay on track with your long-term goals. All the little steps feel so much smaller. Plus, it helps break up big projects into milestones that are easier to manage.

Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure

Setting incredibly high standards to try and rush your elegant “new you” is the perfect recipe for falling short of your goals. If you give yourself very little wiggle room, or if you make it too difficult to accomplish what you’re trying to do, or you don’t have a sound plan or direction, there’s a chance that you’ll be stuck in limbo forever. Achieving smaller goals is still achieving, so be proud of your progress!

Reward Yourself

If you’re not feeling at all inspired, maybe try rewarding yourself for your baby steps towards a more elegant life by completing something on your to-do list. Even if it’s just for showing up, every little bit counts when it comes to reaching your goals. This is a great read to help keep yourself motivated and on track with your goals.

Plan, Plan, Plan

There are lots of benefits to planning for this year. For one thing, you can look over the previous year’s goals and see what worked and what didn’t work on a more objective level. Planning out your level-up resolutions will also make you feel more proactive and in control of your life. If you want to give yourself the best chance at achieving your 2022 resolutions, having a solid plan written out is an option to consider.

Remember Not To Be Too Hard On Yourself

It’s ok for things to take a little longer than planned sometimes, as long as you’ve given it your best shot. If you have a slip-up along the way, pick yourself back up and keep on trying.

Make Your Goals Public

As uncomfortable as it sounds, having an audience can increase your motivation and keep you accountable. If you tell a few people that you trust about your goal, you’ll find yourself less likely to fall off the wagon.

Seek Support

If you have a few people in your life who are supportive of whatever you’re trying to accomplish, lean on them when you’re struggling. Sometimes just knowing someone else expects you to succeed can help you get back on track.

Track Your Progress

Keeping a journal or personal log of your progress can make you feel like you’re more in control and committed to achieving your goals. You can also look back on days that were particularly challenging and remember how far you’ve come.

Acknowledge What Has Worked For You So Far

So often, we focus on the negative aspects of our lives and forget all the things we’re doing right. Pat yourself on the back at the end of every week and recognize all small victories that you’ve achieved along your journey.

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