Fashion Vs Style: The Importance OF Knowing The Difference

What is the difference between fashion and style? Knowing this is a basic first step to being more intentional with your wardrobe. For many women, the choice of what to wear is not really deliberate. It’s based on your habits and impulses, as well as fashion industry sales tactics. And this really takes away from being your own authentic self. It’s also quite financially draining, as it can make you shop every time a trend changes.

That’s why in this post, I’m going to list five things that differentiate style vs fashion, so you can stop being a trend follower and start being your own elegant stylist.

#1 – Style Is Personal

Your style should be unique to you. Even if it fits into a specific elegant style personality, it’s still your own. Fashion on the other hand is about trends, and trends are meant to be set by a few and then followed by the masses. Don’t be part of the masses. Rise above trends and be your own person. That’s the most important difference between style and fashion.

#2 – Style Lasts

If you have an elegant, timeless style, that means photos of you from 20 years ago don’t look too outdated. Those same outfits, with a few tiny tweaks, can work just as well now. Fashion, on the other hand, cycles much faster, and an outfit from last year’s trend can look incredibly awkward today. Think about it, some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, like Anna Wintour with her classic Chanel suits, don’t blindly follow trends. They stick to a style that works over decades.

#3 – Style Can Incorporate Fashion

Just because I advocate for having your own personal style doesn’t mean I don’t love fashion. I watch fashion shows and buy fashion magazines. I really admire the creativity and professionalism that goes into fashion design. And I enjoy finding interesting ways of incorporating fashionable items into my classic style. And that’s what I recommend you do as well. You cherry-pick what you like from the latest and hottest and make it work for you.

#4 – Style Focuses On Quality

Part of the Old Money mentality is to make clothes last years and years. And having a personal style will help you do that. You save money by not indulging in fast fashion and impulse buys and then spend it where it really matters: on the quality of the material, the design, and the tailoring. This is most easily seen when comparing fast fashion vs style in the elite circles.

#5 – Style Projects Status

Unless you’re a bona fide fashionista, being “trendy” will lower your status. It just makes you look, sorry to say, careless or uninformed. And that’s totally okay if you don’t actually care about leveling-up or fitting into high society.

But if you do care about these things, then you must use your style to project an image of status. An elegant woman, an entrepreneur, a socialite, a well-educated or well-read lady, a jet-setter – whatever status fits and serves you well. In that sense, the main difference between fashion and style is whether they help or hinder you in your transformation journey.

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Anna Bey is an educator in the elegant feminine empowerment space and the founder of an online finishing school for women. She can confidently call herself a pioneer in this genre because she was the first to be sharing content in this niche since 2012.

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Anna Bey is an expert on Modern Elegance™, upscale transformations, and leveling up, with over 150 million channel views. Since 2012, she has taught women how to develop a more refined personal presence and lifestyle inside the Anna Bey Academy, where she hosts her various classes and courses. Her publication features include The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and many more.


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