Budget Shopping Strategy (Part III)

The Implementation Phase

Alright, you’ve made a lot of progress already with the research and planning phases of your Budget Shopping Strategy. You learned about what suits you, how to tell if something is good quality, what functions to focus on for your clothing, and how to curate a capsule wardrobe that can serve several of these functions. And now it’s time for the fun part of the Budget Shopping Strategy series: the shopping!

Actually, I do have one more task for you before you take out your credit card. You know I like to be very thorough and make sure you save as much money as you possibly can. So, let’s see if you already have some of the items you were planning to buy.

Step 1 – Sort And Fix

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy decluttering and organizing. I sometimes end up finding treasures in my closet that I had forgotten about. It also helps me see what has been working for me and what hasn’t.

So start taking out your clothes and inspecting them with the following in mind:

  • Is this piece high quality?
  • Does the color work with my skin tone?
  • Is the cut good for my body shape?
  • Does the size fit me?
  • Will this piece align with my new style personality?

If the clothes don’t satisfy these requirements, please give them away. For the pieces you decide to keep, you can check which functions they serve from your pie chart and whether they can be part of your capsule collection. And now you don’t need to buy something similar, you can spend the money on other clothes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have several white turtlenecks because these are items I use often. But if you’re on a budget, you should focus more on things you need and don’t have before stocking up on the same things. Also, if you own something of good quality but it just needs a new button or hemline, call your seamstress. That’s another tip for you: find a seamstress you like.

Step 2 – Shopping Time!

I like to do a mix of online and in-store shopping. Sometimes, if I find something I really like in-store, I’ll go home and check if I can find it or something similar to it online. More often than not, I get great deals that way.

Another smart way to save money is to wait for seasonal and annual sales, like the winter sale that follows the end of the year holiday. Some of the more high-end brands don’t do sales, but some do. And many midrange and local brands do as well. I’ve seen $700 Zimmerman dresses down to $250. Getting one full price or on sale doesn’t change that it’s the same Zimmerman dress.

My last tip here is to buy items that can elevate your entire look even if the rest of the outfit isn’t the best you could afford. For example, invest in a designer bag and shoes and everyone will think your Aritzia blazer is Balmain!

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