Anna Bey at Institute Villa Pierrefeu, A Swiss Finishing School

Anna Bey at Institute Villa Pierrefeu, a Swiss Finishing School

Anna Bey is an internationally renowned thought leader and elegance expert. She has founded an online finishing school dedicated to helping women become the best and most refined version of themselves through personal development.

But what makes Anna Bey qualified to found an online finishing school, and why did she start one in the first place?

With a love for all things elegance, class and sophistication, Anna set off to enrol in the elite Swiss finishing school Institute Villa Pierrefeu. She joined to upgrade herself into even more of a high-value woman, and advance her skills as an elegance coach.

How long was the course?

Six weeks. The school was in a charming, but secluded area, and the course was taught in English. Classes started from 8:30 am until 7:30, Monday to Friday.

What was the dress code?

Everyone was asked to dress business-smart at class. On campus, they were not allowed to wear jeans, sneakers, leggings, short skirts or have bare legs.

What did Anna Bey study at the finishing school?

Etiquette, protocol and Savoir Vivre was taught as well as hostessing. She also learnt about cultural diversity, and how to act according to local customs. Oneology – the study of wines – was also a part of the course as well as table decoration, floral art, table service and cultural etiquette.

Where were the other students from?

Institute Villa Pierrefeu maintains diversity in its student body. There are approximately 30 to 40 students from all around the world. In Anna’s class, she had students from China, the Middle East, America, Africa, Russia and some from around Europe.

Why did Anna decide to launch her own online finishing school?

With a passion for elegance, fine-living and self-development, Anna wanted to make elegance and etiquette education accessible to all women from around the world!

What is Anna’s official qualification from the finishing school?

Anna graduated finishing school with a diploma in International Etiquette & Diplomacy.

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