How to have classy conversations when socializing

The Art of Classy Conversation skills

Effective communication skills are crucial as we navigate any form of social gatherings. Elevating your life involves more than just socializing; it’s about successfully mingling during any kinds of events while maintaining a classy but authentic approach. 

The objective?

To master the skill of reading the room and understanding which topics are fitting for different settings. Whether you’re conversing with your boss at an office Christmas party or sharing anecdotes with your best friend by the warm glow of the holiday fireplace, it’s vital to be mindful of potential sensitivities and to respect the boundaries of others at these occasions. 

As a general rule, steer clear of difficult or sensitive topics that could create tension or awkwardness.

Here are some important points to consider…

Discussion topics dos and don’ts

  • In formal settings, or with people you don’t know very well: try to keep the tone of conversations positive.
  • Balance listening and talking in a conversation.
  • Ask appropriate questions, to show you are engaged and interested.
  • Be sensitive when discussing religion – there is a right and wrong way for this topic.
  • Respect people’s boundaries if it becomes obvious they don’t want to discuss a topic.
  • Be careful when asking where someone went to school – this might be a sensitive area.
  • If you’re nervous or lack confidence about a particular conversation setting, brainstorm appropriate topics in advance.
  • Be mindful of the cultural context for discussion topics – normal conversation topics for one setting could be off-limits in other places.
Be careful of the following
  • Don’t ask any adult their age.
  • Don’t monologue in conversations.
  • Don’t treat conversations like interviews.
  • Don’t discuss someone’s weight or body size.
  • Don’t overshare.
  • Don’t ask anyone when they are getting married.
  • Don’t ask anyone when they are having children.
  • Don’t ask anyone why they are single.
  • Don’t ask or comment about how much someone is eating.
  • Don’t ask if something is real – jewelry, designer items, hair color, or if they had surgery.
  • Don’t ask too many questions about someone’s background/family.
  • Don’t ask for the cost of something.
  • Don’t ask a lady if she is pregnant.
  • Don’t discuss politics or other controversial topics.

Let’s remember that the art of conversation etiquette isn’t just about words; it’s about spreading warmth and joy in every interaction while being authentically yourself. 

How to be authentic in conversation?

Don’t try to be perfect or adopt fancy language unless that comes naturally to you. Avoid trying to impress anyone and simply relax in your own self. You can combine elegance with authenticity if you simply allow your imperfections to be seen, without puffing yourself up or making yourself smaller.

It’s okay to make mistakes, the aim is to always try our best!

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