7 things elegant ladies NEVER do in the bedroom

Bedroom Etiquette

Today, I really want to focus about what you should be doing in the bedroom and this has nothing to do whether you’re single or not. It’s all about sophistication, class and elegance. This is about self respect and to have the best success in life, if you want to become a high-value woman.

Elegant ladies never wear ugly clothing in the bedroom.

This is regardless if you are in a relationship or not. Now, for obvious reasons, you don’t want to look like a ragdoll in front of your partner. That’s why an elegant lady never wears horrible clothing in front of her partner or in bedroom. She doesn’t sleep in some washed-out cotton underwear or cartoon printed pyjamas. No, she’s a grown-up woman, so she dresses in beautiful silk, beautiful lace and fabrics that don’t only make her feel comfortable, but also make her look beautiful and feminine. I really think that it’s important to embrace your femininity in the bedroom.

Elegant ladies always freshen up before bed time.

You cannot go to bed, especially if you are in a relationship, being dirty. No man likes that and a lot of cultures actually value cleanliness and elegance. So you really have to take that into account. If it requires to shower twice a day, then shower twice a day, be fresh with your partner, smell good. If you have some spontaneous one-on-one, you don’t want to excuse yourself. Keep it elegant. Cleanliness is a quality of a high value woman.

Elegant ladies never do other things in bed than rest or sleep.

Elegant ladies don’t eat in bed. It’s bad etiquette and manners. They don’t cut their nails in bed. They don’t watch endless hours of TV in bed or work from bed on their laptop. The bed is truly there for resting and actually, if you have issues with your sleep like I have had in my past and I still have occasionally, then it’s really, really important to only use your bed for sleeping. I do really recommend this because I only use my bed these days for sleeping.

Elegant ladies never sleep in their active wear.

I don’t like when people fly in airplanes in active wear and so on and I definitely don’t like it when people go to bed in activewear. It’s not elegant. I think that’s gross. I really do. Because we sweat at nighttime. You don’t have to sweat a lot. We people, we all sweat different amount, but we all sweat at night. So I just think that starting your day by going training in sweaty clothing, it’s not necessarily an elegant thing to do, so that’s why I don’t recommend it.

Elegant ladies never sleep with cotton pillow cases.

Elegant ladies only sleep using silk pillow cases. This is such an amazing life hack. I really do recommend everybody to sleep with a silk pillow case and it’s not going to cost you a fortune. Instead, this is one of the best anti-wrinkle treatments you can do for your face because we do sleep a lot with our face down in the pillow. It will keep you looking elegant and refined.

Elegant ladies don’t bring in any devices into their bedroom.

So we decided that we were going to implement no devices in the bedroom policy, simply because it’s healthier that way. It doesn’t interrupt your sleep as much. And also, it’s just a better way of living and sleeping as well. Also, it improves your relationship too. I mean, what happens when you put your device next to you on the bed? Notifications come up, maybe somebody sends you a message, maybe somebody calls, whatever. Small things like that interrupts your sleep.

Elegant ladies value Feng Shui for their bedroom.

I believe so much in energy. Because honestly, my work with energy has definitely been one of the key secrets to my success in life. Now, Feng Shui is an Asian type of energetic work. But I do believe in this too. Why? Because it’s energy. Feng Shui is all about how you place items in your home, in what direction and so on. There’s some key fundamental practices around it to maximize the energy flow in your house.

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