Everything about the wedding of Anna Bey

Many dear elegant ladies have asked about Anna Bey’s wedding. She is a private person, likes to keep her life and relationship out of the spotlight. However, she does sometimes share personal moments here and there. After several years of being together, Anna Bey and her now husband finally tied the knot in a ceremony that was unique, special and unexpected.

Many of you have questions about Anna Bey’s elegant wedding. For that reason, we are answering all your questions here!

Anna Bey’s relationship in a nutshell

Anna Bey met her husband in London in 2016. Her girlfriend invited her out on a double date. She was going on a date with Anna’s husband’s friend, and asked Anna to join. They all met at the elegant, classy and sophisticated Blue Bar at the Berkley Hotel one evening, and immediately hit it off. They even continued the evening for dinner at the refined Park Chinoise. After that meeting, they didn’t meet up again for another month despite Anna Bey’s husband’s regular invitations. She simply thought he wasn’t serious – but he proved her wrong!

Anna’s husband lived in Geneva and she lived in London at the time. They continued a long-distance relationship for about two and a half years. He came to London mostly, and they traveled when they could. She then moved to Geneva and they lived together for one year before they get engagement.

The pandemic

After she got engaged, Covid-19 happened. The planning went on standby, but they decided to have an elegant, simple and classy civil wedding as soon as things opened up.

Do they regret it? Absolutely not. Anna is so happy with the way things turned out. The wedding was truly unique, special and memorable.

When did Anna Bey get married?

Anna is a firm believer in astrology and wanted to make her wedding date work astrologically. For that reason, she wanted to get married in August as per her astrologist’s recommendation. With the lengthy paperwork process, they actually ended up missing her August date!

The next best time to get married was in January. Even though she’s a summer person, it was so important for her to get married when the planets were aligned. So, they went ahead with a January wedding and got married on a Wednesday, at 10 O’clock, at the central townhouse in Geneva.

The celebration

After the civil ceremony, they went back home to celebrate with an elegant toast. They also did Zoom calls with all our family members.

Being respectful of restrictions, they were unable to formally celebrate with all of their friends. However, one of Anna’s close girlfriends insisted that she throw a small, yet elegant and classy,  get together with just a few people.

What Anna Bey wore to her wedding

Anna wore an elegant Christian Dior skirt suit on her wedding day. As it was a civil ceremony, it wasn’t appropriate for her to wear a ball gown or flamboyant wedding dress. She wanted to keep it elegant, classy and conservative. After all, dressing inappropriately is bad etiquette and not a quality of a high-value woman.

For her evening get together, she wore a sophisticated Christian Dior boatneck top and a classy Christian Dior tule skirt. Her shoes were, of course, elegant white satin Manolo Blahniks! She had a little bouquet too.

Everything About Anna Bey's Wedding

Will Anna Bey have another wedding?

There’s definitely a chance of another wedding. Anna Bey and her husband want to do it at some point, but they are unsure of the exact dates!

Why didn’t Anna Bey wait?

She wanted to get married 6-12 months after getting engaged. She didn’t want to stay engaged for many years. They also didn’t know there would still be so many restrictions when they decided their January dates.

For more details on Anna Bey’s wedding, watch this YouTube video where  she reveal everything about her special day with photos!

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