Anna Bey's Classy Cheatsheet

What is Anna Bey’s Classy Cheatsheet?

Looking expensive, chic and perfectly put together is what differentiates high-value women from Plain Janes. The way you dress is a key element of your personal brand. We live in a highly visual world and what we wear tells a story about who we are. People will interpret certain things about your personality based on how you dress and present yourself. So, it’s important to be thoughtful and deliberate in your style.

To come across as an elegant and feminine woman, you have to dress and as act like one. When you start upgrading your style, you’ll soon notice a positive difference in the way people perceive you. But how exactly can you elevate your style and look more expensive even when on a budget? It all comes down to mastering the style secrets of elite women and knowing how to curate a classic, capsular wardrobe. This is all covered in Anna Bey’s Free Classy Cheatsheet.

How to make heads turn and become memorable?

You might have seen Anna’s Classy Cheatsheet floating around on the internet, or heard it promoted in one of her videos. Anna made this cheatsheet to help make shopping easier and more efficient for you. It’s a quick but essential guide that helps you dress elegantly and expensively, even if you’re on a budget. Looking expensive doesn’t have to actually be expensive when you know what materials, cuts and colours to consider. You’ll also save money by avoiding purchasing the wrong items. Whether you’re going on a shopping spree or need to pick a stand-out outfit from your existing wardrobe, the guide is there to help you navigate elegant styling so that you can make a lasting impression wherever you go.

What will I learn?

The cheatsheet walks you through the principles of elegant styling. From dress etiquette and how to pick capsular items to colour and fit, there are several summaries on what to look for when putting together the ultimate elegant look. This quick guide will help you avoid all the common styling mistakes many ladies continue to make. These mistakes hold them back from elevating their image and from looking as polished as they could be. You’ll be able to identify exactly what to get rid of in your wardrobe, as well as what to add. You’ll also learn how to scrutinise materials, colours, fits and styles to ultimately be able to select high-quality items and get the best value out of your purchases.

Where can I get the cheatsheet?

Anna’s Classy Cheatsheet is free and can be downloaded by visiting The quick guide will help you elevate your wardrobe and your style game in no time!

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