7 Things Elegant Ladies Never Do At Home

Home Etiquette

I am pretty sure that you are doing at least one or two things from this list when you are at home. Because nobody really follows etiquette at home or do we? At this stage, it doesn’t matter because etiquette is something we do because of respect to our surroundings and to respect to others. But there is one important thing though: what about the respect towards ourselves? Now for that reason, home etiquette is actually quite valuable.

Drinking water from a bottle

Why do I care how you drink your water at home? You know what? I don’t really care. It’s about for yourself. Do you want to drink like a man, like a slob? Or do you want to be a little bit more refined and actually start practicing your elegant manners? Drink from a glass if you want to behave like an elegant and classy lady.

Using toilet roll as tissue paper

People have toilet paper around their home if they need to blow their nose, if they need a napkin, if they need to wipe their mouth when they’re eating. This is not okay and you should never have these anywhere around the house, unless it’s in the toilet. God bless Kleenex for this reason. So Kleenex is a more elegant option and as you can see, I have the Kleenex box covered and I suggest you have it too. Because having these standing around in the house, it’s not really that elegant either.

Eating in front of the TV

You’re sitting there, you’re not really tasting the food. You’re not really making the most out of this dinner or lunch, or connecting with the people you’re with. You are just focusing on the TV and you are as a result actually overeating, not a good thing.  It will only cost me a little bit of effort in terms of time of putting out the elegant and classy candles, the nice porcelain, putting it all on the table and actually sit there properly, relaxed and enjoy a meal.

Using fake flowers

Ladies, when you compare fake flowers with fresh flowers, it really makes you so happy and it’s such a big difference. Yes, it may cost you maybe $10, $20, $30 a week extra. For some, you might not be able to afford this right now but there are actually alternatives. You can buy nice orchids. They last longer. Cut down on the fake flowers. Use the real deal because this is elegance. This is what refined, luxury living, what being a high quality woman is about.

Sitting like a slob

I think definitely you should relax and be comfortable and you know, really enjoy yourself when you are behind closed doors. You don’t have to care about the formal way of sitting that I teach my student in my elite finishing school. But ladies, there has to be some form of balance. It’s important to hold yourself up when you are alone. It’s about being elegant. And I really see this with elite women, women who are truly refined to the core.

Shouting at home

One of the things that I personally cannot stand is when people shout to each other from one room to another. Let’s say, you are a couple, you’re in a family and one person is in the kitchen and the other one is in the living room and they shout, and they communicate with each other by being in totally different rooms. Now that is not elegant and that is not okay. Ladies, have some respect not only for yourself but also if you have neighbors. When you shout like that, people hear you. You might have a window open, people will hear you on the street, your neighbours will hear that.

Having a cluttered home

So ladies, there are two types of people. You have the minimalistic ones and you have the ones who like a lot of things around. Of course, the minimalistic ones will always be more elegant. I personally think that the elegance levels just drop down when you have piles of things in your home. The trick of decluttering is to have good organizational skills behind closed doors and that means in your wardrobes, in your cupboards, anywhere where your storage, basically.

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