Four Spring Shoe Trends For 2022 That I Actually Support

If you know my work, you’ll know that I try to stay away from trends. I prefer classic, timeless fashion that works year in, year out. Not only does that give you a more elegant style, but it’s also much more sustainable for the earth and for your wallet. Still, there are some spring 2022 shoe trends I actually like and that can fit quite well with a classic style.

Why Women’s Shoe Trends Matter

Like almost every woman out there, I love shoes. And there’s a good reason why women’s shoe trends can be so popular.

First of all, a good pair of shoes can liven up a dull outfit. They can bring the “wow factor.” Secondly, they can really enhance your femininity. Unlike trousers, coats, or shirts, shoes are one of those items that are more obviously different for men and for women.

Thirdly, shoes are what can balance out the proportions of your outfit. Let’s say you’re wearing a field coat and skinny jeans. Imagine that outfit with knee-high leather boots vs with classic ballet flats. The proportions are totally different. Knee-high boots balance out the heaviness of the field coat while the ballet flats leave you bulky on top. Now imagine wearing a delicate, fitted blouse with wide-leg trousers. Military boots would create too much heaviness towards the floor. While strappy sandals create that balance with the delicate blouse on top.

With proportions in mind, let’s take a look at my picks of the latest shoe trends.

My Favorite 2022 Shoe Trends For Spring

#1 – Mule Sandals

I love mules and I love sandals. Mules can still give that elegant but effortless look. They’re sexy without being trashy. But, when the weather is a little warmer, why not also have open toes? That’s where mule sandals come in. They can be strappy or minimal at the front. But they’ll work well with trousers, skirts, dresses, and shorts alike. Of all the spring 2022 shoe trends, these are my top choice.

#2 – Mary Janes

These are a little bit too schoolgirl-like for my taste, but if you like them, I can think of a few ways to style them that can be quite classy. If they have a bit of a block heel, they could look great with a tweed set or dress. They’re also quite comfortable so you can wear them all day at work or university.

#3 – Platform Espadrilles

One of the biggest 2022 shoe trends I’m seeing is the return of the platform. Generally speaking, that’s not the classiest style, but for one exception: Platform Espadrilles. I own a few pairs of these and they work so well with linen dresses, linen trousers, flowy skirts, and even with shorts.

#4 – The Statement Heel

For my more flamboyant elegant ladies out there, you’ll be happy to read that I actually like some of the strange new heel designs coming out. There are crystal heels, triangular heels, “gelato” heels, and even some that look like geometric shapes. If you choose a more minimal style in a classic color (no neon, please), you could really make them work. Just be aware that something that trendy will bore you after a while.

If you want to go for more classic and timeless warm-weather shoes, check out my video on the topic here.

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