Classy must-have items in an elegant woman’s wardrobe. Part 1

Even though these items are important elements in a wardrobe if you want to look classy and elegant, BUT it’s not a must to own all of these pieces. It takes time to build up a strong wardrobe with high-quality items, so don’t feel like you’re left behind if you don’t own many of the things on this list. Use this list for inspiration and what items you can invest in so that you can often wear and match with many other items in your existing wardrobe and effortlessly look elegant and put together. Please note, these items are not in any particular order.

White Collar Shirt

A simple white shirt in a high-quality material. It doesn’t need to be very expensive, as long as it holds many washes and doesn’t look “grey” or “yellow” after a few washes (I find Zara shirts can do that sometimes). All materials are welcome, especially cotton, silk, and linen.

Silk Blouse

You need to have at least one piece of 100% silk in your wardrobe as silk is such an elegant material. If you’re going to get one thing, make sure it’s a nice blouse or a top you can wear elegantly with skirts, trousers, and jeans. An item that is very versatile, both for evening or daytime occasions. I would advise to preferably get one in a light color, like white, off-white or cream.

Black Trousers

A nice black pair of trousers is a standard, basic item that every person should have in their wardrobe! The fit can be up to you; I personally like the long, flared ones as you get really long legs when worn with heels, especially if it’s a high-waist trouser. These trousers are very easy to style and can be worn over and over again and for different occasions.

White Trousers

The perfect daytime trouser or when you dress in a hot climate. It will go lovely with your white silk blouse and a nice belt. Feels very old money and is easy to style with all kinds of colors. If unsure, you can include your white trouser in your “all-white” monochrome outfit and look very luxurious and expensive. The fit of the trouser is optional, whatever is most flattering for your body type!

Summer Hat

It’s not only to protect your head from sunlight, but it’s actually a favourite fashion accessory of elegant women to add a bit of glamour to their outfit. For summer a light colour and not “too big” is what you’re looking for. Can be worn at the beach or at any daytime occasions when it’s sunny outside.

Fall/Winter Hat

Get a hat for winter as well! Maison Michel does probably the most popular hats for fall/winter, but you can find more affordable options that are similar in style. Again, it’s an accessory for daytime events only, so if you go out at night for dinner, you store your hat away.

Tweed Jacket or Blazer

This is a classy must have in an elegant woman’s wardrobe. When it comes to these jackets, you can go creative regarding color, as most of them look good as long as they suit your skin tone and hair color. But look into white, black, navy, grey and creme. Just remember that the tweed material itself must be of high-quality, otherwise the garment will look cheap.

Black Leather Handbag

If you’re a sophisticated career woman, you need to have a classy “everyday bag” that is discreet but looks expensive. Luckily it doesn’t need to be a designer one, as long as the design is sleek and materials are of finest material. You can get away with getting an Italian (or locally) handmade leather bag with no particular designer that will look like an expensive designer purse.

Polka Dots

To spice up your outfits in summer, polka dots are a great classic pattern that never goes out of style. Most of the times they come in colors like white, brown, blue, black and red. I like cute and flirty polka dot summer dresses that are worn for daytime only. Evenings are not made for this pattern, so make sure only to wear it during the day.

Black Leather Boots (with a heel)

For Fall and Winter, a pair of black leather boots with a heel is very much necessary when you want to dress up a little. They are great for daytime or a smart casual evening event.

The Little Black Dress

It may be the most common standard piece of clothing in most women’s wardrobes, but it’s also an important figure in the classy woman’s clothing repertoire. While the LBD can come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, I would strongly recommend getting one that finishes below the knees (pencil version). It’s classier and elegant, and will work for any occasion! If black isn’t your color, then definitely look into navy or another dark color that suits your skin tone! 

Pencil Skirt

A classy woman must have at least one pencil skirt, if not more and preferably in all kinds of different colors! It is great to have a couple of pencil skirts to chose from as you can style them endlessly with different tops and color variations. So handy when you want to make the most out of all your basic items! Pencil skirts are great because they are classy and feminine and can work both for work and evening, all depending on how you style them!

Beach Tunic or Kaftan

A classy woman should wear appropriate clothing on the beach. Getting a long tunic or kaftan for the beach is perfect when you want to be covered up yet look classy during summer.

Long Sleeve Dress

If you want to look as classy as Jackie-O, you should consider investing in a long sleeve dress. Very simple design to a dress, but it makes it look extremely elegant without having to add too much styling to it. Try looking for long sleeve dresses in black, red, pastels, or natural colors. Think classic without any patterns or added details; less is more! To add more femininity to your look consider dresses that have a boat neck. A long sleeve knitted dress is a good option for the winter months and if you want to learn more about elegant winter items, then read this post here “10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget In Winter.”

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