7 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy

1. Avoid wearing too much bling, costume jewelry & anything fake

Keep it simple! If you want to wear some jewelry, keep it tasteful and get something discreet from a midrange jewelry shop. Classy women don’t wear too much of anything, you don’t have to own pearls and diamonds to be classy, but if you want to wear some jewelry, keep it simple and tasteful.

2. Avoid slouching, harsh or masculine movements

A classy lady is a lady that carries herself with a good posture. Back should be straight, chest up, neck long and movements contained. Avoid aggressive body language. The same goes for slouching and posture in general. Keep reminding yourself every time, everywhere: to straighten your back and move delicately. If you’re finding this hard, you might want to exercise your core and back muscles. Dance classes like ballet and ballroom dancing help teach you proper posture that’s confident, but at the same time more feminine. Otherwise, pilates and barré classes can work as great sporty, but graceful substitutes. You can try to imitate gracious women from movies and copy their movements as much as possible. Practice in mirrors and film yourself on camera to analyze your results.

3. Avoid finishing your food

If you’re dining in expensive places and want to appear more ladylike, don’t finish everything on your plate. The only exception would be if you’re at a gastronomic experience where portions are tiny. Finishing everything, so it looks like you’ve licked the plate, doesn’t come across as very elegant or classy. Perhaps it’s more important when you’re on a date or in a social setting and less so if you’re eating out casually with your BFF. 

4. Avoid being loud, obnoxious (or being a drama queen)

This is bad etiquette. It’s okay to share your personal frustrations with your inner circle, but don’t indulge in negativity even if it temporarily makes you feel better. Classy women focus on the positive. You also don’t need to be quiet and characterless, but you should never shout, nor do you want to use offensive language or slang. You can still have a good time and express yourself flamboyantly while being sophisticated! Always be ladylike.

5. Avoid eating without utensils (or only with a fork)

In this casual society, we’re used to grabbing food on the go. True class and manners is always explored through your table etiquette. Women who make sure to use proper utensils (and insist on using them, even when others choose to take the sloppy road) will appear more high-end than their counterparts. It will look like you’re well educated, and that’s what you want your lady-like image to signal. That is why I have a whole module dedicated to etiquette and deportment in my program Secrets Of The Elite Woman

6. Avoid being the last person to leave

It doesn’t look good if you’re one of the last to leave a party. If you’re serious about polishing your elegance image, then being the last to leave any event just looks desperate. Classy does not equal desperate. There is nothing wrong with having a good time and enjoying yourself. Be strategic and think about your image. Stay long enough for people to acknowledge you, but leave before the party is over. Keeping your appearance short will create mystery around your presence. Anna Wintour is a great example. She goes out often, but she only stays for 20 minutes, never drinks and is always in bed by 10:15 pm. If that’s too rigid for you, then make a rule to stay for 2 hours. That’s more than enough to socialise properly.

7. Avoid name dropping, bragging & trying hard to look good

When it comes to creating a classy image for yourself, it’s important to note that it has to be done delicately and never in someone’s face. I’m sure you’ve come across people that constantly name drop and brag. Have you ever considered that person elegant? They may be dressed properly and have a sophisticated body language, but their behavior can ruin the whole image. It’s a desperate way for validation. Be discreet and private as this signals class.

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