Anna Bey’s Style Personality Quiz

Elegant and classy style takes different forms. There are several different elegant style personalities out there, and they can all be discovered through Anna Bey’s Style Personality Quiz.

People typically assume that elegant style means old-fashioned, rigid style. Though elegant fashion can sometimes be considered “old-fashioned”, that’s not always necessarily the case. Elegance can take many different forms, and elegant ladies like to express themselves and their fashion differently. Our style truly communicates a story or image about ourselves, and understanding which elegant category we fall under is both fun and interesting.

How does one know which elegant style personality they have? And what is an elegant style personality in the first place? Elegant style personalities include elegant classic, elegant fashionista, elegant flamboyant, elegant feminine-seductive, elegant feminine-classic and elegant feminine-girly. As you can tell by their title, each style personality is expressing elegance differently. Some might have a more flamboyant way of expressing their elegant style, while some are more reserved and classic. Anna goes into extensive detail on each style personality in her video “How To Dress Elegantly While Being Yourself”.

What is Anna Bey’s Style Personality Quiz?

Anna’s Style Personality has been circulated across her platforms, and she’s mentioned it in several videos. The purpose of the style personality quiz is to help you identify which elegant style personality you have. You’ll be presented with different clothing, accessory and celebrity styles to choose from. At the end of the quiz, you’ll find out which category you fall under and will presented with Anna’s top styling tips so that you can continue to explore your class and sophistication through fashion.

Why Should I Take it?

You’ll be able to shop more easily and find better style inspiration by knowing which celebrities and designers cater to your style personality. Anna’s wonderful styling tips provided at the end of the quiz are also beneficial in helping you learn how to make the most out of favourite styles.

Where Can I Take the Quiz?

Anna’s Style Personality Quiz is free and can be accessed by visiting The short quiz will help you learn more about your personal style and what suits you!

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