How To Come Across As An Elegant Woman

An elegant lady knows the art of discretion

I don’t want you, my dear elegant ladies, to be curious investigative ladies who are not discreet and just in everybody’s business. No, no, no, no. One of the things that I cover in my signature program Secrets Of The Elite Woman is the art of discretion. Why do I do that? Because this is an important ingredient. Every lady must have if she wants to have success, but also if she wants to come across as elegant, you can see that a woman who maybe is dressed elegantly, but if she meets somebody for the first time and is really intrusive with the questions that she asks, asks too much about personal life. Maybe asks too many questions in general and maybe just seems too eager to find out answers that she has a desire to know answers to. Make space for people to open up with time. There’s no need to pressure. There’s no need to get everything on day one. Have faith that people will open up to you if they like you. And if you are somebody who they find decent. This is why the masterclass in Secrets Of The Elite Women on the art of discretion is so important and crucial. I don’t want people to say that you are nosy behind your back, because that’s not nice. And that’s something that is hard. Once you get that label, it’s really hard to wash that label off and it’s going to sabotage your success socially. So, hold your questions back and you will be sure that you will come across more elegant.

An elegant lady develops her taste buds

And what do I mean by that? Well, you can easily see who is educated and who is elegant with the choices of their food. Are they eating healthy or are they eating junk? And what I want to tell you is that what gives away that you are truly not elegant is if you eat regularly in fast food places, for example, KFC, McDonald’s, etc. I would think again, that’s not going to serve you in your image and that’s not also going to serve your health. People who are truly sophisticated they really pay attention to the quality of their food. And that’s why they wouldn’t eat at fast food joints. Unless it’s once in the blue moon. But to put that kind of food in your system on a regular basis, that’s when it starts becoming questionable.

An elegant lady is mindful of her surroundings

Do not speak loudly in public and about controversial or sensitive subjects. You’re gathered with your girlfriends in a restaurant, you have a lot to chitchat about, but you kind of need to lower the volume and not let everybody know about your personal business. So, please be mindful of your volume. You also have to think about what it is that you talk about. Not everything is appropriate to say in public. Elegance is about being mindful about other people. Surely we’re not just some doormats or people’s pleasers. There is a boundary that we can set, but I do think that understanding that there are certain subjects that should be kept behind closed doors.

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