Classy must-have items in an elegant woman’s wardrobe. Part 2

Let’s continue with the series “Classy must-have items in an elegant woman’s wardrobe.” If you have missed the previous post, you can find Part 1 here. Today I will add more items to the list of classy must-haves to add to your wardrobe so you could effortlessly dress like an elegant woman.

Sleveless Dress

White is a winning color for this type of a dress, but can work as well in any other classy color! The most important when shopping for a dress of this kind is to get a heavier/thicker material. Rayon or viscose blends are often quite nice and give a luxurious look.


A black blazer is a must in anyone’s wardrobe, but consider getting a blazer in other colors too! Navy, white, brown, red, etc. — all work very well, and you can spice up many outfits this way! The blazer is perfect for when you want to look classy. If you feel too hot wearing it, you can also hang it on your shoulders which has become a very fashionable thing to do when you want to look stylish.

Black Jumpsuit

It’s easy to forget the existence of jumpsuits. In the previous post we spoke about how important the trouser is in the classy wardrobe, but jumpsuits carry the same level of chicness! They are great for evening attire, as it feels more dressy wearing a nice jumpsuit than just putting on a simple pair of trousers. Black is a given color, but I’ve also seen many gorgeous white or red ones.

Anything Silk

In the previous post, I’ve mentioned how a silk blouse is a must for classy women to own. But I do want to add the importance of having silk as a common material in your wardrobe. It’s probably the most classy material out there (same goes for cashmere), because it’s delicate and expensive and signals elegance. Blouses, shirts, tops, camisoles, and dresses are perfect to wear in silk. The downside is that it gets easily ruined, wrinkled and must be dry-cleaned, but so worth it because it raises the value of any outfit when worn!

Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenberg was the one who gave the wrap dress a name, but did you know it’s an amazing piece of item to have in a classy wardrobe? For women who want to add femininity to their style, should definitely invest in a wrap dress! It’s also a perfect piece for any body shape as it’s flattering and covering and works for anyone!


Old money fashion often involves pastels, and I understand why. It’s a subtle and classy color that works on most skin tones and hair colors. It’s also the number one fashion trend when spring starts, as year after year the fashion houses produce apparel in lovely pastels as it carries a summery feel. It makes pastels timeless fashion that works year after year — well worth investing your money in! To describe what pastels are, think of it as a neutral shade of its original color. So we’re talking baby blue, soft pink, mauve, pale yellow, etc.

White/Light Colored Coat

A black coat is a must, but a white coat is the “advanced elegant fashion.” This one is for you who wants to take up your look a notch and really look high-end. It’s much harder to maintain a white or light colored coat, so you need to be careful or afford regular trips to the dry-cleaning. The beauty though is that is exactly what will give you that classy, sophisticated look without you having to do much! Also, white/light colors are very flattering if you’re age conscious because they are not as aging as black, and will make you look younger. A white/light coat is necessary if you want to do the “all-white” trick where you look expensive just by dressing yourself all in white/light colors (just like I’ve written about in this post)!

Black Sunglasses

How can you be as classy as Jackie-O without owning a nice pair of black shades? A great investment piece for sunny days, preferably all-black, sophisticated and maybe a bit oversized black sunglasses. Think Anna Wintour! Black sunglasses are so classy and timeless and the good news is that a good pair can last you for years, however if you do go for sunglasses that are not designer or from a brand that specialises on glasses, please make sure that the glass is a proper one for sunglasses, so that you don’t end up hurting your eyes as this sometimes happens with sunglasses that use glass of poor quality. 


Unless you’re living in a country where it’s too hot for turtlenecks, then invest in several ones in multiple colors! White, black, beige, pastel, grey or similar! The good news is that you can get turtlenecks anywhere, even in high street shops for cheap and they will look expensive! Turtleneck is so classy and will always help to make the look more expensive and elegant. 


Every woman MUST own a pair of black or neutral colored pumps (nude/brown depending on your skin tone). For example, black heels are very easy to match with clothes plus they are subtle and classy.  Invest in a pair of pumps because they are versatile and work with many outfits. It’s good for colder climates too, to go out with, because sandals/open toe is only worn during summer months.

Light Blue Shirt

In part one of this series, there was a white shirt, in this post I want to mention the light blue shirt. It’s such a common garment to wear during the summer months, that its popularity has made it a classic must-have item! And goes perfect with white trousers, which is one of my signature looks. It’s an effortless way of looking classy on casual days (when worn without heels), or you could add a nice pair of heels to it, and you would have a perfect look for an elegant lunch or brunch. Looking classy is easy if you have the necessary standard pieces. Invest your money in simple things like white and black trousers, white and blue shirt, etc., because you can mix and match and create many sophisticated looks out of simple pieces.

Pencil Dress

A pencil dress is the best way for a woman to combine classy and feminine without looking vulgar! It’s effortless elegant fashion, but that carries a lot of femininity and classiness. You have pencil dresses that have decollté and give you plenty of cleavage, but I would try to move away from them and instead find classier models that have a bit more coverage around the chest area.

Neutral Colors

These are such colors as beige, brown, taupe, ivory and grey. Wearing these colors in more high-quality materials like wool, cashmere, linen, silk, etc., will make the clothes look very expensive and elegant. It’s very old money feel to this look, and these are colors that work all year round! My favorite is to combine beige with ivory or grey with white. There is plenty of room to play around, but the beauty is that you will look classy and sophisticated just by sticking to these neutral colors.


You don’t need to be invited to a ball to wear a clutch. I think everyone must own a small bag for formal occasions, as bringing your bulkier designer bag for party events can feel a bit out of place. You should get either a black or a beige/neutral clutch to be able to wear them with most outfits. Clutch is not only useful for party events, take it with you to dinners when it sometimes can be difficult to have a good place for placing your handbag. The clutch you can easily tuck in behind you on your chair and problem of placing your bag will be solved!

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