6 things women do that turn high-value MEN OFF!

I’ve always been interested in picking mens’ brain for some reason. Because I know that high-value men are a little bit different from what I call “average Joe’s.” So I want to know everything about these type of men and after many, many years of research I feel like I’ve gathered a good amount of data to be able to share this kind of research with you.

Not wearing nail polish

High-value men really don’t like it when women do not wear anything on their nails. As long as there is some nail polish, it’s all good! Of course you have some guys that prefer women that don’t wear any nail polish at all. So, of course it’s up to you whether you want to wear any nail polish or not, but make sure that your nails are always manicured not just for men, but most importantly for yourself!

Constantly being on your phone

I’ve spoken to so many men who bring this up as a reoccurring annoyance for them. When a woman is all the time on Whatsapp or Instagram, taking selfies, taking pictures of stuff, it’s not elegant and this just goes for not only men, but when you’re out with your friends. Being on your phone all the time is against all forms of etiquette!

Wearing too much makeup

I am NOT saying that you should wear your face naked, no makeup, all natural. Not at all! Of course you should wear makeup. But just don’t wear too much! When I’ve spoken to men, they’ve always asked: why do women have to wear so much makeup? If you are really turning yourself into somebody that you really don’t look like, then that’s not elegant, classy or sophisticated. It just looks so obvious. Definitely wear makeup, experiment, have fun with it! Just make sure it just doesn’t look too much. Classy women are all about keeping things tasteful and never too much.

Dressing inappropriately

High-value men have complained to me that many ladies show up to very nice high-end places dressed so inappropriately. Listen, I am all about female empowerment. I don’t wanna bash other woman, look down on woman. But do dress appropriate to where you’re going! There is usually a dress code or dress etiquette where you’re going. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, don’t come in wearing a clubbing outfit. It’s not classy, it’s really not elegant.

Swearing and using vulgar language

Swearing a lot is very masculine, and is not feminine. It’s the same thing as having an aggressive direct tone. Men in general tend to value feminine women. They find that extremely sexy and attractive. They want to be the person who is masculine. I personally used to swear a lot in beginning of my twenties. I don’t even know why I did it. I think it was like a way of rebelling. But actually I was just shooting myself in the foot. I was talking like a truck driver! So don’t make this mistake!

Asking for gifts

I think it’s very masculine when a man provides and woman receives. And especially when a woman gives back to the man with her nurturing female energy. It’s a mutual exchange. But it’s never a good look to demand things in a relationship and this goes both ways!

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