From Plain Jane to Elegant Lady (part 2)

The answer is: everything is clean and tidy. While Plain Jane can be lazy with the up keep of her appearance, an elegant lady is not! She prioritises setting aside both time and money for the upkeep and it pays off.
When you meet an elegant lady, you immediately get the wow factor of how perfect everything seems to be.

Flawless skin, white teeth, perfect makeup and perfect nails. She feels so fresh and glowing!
The truth of this story is that money will buy this essence of perfection. It’s hard to achieve the same level of perfection on a budget but it’s still possible. It’s all about investing the same amount of time but trying to do as many things as possible for yourself, and leave the rest to professional salons. You have to see your looks as a constant renovation project with no end date. The maintenance needs to be going strong on a weekly or even daily basis! But it’s all about your own decision and how much it’s worth for you.

Here are the tools for the transformation and remember: It is important to spend time and money on every single detail! After all, it’s the small things that create the entire package! And it all goes towards improving your lifestyle and becoming a high-value woman.
Let’s find out the elegant lady beauty maintenance needs:


– Flawless Skin:
Unless you’re born with flawless skin, you’ll be needing regular maintenance at a salon to make it look glowy. Besides the daily skincare regime at home, various salon treatments are necessary. Especially if you suffer from problematic skin. The DIY option is to regularly do facials at home, although it won’t give the same results. Skincare is probably one of the most expensive parts of your beauty regime, and the less fortunate skin you have – the more your wallet will suffer!

– Perfect Eyebrows:
If you’re born with eyebrows that are naturally “shaped” then I’d suggest you DIY the tweeze & tint at home. But if you have difficult eyebrows then go bi-weekly to a salon and get them tinted and threaded. They will shape them for you and make sure they look perfect.
I must say one of the things that distinguishes an expensive, rich looking lady from a shabby lady is the way she keeps her eyebrows. Tidy eyebrows make a person look CLEAN.

– Long Eyelashes:
Beautiful long eyelashes will give your entire face a lift. It’s such a simple trick to change your looks for the better, and an investment I recommend anyone try! Try this every three weeks.

– Face Injections:
Nowadays you can do all kinds of things with injections, but the most common is lip enhancement, botox and fillers in the cheekbones. This is not something you can do DIY at home so going to the clinic every three months is necessary for up keeping.
I must say not every elegant lady experiments with injections. I see many fresh faces who don’t have a single trace of filler in their face and they look great, so don’t think you need to follow the stereotypical look.

If you still wish to experiment, then I suggest:
1. Research people who can recommend the best injector in town.
2. Go for a consultation and inject small doses so that you don’t risk “over doing it”. A big mistake is injecting everything at once just because you are impatient and not cautious of the results.
3. Aim for a natural result and tell all your friends to be honest about your results. I see often so many ladies who ruin their beautiful faces because they get blind and inject too much fillers. They end up looking old, swollen and abnormal.

– Perfect Smile:
Teeth whitening is necessary in our coffee culture generation. Teeth get stained whether you want it or not! I must say I’m not the best expert about this. I’ve tried some at home but felt the results were not noticeable. I rather go and do it once at a professional place with a clear result then endless DIY trial & errors. Then again, I’m not an expert so if any of my readers know of a 100% fully working method for doing it at home, please share!

I also want to recommend investing in porcelain veneers if you have crooked teeth. Quite expensive but so worth it when you get the perfect smile and you won’t be needing the constant effort of going for teeth whitening as they cannot be bleached.


– Natural Hair color:
One of the worst things is fake looking hair color. It’s totally fine when someone has a quirky style á la Rihanna, but when someone has been experimenting too much at home – it’s really not hot! In many cases, beautiful and refined ladies end up looking cheap & trashy! I think a little bit less DIY and a little bit more coloring at a professional salon.
In this case it’s also important to find a good colorist. Putting in that extra money for your hair color is important, especially if you color in light tones!

– Suitable Haircut:
I cut my hair myself at home – it’s very thin and my cut is very simple, so for me it’s acceptable. But people with thick hair, many layers or other special requirements need to go to a salon.
It’s important to understand what hair cut suits your face best, so do a proper examination through google or with your hairdresser.
Again, it’s important to find that special hairdresser that really understands you and your needs, what cut will make you look your very best. I don’t think I’ve managed to find my “special hairdresser” yet as most of the ones I go to disappoint me in some way. But it’s important to never give up and continue searching: do research online, ask friends and get recommendations. Once you find him/her hold on tight and don’t go to anyone else!

– Hair Length:
Let’s talk about extensions. Everyone seems to think that it’s long hair or nothing in high society. That’s really not the case, and it’s probably more “real looking hair or nothing”.
My advice is, unless you’re a pro and know it all about where to get A+ quality hair extensions, how to look after them and if you have the time to invest in this care then you might be able to DIY and use clip in extensions.
But if you want to do this properly, then go to a salon with special knowledge of hair extensions, invest this money for fitting, coloring and shaping so it blends in perfectly with yours.
Otherwise, there is really nothing wrong with extension-less hair – loads of guys prefer it too! Short or mid length hair is fine, and with the right haircut you won’t need any extensions, just make sure to go for classy hairstyles!

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