How do I get into The A-List Private Members’ Club?

The A-List private members’ club is a private space for like-minded elegant women to bond, build relationships and improve their lives, where you can:

– connect with other like-minded ladies

– find ladies who are located next to you

– private message each other

– feel safe (only verified members)

– discuss anything elegance in a forum

– get access to premium content from Anna

– get access to free guides & resources

– organize events

It’s an innovative platform that aims to unite women who enjoy the finer things in life and elegant self improvement. The platform exists as an app and webpage, and was launched in 2021 by Anna Bey.

But how exactly can you get into this exclusive, elegant private members club?


The A-List doesn’t run on a rolling entry basis. If you’re interested in joining The A-List, bonding with other like-minded elegant women and making meaningful connections, then sign up for the waitlist here. Enter your name and email and you’ll be one of the first to know when the doors open again!


When signing up to The A-List, you’ll have to present some personal information. Your name, email, birth date, reason for joining and a copy of your ID will be required. We don’t store any personal information. We use a third-party service that banks use for Bank ID verification. This service is safe, secure, has all the compliances in Europe, the USA, and worldwide. And they have also won many awards in cyber security!


What makes The A-List so valuable is its security, privacy and authenticity. After applying, your ID will be checked and verified. Once verified, you’ll officially be an A-Lister! You can build up your profile, add personal details and continue your elegant journey of transformation and forming connections with like-minded classy, and sophisticated women!

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Anna Bey is an educator in the elegant feminine empowerment space and the founder of an online finishing school for women. She can confidently call herself a pioneer in this genre because she was the first to be sharing content in this niche since 2012.

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Anna Bey is an expert on Modern Elegance™, upscale transformations, and leveling up, with over 150 million channel views. Since 2012, she has taught women how to develop a more refined personal presence and lifestyle inside the Anna Bey Academy, where she hosts her various classes and courses. Her publication features include The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and many more.


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