How To Become A Risk-Taker In Four Easy Steps

There is no way to avoid risks in this life. Even if you choose what you think are the safest paths to take, they will have risks. They also have opportunity costs: the things that you could have gained had you not been trying so hard to stay safe. Things like starting a business, traveling solo, dating again after heartbreak, and beginning an elegant transformation journey.

But I also understand that many ladies have had stressful, and even traumatizing, experiences. So, I’m not going to ask you to suddenly let go of your need for safety, I’m just going to teach you how to become a risk-taker in an intelligent way.

What Is A Risk-Taker?

There is no general risk-taker definition, it’s actually a gradient, from extremely risk-averse to very risk-tolerant. You fall somewhere along that gradient. Let’s say that the stereotypical risk-taker is someone who loves skydiving and swimming with sharks. But you can still do these things intelligently.

Skydiving has certain rules that all good skydivers follow. Then, within the framework of these rules, they can twirl and dance serenely mid-air. And, when it comes to sharks, the stats tell you all you need to know. The risk of a shark attack to surfers, who are the most at risk population, is 1 in 17 million. On the other hand, most of us feel completely safe consuming saturated fat while knowing it contributes to the biggest worldwide killer: heart disease.

That brings us to the proper definition of a risk-taker: it’s someone who understands the reality of risk-taking, its benefits and drawbacks, and uses that logic to choose intelligently. And that’s exactly how you can go from being a dreamer to being a doer.

How To Develop An Intelligent Risk-Taker Personality

I want you to take your time with each of the steps below. The more you practice them, the more you’ll rewire your brain to have a risk-taker personality.

Step #1 – Practice Mindfulness

When your nervous system is on high alert and cortisol is flooding your body, you’re not going to make the best decisions. You’ll also allow your fear to dictate how you live. Mindfulness meditation can help calm your system and create that space for a clear mind to take over.

Step #2 – Make Friends With Fear

Fear is not an enemy, it’s actually a friend that can sometimes be very wise and sometimes very childish. But the point is, you can’t kill it. So, talk to it instead. Let it know that you’ll take care of it, no matter the outcome of the risk you’re about to take.

Step #3 – Trust Your Intuition

Once you’ve become more mindful and befriended your fear, you can start to listen to your inner voice. It won’t sound the same as fear, it will be calm and steady. That’s your intuition, and the more you follow its lead, the clearer it will become.

Step #4 – Let Your Vision Pull You

We’re now ready for the deeper meaning of what is a risk-taker. It’s someone who has a vision in mind that they are willing to take risks for. Whether that’s a business, networking, lifestyle, or philanthropic vision. Let that vision guide you, and you’ll find your way through the labyrinth of risks that’s part of the journey of life.

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Author picture

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