Where To Meet The Elite Cheatsheet

Whether it’s running your errands, going to a pilates class or the office, positioning yourself in affluent locations will help tremendously in improving your lifestyle. It definitely allows you to receive better opportunities, upgrade your network and overall lead a better, more luxurious lifestyle. The key to navigating these circles is to never appear desperate. Elegant ladies are never chasing men or friendships; they simply strategically place themselves in areas where there are more affluent and high-calibre crowds.

Being at the right place at the right time is what most people describe as “luck.” But where do you find these “lucky” places in the first place? Anna Beys’ Millionaire Places (also known as Where To Meet The Elite cheatsheet) is a free cheatsheet that identifies 100+ places where you need to be to meet the affluent & powerful.

What is Anna Bey’s Millionaire Places cheatsheet?

Anna’s Millionaire Places cheatsheet is a quick, easy and very specific guide that maps out 100+ places you can go to meet the elite. From luxury shopping and travel to events and online venues, Anna lists where you need to be and for what occasions. You’ll be able to reference all of the most elite sporting activities, cultural events, networking clubs and social occasions to meet rich and affluent people. Beyond the obvious suspected venues, there are also plenty of spots that might surprise you. After all, the wealthiest people are the most lowkey!

Also listed in the cheatsheet is what different errands and activities you can do in affluent areas. If you’re not able to relocate to an affluent area, you can still run your daily or weekly activities there to slowly build up a social life and community there. The cheatsheet acts as a guide for all the different things you can do in your local affluent area.

Where can I get the cheatsheet?

Anna’s Millionaire Places cheatsheet is free and can be accessed by visiting It’s a quick and downloadable guide that’ll give you a clear map of all the best places to meet affluent people. You’ll be mingling in high-society in no time!

Happy networking, ladies!